Sipping Away At Your Intelligence

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I work at a food joint in a theme park. I’m pouring drinks for several of the cashiers when I notice that one soda flavor has run out of syrup. I don’t notice exactly when the syrup runs out, but I don’t want to waste a drink that could still be good. I hand the cup to the guest.

Me: “Sir, the syrup ran out at the end of this drink. Would you try it? If it’s not good, I’ll remake it for you.”

Guest: *Looking at the cup* “Can I get a straw?”

Coworker: “We don’t have any back here; they’re outside on the condiment station.”

Guest: “How am I supposed to try it without a straw?”

All three of us stare at each other for about ten or fifteen seconds.

Me: “Pick it up and take a sip?”

The guest looked confused and rolled his eyes.

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We have three coworkers (#1,2, and 3) in my store who are quitting and, therefore, don’t really care about their jobs.

Customer: Do you guys have sunscreen?

Coworker #1: We only have SPF 15.

Customer: SPF 15 does nothing! Doctors recommend 35 and up!

Coworker: You can go to *store across the park*

Customer: Can I speak with your manager.

Coworker #1: If you can find her *leaves cash to go talk to coworker #2, and 3)

I run over even though I’m not the manager to defuse the situation

Me: I can actually go to *store next door* and get you some!

I run over, fill out a transfer form, and bring the customer SPF 50. She seemed really happy and paid.

My store got a customer complaint the next day because, the customer claimed, it took too long for someone to offer to go next door. Oh great! I understand that Coworker #1 should get a complaint but the whole store got lectured, because she didn’t single out one employee but the whole store, and now supervisors are always over our shoulder for good customer service.

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I just finished folding shirts when some boys, talking and playing on their cell phones, come by and sit exactly on the shirts I just folded.

Me: Sorry, that’s not a chair. Would you mind not sitting on it?

The boys get up and sit on our plush display.

Me: that’s not a chair either *ignore me* EXCUSE ME THATS NOT A CHAIR EITHER!

The get up and walk around the store. I go up to the front to hell out in cash and when I’m done I see the boys siting on a ledge beside our cash. I let them sit there for a while until I realize they aren’t leaving.

Me: Can I draw you guys a diagram of a chair because this isn’t one.

Guy #1: Can you get us one?

Me: No!

Then boys leave and I think we’re safe for a while. Then an hour late they come back and make a beeline for our plush. We have dogs on a stick and they pick one up and whack it on the floor, breaking the toy.


After kicking them out I get security and ask what I’m allowed to do if they came back.

Security guard: If they come back point them out to us.

The boys come back and I get security. The boys deny everything even though we have it on video. As I leave to get the broken item they tell security that they thought it would be funny.

Security guard: So you didn’t do it but you thought it would be funny? How does that work?

They refuse to give their name to be recorded for record and security kicks them out of the park.

I go back into my store and my manager comes up to me

Manager: Where’d you go?

Me: Three guests broke one of the dogs on a stick and they got kicked out!

Manager: Don’t leave the store without telling us again!

At least my supervisor was pleased with me…

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A Barrier To Closing Time

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I work in a coffee bar in a theme park that’s located in a bigger space which people have to pass through on the way out. We always stay open later than the rest of the park, but we’re allowed to close half an hour after the park closes as long as there’s no queue and it isn’t busy.

To show we’re closed, we pull a metal barrier down about halfway, but we have to leave it open a bit so we can get out and clear tables and a bin in the main space.

This happens pretty much every day. A customer ducks under a half-closed metal barrier.

Customer: “Oh, are you closed?”

Me: “Yes, sorry about that. The park closed half an hour ago.”

Customer: “Well, could you make me a coffee?”

Me: “Sorry, I’ve started cleaning the machine; I can’t make any more drinks.”

Customer: “It’s not hard to make one coffee.”

Me: “Sorry, the coffee machine is full of cleaning chemicals. I really can’t make you a drink.”

Customer: “You’re just being lazy. This is terrible customer service.”

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The Worst Kind Of Freeballing

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I work in the games department at an amusement park. My “area” is the children’s area. I am working the basketball game and I am doing callouts to various guests. I decide to call out to a boy that looks about ten or eleven. The boy has, who I assume to be, an older sister with him.

Me: “You there, with the red and black NBA shirt. You look like you would like to give my game here a shot!”

The boy looks at me for a moment before shrugging and walking over.

Boy: “Can I get a free shot?”

This is a common question.

Me: “No, but if you have two dollars on your game card, you can get one ball. If you have five, three balls you can shoot. Ten bucks will get you seven.”

The boy looks down at his game card while one of my coworkers enters the game to help me run it while we wait for our third to come back from storage with our supervisor.

Boy: “There’s no way I can get a free ball?”

Me: “Sorry, but no.”

Boy: “B****.”

After this, the boy turns and walks away. My coworker walks over and asks what’s wrong as she was able to hear what I was saying, but not what the boy was saying.

Coworker: “You good?”

Me: “I just got called a b**** for the third time today.”

Coworker: “That has to be a record.”

Later, when my supervisor is walking with me back to the office, she asks me about what happened earlier. I guess my coworker told her. We see the boy and I point him out to her. He proceeds to run to his group, which consists of two more females besides the one I originally saw him with.

Supervisor: “If you ever see that kid again and I’m working, call me. That same kid called [Coworker] and [Area Manager] b****es, as well.”

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