Are We Open? Nein!

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My restaurant closes at nine. Sometimes, if we are super busy, I will not be able to lock the doors exactly at nine, but if it’s slow, as a manager, I can close up to twenty minutes early. 

I have an absolute idiot call at 8:58 as I am sitting at my computer doing checkouts.

Caller: “Hey, is it too late to order?”

Me: “We close at nine, sir.”

Caller: “But can I still order?”

Me: “How far away are you? We close in a minute and a half.”

Caller: “I’m at the [Hotel that is at least a five-minute walk away]. I can hustle over.”

Me: “Our door lock at nine, sir.”

Caller: “I don’t understand. Are you closed?”

Me: “We are open… for another minute.”

Caller: “So can I order?”

Me: “Can you get here in sixty seconds?”

Caller: “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

By the time I got off the phone, it was past nine and one of my employees had locked the door. Around 9:10, the phone started ringing again, presumably him, and I just ignored it.

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The Customer Is Always Right

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I work as a hostess in an upscale restaurant. Most of our customers are on the wealthy side, so they tend to think they can treat others like crap. Most of them aren’t too bad except for this one customer. Without fail, he phones in every Friday at four for a reservation at six, but he always shows up around seven-thirty with his family in tow. We tell him every time that his reservation is long gone, and every time, he kicks up a fight until the manager seats him and his family and messes up our queues.

Finally, to solve the problem, we just start putting his reservation for seven-thirty when he calls and we tell him it’s at six. A new girl has started up with us and it’s her first night dealing with him.

New Girl: “All right, party of six for seven-thirty. If you’ll just come this way, please.”

Customer: “Excuse me, but I made my reservation for six, not seven-thirty. What are you trying to pull here?”

New Girl: “Oh, I’m sorry, but here it says seven-thirty. You’re on time and I can ta—”

Customer: “No! I don’t think you understand! I made my reservation for six and it’s not my fault you’re too stupid to do your job right!”

New Girl: “Okay, sir, since you insist your reservation was at six, and due to you missing it, you will have to wait for an opening, and the next available one is at nine.”

Customer: “Nine! My children are not going to wait until nine to eat! Get me your manager!”

New Girl: “No.”

Customer: “What? How dare you?! I’ve never been treated so disrespectfully!”

New Girl: “I gave you the time you wanted. Your seats were ready, but you demanded that you get a six-pm reservation. Now your family will have to wait because you have to be right. The manager will not fix this for you, and you will need to learn how to behave in the future.”

He proceeded to scream at her until security came and kicked him out. He was back the next week and didn’t say one word the entire time. It turns out the new waitress comes from old money and was doing the job to stay productive and had plenty of experience shutting down entitled brats.

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Closed To All Reason, Part 2

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The office where I work closes at 5:30 pm. We are usually very precise about closing on time because we are generally not allowed to stay later than our scheduled shifts. I receive a phone call on this day at just about 5:00 pm.

Me: “[Company], this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I lost my [Company] card and I need a replacement. Can you help me?”

Me: “Yes, if you want to come in, we’d be happy to replace that card for you.”

Customer: “How late are you open?”

Me: “We close at 5:30, so you’ll need to get here in about half an hour or less.”

Customer: “All right. I’m on my way now. Can you wait for me?”

Me: *Getting a bad feeling* “How far out are you?”

At this point, my coworkers, overhearing my side of the conversation, are getting nervous.

Customer: “I’m about forty-five minutes away.”

Me: “Well, it’s already five o’clock, and we close at 5:30. If you get here in forty-five minutes, we’ll already be closed, and there will be no one here to help you.”

Customer: “But I need a new card!”

Me: “I understand that. If you can get here before 5:30, we’ll be happy to help you. Otherwise, we’d be happy to help you once we open again tomorrow morning.”

The customer goes quiet for a while, and I end the call after getting no further response. About fifteen minutes later, I can hear my supervisor on another phone call. It is the same person, and the call goes something like this.

Supervisor: “Our office closes at 5:30. You’ll need to arrive before then.”

Customer: “I’ll be there in about twenty-five minutes!”

Supervisor: “Our office closes in fifteen minutes. It may be better for you to come back tomorrow so there will be someone available to assist you.”

After the call concludes, we close the office at 5:30, with no sign of the person in question. We’ve already tried to explain twice that we can’t keep our office open past normal hours, and once we’re closed, everyone goes home for the night.

The next morning, I come in to open up for the day, and surprise, surprise. The overnight security tells me that someone came in trying to get to our office after 5:45 pm and was turned away, since we were already closed.

Closed To All Reason

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“Respectfully Disagreeing” Never Felt So Good

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I work at the call centre of a popular low-fare airline. My colleague is chatting with a customer.

Passenger: “My reservation number is [number]. I’m trying to change my travel date as I need to be there early and my flight time was changed.”

Coworker: “Your schedule change was only fifteen minutes.”

