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(It’s getting late and the amount of customers in our self-service roadside restaurant is lowering. I’m at the counter, although there isn’t much to do. Tonight’s manager is already closing down the counter next to me. Then, a man comes in. He grabs a bottle of red wine and goes to my counter. I assume he wants to take it with him, but that’s fine since it’s allowed. He puts the bottle on the counter’s desk and grabs his debit card.)

Me: ‘Good evening, sir.” *hits the button for a bottle of wine* “That will be [amount], please.”

Man: “And I want to cash 100 euro extra!”

(We work with quite old-fashioned counters. Therefore, there is no option for cash back on it.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do that. It’s not possible.”

Man: “Why not!?”

(His tone is kind of impertinent and blunt. He’s really amazed it isn’t possible.)

Me: “It’s simply not possible, sir. We don’t have that option.”

Man: “Can’t you speak to the manager about it?”

(I realize there’s a manager next to me who knows, so I turn to her.)

Me: “[Manager], we can’t do extra cash, can we?”

Manager: “No, that isn’t possible. Sorry, sir.”

Man: “Well, all right then. 50 euros!”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, sir. We can’t give you extra cash at all.”

(Very annoyed he puts away his card and walks away in a hasty, aggressive way, without any word or greetings, leaving the bottle.)

Manager: *quietly* “And especially not when you behave like that.”

C-Section Versus A D-Bag

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(My husband is an engineer for a big, international company. He deals with clients all the time, since they usually don’t understand what’s possible and what’s not, or why they have to pay more for a stronger product or a custom design. He has to leave a meeting with an important client when I go into labor. After 27 very long hours for us both, I get a C-section. I am feeding our child for the first time, about 28 hours after my husband left the meeting. My husband takes his phone out of airplane mode for the first time in those 28 hours, to let our family know our son has arrived. The phone starts buzzing with messages, lasting at least two minutes.)

Me: “What the h*** is wrong this time?”

(He shows me the phone; it has 58 missed calls and 43 messages, all from the same important client, ranging from simple requests for a call back to cursing him out for terrible customer service and not being available. The phone starts ringing. He decides to answer, since the company can’t afford to lose such a big contract.)

Husband: “Good day, sir. Before I say anything else, I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience of not being available. As you know, my wife was having our first child, and since you kept calling me, I assume I’ve forgotten to give you my coworker’s contact information. If you have some paper, I can give you that info now; he can help you with everything you need.”

Client: *very cheerful* “Congratulations on your child! You’ve taken quite some extra time, but since it’s a special day, I’ll forgive you. Now, I need help this instant. I need the [product] in a different color; otherwise it won’t match my [workplace]!”

Husband: *tired and a bit confused, since his company makes electrical transformers and aesthetics don’t usually matter* “Sir, I’m not working right now, and I won’t be for at least a few more days. My coworker knows your contract and custom needs as well as I do, and he will be more than happy to help. Can I give you his number?”

Client: *shocked* “No! I saw your coworker in the meeting, and I don’t like the way he looks! He’s too big to be smart! I want you to solve my problem! Make the [product] a different color, and do it now!”

Husband: *trying to stay friendly* “I can assure you that my coworker is very intelligent. Besides that, your [product] has to withstand extreme conditions, meaning the color is a custom metal alloy, designed to be very strong. Changing that would require months of research and tests, to make sure the new alloy is strong enough to survive those conditions. I can’t do that right now. If you don’t want to talk to my coworker, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until I get back to work.”

Client: *condescending* “Well, get back to work right now. It’s not like you had the baby, and your wife should be able to take care of it without you.”

Husband: *annoyed* “No, sir. My wife has had a C-section and isn’t allowed out of bed for the next few days. She needs me here. I’m going to give you my coworkers’ info, and then I’m going to end this call. His number is—”

Client: *interrupting and shouting* “My sister had a baby in less than four hours, and she was up and running the next day! She never needed help, so don’t you lie to me! How dare you lie to me like that?! I’m your number-one client! You should jump when I say so! Give me your wife on the phone, so I can tell her to suck it up personally!”

Husband: *losing it* “Has anyone ever told you you’re an a**hole?! I’m not going to put your convenience above the well-being of my wife and child! I’m not going to let you talk to my wife, especially not after what she’s been through! I’m not going to jump because you say so, but if you keep this up I might just push you off of a cliff! I’m. Not. Working. Right. Now. I’d give you my coworker’s number, but I don’t want him to deal with your s***, either, so just go f*** yourself until you see the color you want! Goodbye!” *click*

(My husband is very startled by his own reaction.)

Husband: “D***, I’m going to have to deal with that when I go back next week.”

(He called his coworker and manager to explain what had just happened. They both were appalled by how the client acted, and contacted the legal team to look for a way out of that mess. When the client called to complain, they explained that since my husband wasn’t working, his actions were his own and not of the company. Also, because he wasn’t working, what the client did was harrassment, and my husband was allowed to react any way he liked. The client let it go. He still refuses to work with my husband, but now works with his coworker. I guess the client got over his dislike for tall people.)


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My mother was always open to computers, but by chance, one dies when she’s touching it — it’s still DOS-era — losing all files with no back-up. She is absolutely convinced she caused it and hasn’t touched a computer since. Eventually, we manage to convince her to get a cellphone — pre-Internet — but she will only use it for calling, not texting.

It’s finally time to upgrade to a new phone, one that can do Internet, but nope, she still won’t use it for anything more than just calling. She reads text messages, but never responds… until she goes on a trip to France, and realises that texting is a lot cheaper than calling.

This is the very first text-message she sends me:

“alliswellweatherisnicehavingagreattimebutcantfindthespacebar oh i found it”

(All is well, weather is nice. Having a great time but can’t find the spacebar…)

She hasn’t stopped texting, apping, and googling ever since. She also owns a laptop for photo-editing, but makes triple back-ups of all her work now. And I made sure I saved her very first text message.

Won’t Be Beaten At The Post

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(I am delivering mail. It’s my last week. I come to a house where the mailbox is not in the door, but next to the street. Next to the mailbox stands a woman. To prevent theft, if we can’t be sure the mail belongs to someone, we cannot give it to them.)

Woman: *calling from a distance, smiling cheerfully* “You can just hand the mail directly to me!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but giving the mail to someone just standing next to the mailbox is against policy.”

(I arrive at the post-box in question.)

Woman: *suddenly angry* “Why?”

Me: “To prevent theft. Anyone could go stand out here.”

(I drop the mail into the mailbox.)

Woman: *sneers* “And your attitude, is that also policy?”

Me: *considering that, even if she complains, the company won’t have the time to fire me* “Yes, it is, madam!”

Dropping An Awkward Bomb

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(A coworker told me this story. They have friends over from Germany who were born in the 50s. My coworker shows them around the city of Rotterdam. While they love the city, they keep on comparing it to other cities. The text below is the latest of a string of complaints about the historic center of Rotterdam. My coworker is getting fed up with it.)

Friend: “I went to Utrecht and saw the lovely old center. And Amsterdam, oh, that too had a lovely historic center. But Rotterdam… Rotterdam has no historic buildings at all! Such a shame; why don’t you have a historic center like the other towns? It’s all so modern. I thought Rotterdam had such a rich history, but all the historic buildings are gone! Such a shame. Why is that?”

Coworker: “Because you guys bombed it!”

(There was an awkward silence, and the friend no longer mentioned it. Later on, the friend apologized, having learned that most of Rotterdam was bombed during the beginning of World War Two. Even though the friend wasn’t born back then, she did understand why my coworker didn’t appreciate the comments about the lack of a historical center from a German person. They are still friends to this day.)

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