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I work for a housing company. A tennant is being evicted because he cultivated plants for drugs. The company has a zero-tolerance rule: no growing of drugs, not even a single plant. In this case, the cops found a complete and proffessional plants nursery, all drugs-plants (I wasn’t informed of the kind and that’s not relevant). The tennent barely speaks Dutch.

Tennant: That was not me!

Me: The police says you were.

Tennant: No, no! That was not me. Police come, find nothing! Nothing!

Me: It says here the police found a whole plant nursery, all drugs plants.

Tennant: No, no! Not true! Everything was empty. Nothing was here. They only found an empty bucket!

Me: I’m sorry, sir, but it says here they found a lot of plants and that’s not allowed.

Tennant: No, no plants! Only empty bucket.

Me: Sir, they found a whole plant nursery.

Tennant: Not true! … What is a plant nursery?

Me: That’s where a lot of plants are being grown.

Tennant: Oh…. what is a plant?

Me: Eh… a plant is… eh… like a bush? But smaller? With leaves and green…?

Tennant: Like hasjies?

Me: Sure, yeah, like hasjies.

Tennant: Oh, hasjies!!…. No, they not find that here. Empty here. Police are wrong.

Me: Well sir, then go to the police and tell them they were wrong. They will then have to tell us they gave us the wrong house number.

Tennant: So… I go to police?

Me: Yes, go to the police. Tell them they were wrong. Then they will tell us.

Tennant: Okay! I go! I go to police. I tell them they were wrong. No plants in my house!

In all my years in this job, I have never seen the police make a mistake with a drugs plant nursery. I wish the guy a lot of luck with his claim. I have a feeling he was being used, though, like many victims of eviction because of drugs-plant nurseries. Either that, or he thinks he can lie his way out of it, by pretending innocent.

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I make an appointment a few weeks in advance to visit my doctor with an intimate problem. On the morning itself I enter the waiting room, understandably nervous. This particular practice has a rule that if you haven’t been seen 15 minutes after your scheduled time, you should go to the reception. I sit for at least 20 minutes before deciding to go ask what is going on.

Me: I had an appointment at (time) and I still haven’t been called.
Receptionist: Who is your doctor?
Me: Miss (Name).
Receptionist: Oh, she is not here today, she had a program to attend.
Me: But I made an appointment weeks ago… how can that happen?

At this point the receptionist’s mood turns sour. She sneers at me.

Receptionist: I called everyone to notify them.
Me: I never received a call.
Receptionist: Well, maybe you weren’t home and you didn’t have a voicemail

While it is true we don’t have voicemail, we do check our caller list and as the doctor’s office is in the phone book we would have noticed if we had missed a call from them.

Me: That is not possible. We did not have any missed calls from you.
Receptionist: Then the number must be incorrect.
Me: Did you edit the number without our permission? We have had the same number for over 20 years and you have reached us there many times before.
Receptionist: Let me just check *rattles of our same-old number that we always had*
Me: yep, that’s it.
Receptionist: Well I rang that and apparently nobody answered. Or maybe your family did and nobody told you.
Me: (furious at this point at the accusations) Pardon me, but what are you going to do about your failure to notify me? I have been sitting here for over 20 minutes clearly because nobody notified. me
Receptionist: Well, while it is not our fault, we have a space today in a few minutes for you.
Me: But you said my doctor wouldn’t be here today.
Receptionist: Yes, that’s right. But seeing you’ve been waiting here, well, [doctor A] has a spot for you. Shall I put you there?
Me: No. I want my own doctor. When is the next possible appointment time?

My next appointment was a week later with my own doctor. She told me the program she was in had been known for more than a month in advance and they shouldn’t have scheduled me there in the first place… and my intimate issue got resolved really well by her!

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(Long time ago, I tried to become a history teacher. During one of my lessons as an intern, the topic becomes the different religions in 17th century Western Europe.)

Student: ‘What kind of religion do you have? Are you christian, atheist…?’

Me: ‘What has my private life got to do with the lesson?’

(I got a compliment from my supervisor for that reply.)

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I’m attempting to arrange a trip through the UK. It hasn’t been easy to start with but… this particular incident just tops it all. I’m attempting to arrange Assisted travel between Huntingdon and King’s Cross. The train company I’m travelling with has a nice online form to arrange this. Only there is a slight problem with it, so I decide to call them. It goes off to a great start.

Train company: Hello, [company] assisted travel, this is [name] speaking, can I take your name please?
Me: [my extremely dutch name]
TC: Pardon, what was that?
Me; [my name again]
TC: Focus on the road? (clearly confused)
Me: No, [my name], it’s my name.
TC: ooh…. I’m sorry. What are you calling for today?
Me: Well… I tried to book assistance through your website but there was a slight problem… My departure station was not in the drop down menu.

Yes… They had a list of various stations that you had to choose from… but Huntingdon was not among them. I double checked but no, it was not there. The poor guy on the line didn’t know what else to do than to book it manually himself either and had to listen to me spelling out my name and email address (because, of course, both are very dutch).

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Our self-service restaurant has four departments: warm kitchen, cold kitchen, sweet kitchen and service. The service department where I work, is concerned with the counters, the coffee bar, the drinks, cleaning up the dishes and working the washing-up room.

Some colleagues apparently don’t like work which involves food leftovers or doing a lot of lifting and walking: every time they aren’t doing counter or coffee-bar they try to switch with one of their coworkers. One coworker did this in particular, although their wasn’t anything new about that. Also, when going on a break, we were supposed to pay for our food (having an employee discount) but aforementioned coworker always said she would do so later. Although that was in fact illegal, it wasn’t that weird to us, since lots of coworkers used to do this in case there were long lines at the counters. At some point, however, it struck me that this coworker ALWAYS said she would pay later, but I never saw her doing that. Not wanting to be a snitch, I decided not to care – I was quite sure she wasn’t the only one.

One day, we were expecting aforementioned coworker to show up, but she didn’t. When one of my colleagues went to check, our manager told us she wouldn’t working anymore. At first, I thought this might be only today, but it turned out she would never be coming back again. Soon I heard why and it really explained to me why she was so fond of being at the counter all the time. It turned out she had been stealing money for about 9 months, managing to steal about €3000,-! So much for “paying later”.