Passenger: “Can I change my flight for another date? Say December seventeenth?”

Coworker: “Not in this reservation.”

The proposed date is too far in advance; we don’t have scheduled flights for December at that time.

Passenger: “What can I do about this change?”

Coworker: “The fifteen minutes, you mean?”

Passenger: “Will I be able to cancel the ticket for a refund? Yes, I would like to change or cancel this reservation.”

Coworker: “[Company] is a non-refundable airline, I am afraid.”

Passenger: “Yes, I understand, but there is a change in the flight times. I would like to request a date change, as there is a delay from the airline side.”

Coworker: “Only fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, as it’s less than an hour, the only thing you can do is accept it.”

Passenger: “As mentioned earlier, I would like to change the date, as the delay is from the airline side.”

Coworker: “You can change the flight on the website under ‘Manage My Booking’ and select the ‘Change Flight’ option. After clicking on the link, select the service you require, and log in with option 1, 2, or 3.”

Passenger: “Yes, but I should not be charged as it’s a delay from the airline side.”

Coworker: “Let me respectfully disagree with you; as the schedule change is only fifteen minutes, you are not entitled to any compensation.”

Passenger: “I should say, this is very poor service from your airline!”

Coworker: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Passenger: “My issue is not solved.”

Coworker: “You have all the information you need, [Passenger].”

Passenger: “What other help do you want to give me?”

Coworker: “Whatever further information you need regarding your flight change.”

Passenger: “I request a solution to the problem.”

Coworker: “If these fifteen minutes are that a huge problem, unfortunately, you’ll need to change your own flight.”

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The Most Stressful Five Minutes Ever

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I work overnights at a hotel and also manage a day job. Six days out of the week, I’m up for twelve to eighteen hours.

One day, I wake up later than expected and realize I have to be at work in twenty minutes. It takes me about fifteen minutes just to drive there, so I immediately text my coworker.

Me: “I’m so sorry, but I’m going to be five or ten minutes late. I’m really, really sorry!”

I get ready as fast as I can, taking my toothbrush, face wash, and makeup with me, so if I have a spare moment I can clean up better there.

The coworker texts me back.

Coworker: “Don’t worry! It’s okay.”

I arrive literally at 10:05; the shift starts at 10:00. As I turn my car off, I see a ton of text notifications. Most are from my coworker yelling at me for being late.

Coworker: “I had plans! It isn’t fair for me to have to stay later just for you!”

The other is from my manager.

Manager: “Are you all right? Your shift is starting in a minute. Do I need to find someone to cover for you?”

I am a little peeved at this, as I did warn my coworker and it was a genuine accident. I have never been late before, and I’m also nervous about getting in trouble for being late.

Rather than answer the text messages, I rush in and greet my coworker, apologizing as much as I can. I don’t offer excuses as I know it’s my fault for missing my alarm. My coworker just scowls at me and grabs her stuff and leaves, not bothering to tell me anything about her shift. We usually tell the new desk person if there were any complications, drama, problems, etc., and if there were none, it’s normal for us to just say so; that way the new front desk can get a feel of that kind of shift it will be and just be aware of any problems.

Just as she leaves, my phone rings and I see it’s the manager, so I answer.

Manager: “Are you all right?”

Me: “Yes. I’m at work, but I wanted to relieve [Coworker] before I responded to your texts.”

Manager: “Oh, I thought you would be later. I know you work two jobs, so I was afraid you got sick or majorly overslept. You’re okay. I’ll text [Coworker] and let her know that if it’s more than fifteen minutes, then she can contact me. Well, I’m glad you’re okay and at work. See you in the morning.” *Hangs up*

I then start my nightly routine, only to find a handwritten note, again from my coworker, calling me out on being late and explaining that it’s not fair or right for me to be late. While I do understand how annoying it is to stay later, it seriously gets under my skin because I was literally five minutes late. and I’ve stayed an hour or two later in the mornings because the morning front desk overslept. Also, I’ve come in early to relieve this same coworker because she was sick or had night events she wanted to go to.

In the morning, at the end of my shift, the manager comes in and I apologize once more to her.

Manager: “It’s okay. To be honest, by the way [Coworker ] told me you would be late, I was honestly expecting an hour or more. She was saying that you texted her right before her shift was to end and that you needed time to get ready, eat, and drive on over. And she said that she had something going on that she had to get home for. That’s why I was wondering if you needed someone to cover your shift or come in and cover for an hour so she could leave.”

Me: “Well, in the amount of time it would’ve taken for someone to come over and cover for me so she could leave, I probably would’ve arrived by then anyway.”

Manager: *Shrugging* “I suppose that’s true. Anyway, don’t worry about it. I was more concerned that you were sick or something. It was just five minutes, and you’ve stayed later or come in earlier in the past. Just don’t let it be a habit.”

I thanked her for understanding and promised it wouldn’t happen again, and then I went home. The next time that coworker asked me to come in early, I said no.

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