Security Breach (Of Conduct)

| FL, USA | Working | January 19, 2017

(My husband and I are going through security at a local theme park we have passes to. We’re used to all the restrictions and rules, and know what we can and can’t bring. Normally the security staff are very friendly and take a quick look through my purse before handing it back, but I don’t begrudge those who want to be more thorough… usually.)

Older Male Security Guard: “I’m going to need to search that.” *snatches my purse as I’m passing it to him*

Me: “Of course.”

(He starts going through, pulling everything out and turning it upside down. He even feels the lining, making hard eye contact with me the whole time. I’m a bit baffled because I’ve been nothing but friendly and polite, and literally all he’s found are my wallet, three pens, antacids, and my keys, since I travel light for the park.)

Older Male Security Guard: “You’ve got an awful lot of keys.” *he makes an exaggerated “hmm” sound, still staring me down, unsmiling, like he’s waiting for me to confess to something* “Pens, too.”

Me: “Uh, I guess?”

(By now, my husband is starting to look a bit irritated at the guard’s attitude, and his younger male partner also looks impatient and annoyed. The guard breaks eye contact briefly to open the first of three small zippered pouch inside my purse… but as soon as he glances inside, he turns beet red and shoves the bag at me, glaring, without going through it or the other closed pouches.)

Older Male Security Guard: “Stay out of trouble!”

(As I’m putting my things back in my purse, I realize what was in that pouch that so flustered him he didn’t finish his check… my spare emergency tampons. Good to know the park is safe from ne’er-do-wells like myself… unless they happen to be wielding deadly feminine hygiene products to keep him at bay.)

Getting Shirty About The Shirt

| Orlando, FL, USA | Right | November 26, 2016

(I used to work at a theme park with a popular two month long Halloween event. As a merchandise vendor I manned a glow cart during the event, and had a cash apron and a phone to run credit cards. This particular night, I am assigned to the cart that sells light up t-shirts that respond to music. I sell a $40 shirt to a drunk man and he leaves, wearing the shirt, only to return a few minutes later.)

Customer: *slurring* “I don’t want it anymore.”

Me: “I am so sorry, but we’re actually not allowed to do returns.”

(This is because a. we physically aren’t capable of doing credit card returns on our company phones and therefore to be fair don’t do any returns, and b. people commonly try to scam us because we’re working out of a cash apron and not a register.)

Customer: “Look, I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got work tomorrow and I need that cash.”

Me: “We’re really not supposed to do returns, but—”

(I’m about to tell him I’ll call my manager and ask for assistance, but he throws his hands up and storms off. I watch in surprise as he rips the shirt off his back and throws it into the street. He starts to walk away, but then stops and runs back to pick up the shirt. I think he’s going to leave with it until he actually tries to shove the shirt into a prop mailbox nearby. When he realizes there’s no actual opening, he leans down and shoves the shirt down the storm drain. I turn to my coworker.)

Me: “He literally just threw $40 down the drain.”

(I don’t know if anyone will ever get the shirt out of the drain or what it will look like when they do.)

Hit The Mute Button

| Anaheim, CA, USA | Friendly | November 20, 2016

(I’m deaf and can only read lips if I’m paying very close attention and someone is talking at a normal pace rather than just standing there and exaggerating each and every word. Also it’s usually very condescending. I’m at a theme park with friends when this occurs. My friend, and another woman [Woman #2] sitting not far from me who witnessed everything, were able to fill me in about what happened after the fact. I’m waiting for my friends on a bench outside the restrooms when I see flailing in front of me and realize it’s a woman trying to get my attention.)

Woman: “Helloooo? Ugh, finally! You know what you just did was very disrespectful.”

(She’s talking and moving a little too much to understand her so I try to tell her I can’t hear. She then does the most overly exaggerated movements with her mouth that I have ever seen.)


(I would have been mad if it hadn’t been so comical. She stood still, planted and making dead eye contact with such a stern and serious look in her eyes but her jaw, lips, and tongue twisted in ways that she almost looked like a cartoon, with the bottom half of her face moving independently from everything else. After laughing and making her more angry I signed something more complex. Usually the gestures in themselves make people kind of step back and get the picture. Not her.)

Woman: “I don’t know what that means! Just tell me how to get to [Attraction]!”

(At this point I see my friend exit and spot us, immediately sensing trouble and marching over. Other people had begun to stare but the woman beside me was the only one who really cut in.)

Woman #2: “Can’t you tell she’s deaf?!”

