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While in college, I work from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am at a 24/7 gas station by myself. The person that works the shift following mine is supposed to come in at 12:30 am to take over the register while I count out my drawer and complete shift paperwork before clocking out.

Unfortunately, the person that most frequently works that shift tends to be fifteen to forty-five minutes late. This isn’t a major issue because, on average, it only takes me ten to fifteen minutes to complete my drawer count and paperwork, and if there aren’t any customers around, I can pull my drawer while I wait for my coworker to get in. 

One night, she calls me around 12:30 to let me know she is running late. She either overslept or had to mediate some argument between her daughter and husband; these were the usual excuses and I can’t remember which happened this time. At this point, she has to shower and get dressed before leaving her house and ends up not getting in until almost 3:00 am. This is annoying, of course, as I have homework to do and classes to get up for the next day. It also ends up causing panic for my roommate.

The store I work for has a strict no-cell-phones policy; if the cameras catch me with my phone I will be fired on the spot. I can use the store phone, but I don’t have my roommate’s number memorized so I have no way of notifying him that I am running late. I assume he’ll either be asleep or realize it is a case of my usual coworker issues. I am wrong.

Not long before my coworker finally arrives, my roommate realizes I am unusually late and attempts to call my cell phone several times. When I don’t answer, instead of looking up my store number, he looks up the number for the police department in town and calls there to have someone check on me. In his worry, that makes sense, but it causes an escalation of events.

I have established a friendship with several of the officers in town that work the night shift. As I am a young woman working alone at night, they make an effort to check on me at least once per night, more often if they have time, sometimes opting to take their breaks at my store to keep an eye on things.

This relationship, combined with the fact that my roommate didn’t think to mention he’d only called my cell phone and the officer that responded assuming the store was called, results in an officer I know well speeding into the parking lot with lights flashing just after 3:00 am. He parks in front of the door, runs into the store, not even closing his car door behind him, sees me safe behind the counter, and starts shouting at me, “Answer your g**d*** phone! Your roommate is worried! I have four squad cars on the way; what the h*** are you doing here?!”

He promptly runs to his car to call off his backup while my recently arrived coworker and I share confused looks.

It is nice to know people are looking out for me, but it certainly makes for a startling end to my very long shift. Moving forward, I have made sure to have my roommate’s number readily available and I have given him my store number for emergencies.

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They Always Find Their Way In…

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I work for an upscale Italian restaurant. It is 11:00 am and we are a half-hour from opening. We are in the middle of our final prep for the lunch service when this happens.

Customer: “Are you open?”

I am momentarily dumbstruck because I have no idea where she came from.

Me: “No, we aren’t open yet; we don’t open for another half hour.”

Customer: “Oh, so, you aren’t open yet? I am meeting someone for lunch at 11:30.”

My head chef hears this and comes around the corner.

Chef: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, are you open yet? I am supposed to be having lunch here today.”

Chef: “No, we are not open yet; we do not open for another half hour. Can I ask how you got in here?”

Customer: “I saw the doors were locked so I came through your office.”

Chef: “You are not allowed in our office; the door was supposed to have been locked. Please come with me.”

I look to our pastry chef.

Me: “Did you just see that?”

Pastry Chef: “No, what happened?”

Me: “A customer came through our office to see if we were open for lunch yet. Even though the signs clearly say we open at 11:30.”

Pastry Chef: “Some people!”

Me: “I read stories like this on Not Always Right and never thought I would see someone that stupid here.”

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A Time-Landlord

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My partner and I are looking to move into our first apartment. I call a listing for an apartment that doesn’t fit all of our needs but is cheap and decent enough to at least look at. Please note that it is the middle of July.

Me: “Hello, I’m calling to find out if your one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit at [Location] is still available?”

Landlord: “October 4th.”

Me: “Um… what?”

Landlord: “October 4th.”

Me: “Oh, it’s not available until October 4th?”

Landlord: “We are in the month of October, ma’am.”

I’m totally confused and too shy to press the issue.

Me: “I… Okay. Thank you.”

Landlord: “You’re very welcome.”

I hung up. I don’t know what happened there, but I decided I did not want a landlord that either I couldn’t communicate with, or who existed two months ahead of me at all times.

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Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 35

, , , , | Right | May 28, 2020

I work in a chain office supply store’s copy area. About four months ago, our store hours were changed so that the store closes at 7:00 pm, which is earlier than a lot of other branches, and a lot of customers still haven’t gotten used to it. This customer comes in at about 6:45 pm.

Customer: *Jokingly* “I’m going to be your problem for the rest of the night!”

I chuckle a bit nervously.

Me: “Well, the night only lasts about another fifteen minutes.”

Customer: “Oh, well, who’s coming in to pick up the next shift?”

Me: “There is no next shift; the store closes at seven.”

Customer: “I’ve never heard anything like that before! Every other [Store] that I go to closes at, like, nine!”

Me: “Well, some stores had their hours changed back in April, and we were one of those stores.”

The customer shrugs and then tells me he wants to email us some files to print. He sends each file in a separate email, each of which takes several minutes to show up as he hasn’t optimized the files at all and they are quite large. Several are not even formatted correctly for printing, which means more work and poor prints. We aren’t allowed to ask customers to leave the store, even at close, so by the time I get everything printed it’s about 7:20, and he’s the only customer left in the store.

Customer: “Well, that’s the last one! You’re a real pro, huh? How long have you been working here?”

Me: “Um… about two years. And twenty minutes past close.”

He ignores this and proceeds to place every print very carefully in plastic protectors in a binder. This takes another ten minutes. I am exasperated, shooting apologetic looks at my coworkers.

Me: “Your total is [a very small total].”

Customer: “Oh, well, these couple of prints didn’t come out so well, so I’m not paying for them.”

I just want him to leave, so I take the prints — which are poor quality because of his poor files — and give him his new total, which he pays, and he FINALLY leaves the store.

Coworker: “Oh, my god. What did he even want?!”

Me: “Not even $10 worth of prints that he didn’t even size properly.”

The worst part was that this was the night of my Dad’s birthday, and I was over half an hour late for his birthday dinner!

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Jesus Died For Your Shopping Spree

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I work at a supermarket as a baker. Currently, due to the disease outbreak that’s gripping pretty much everywhere, we’re in lockdown and time has lost meaning. I get to work and there’s a massive queue of customers waiting to get in. It’s 6:00 am.

Customer: *To me* “Why isn’t the store open? Shouldn’t it open at 6:00 am?”

Me: “It’s Good Friday. We open at eight.”

There was a cry of various swear words, laughing, and then a mass of people leaving cause they weren’t gonna hang around for two hours.

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