Woman: “That’s no excuse!!

Woman #2: “Really? Explain. Explain HOW that’s not a reason of why she’d be signing to you.”

(The woman looks at me, pauses, and then physically recoils from either me being deaf or about how awful she’s been.)

Woman: *sputtering, only somehow now realizing* “W-well she can still HEAR, can’t she?”

Friend: *incredulous, coming from behind the woman, and the only thing I was able to lip read* “Jesus Christ, you mean MUTE, not DEAF.”

(The woman sputtered some more and stomped off, head bowed after realizing that others were staring. It’s still mind-boggling how people can be so blinded by their self-righteousness that they completely forget reason. The funny part was that we actually went and made line to the next attraction she had been looking for. We hadn’t intended to follow her (we had actually sat down to watch a show in between these two rides) and hadn’t noticed she had made line until we saw someone ahead of us scrambling over the chains to get out of line, two or three of her friends chasing after her looking very confused.)

Not So Pretty In Pink, Part 2

, | Orlando, FL, USA | Right | November 15, 2016

(The theme park I work for is testing a new wristband system. Instead of having to carry key cards for the hotel room, guests get wristbands that will unlock their doors, and they can also be used to charge purchases to their bill. Certain VIP members get to test them early, and get some extra perks with them. I am helping a family check in.)

Me: “Here are your wristbands!”

Mom: “Can we get ones like theirs? I want a pink one and so does my daughter.”

(She points to some people checking in with my coworker. VIP testers receive a different design on the band, and also get to pick from a list of colors. Current guests only get black or light gray.)

Me: “Sorry. ma’am, those aren’t available to everyone yet. The colorful ones are only offered to park members right now.”

Mom: “Well, make me a f****** park member, then! I want a pink f****** wristband!”

(Park members are usually wealthy families who live close by and come to the parks at least once a month. The expensive dues aren’t really worth it for tourists who only visit occasionally. Normally I would try to explain this to her, but I’m frustrated at how she’s treating me.)

Me: “Oh, you want to be a park member? Let me help you sign up! Your dues are $XXXX a year; I can either bill that fee to your room or you can pay right now with the card I have on file. Here’s your paperwork. You’re welcome to fill it out at your own pace and bring it back to any cast member at the check-in desk when you’re ready.”

Mom: *screams loudly and storms out of the hotel*

(The dad watches her leave, then sadly shakes his head.)

Dad: “This is supposed to help us fix our marriage.”

(I later see him and the daughter out in the lobby playing. He waves me over.)

Dad: “My wife decided to fly home because, according to her, you ruined the vacation. She threatened to call your boss. Are you going to get in trouble?”

Me: “Probably not, sir. I did exactly what she asked, which was to sign her up for the park membership. My coworker will be happy to back up my story.”

Dad: “Good. I’ve decided to go through with the divorce. I’m thankful she–” *motions to daughter* “–is too young to understand.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your stay exceptional.”

Dad: “I think we’re fine, thank you. How do I contact your boss, though? You’ve been so helpful.”

(I gave him my supervisor’s contact information. Once they left for the day, I arranged to have a small basket of treats and toys for him and his daughter to be delivered to the room. I received a glowing report from him, which helped me receive a raise! He also had some flowers delivered to the front desk of the hotel for all of the staff to admire.)


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Don’t Bug Me

| FL, USA | Friendly | November 3, 2016

(I’m standing in line at an outdoor food and drink kiosk when a large hornet lands on my bare leg. I admit I kind of flail a bit kicking it off by reflex, which is embarrassing. The guy in line behind me with his girlfriend begins laughing in a loud, mocking manner.)

Guy: “Oh, my GOD. It’s just a f****** bug!”

Me: “Well, I panicked; I didn’t want to get stung.” *flustered*

Guy: “Oh. My. GOD. That was f****** ridiculous! Did you freaking SEE her freak out?”

(He mimics me in an insulting way, and keeps laughing loudly and obnoxiously. It doesn’t really upset me, but it’s annoying and people are staring. His girlfriend has been behind him on her cellphone quietly frowning at him this whole time, when suddenly she lifts the end of a piece of her long hair and lightly tickles the bare skin on the back of his arm. He immediately cuts off with a shrill squeak and jumps, flailing and smacking at his arm, far more loudly and panicked than I had been. He seems to quickly realize what happened and goes red in the face and won’t look at me.)

Girlfriend: *goes back to scrolling through her cellphone calmly with her eyebrows raised and says in a quiet tone* “That’s what I thought.”

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