Age Is No Guarantee Of Respect, Part 2

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I’m in line at the checkout when an older man suddenly cuts the line. 

Me: “Excuse me, sir, I believe I was next… Excuse me? Sir? Sir?”

I’m being completely ignored. 

Woman Behind Me: “Wow, some people are rude!”

Me: “Oh, it’s okay! I mean, he obviously thinks he’s important enough to cut the line. Much more important than puny us! Besides, I don’t mind missing five minutes of my life; I have plenty left!”

The man did not turn around, but I did notice a twitch and noticed a sudden glare in the mirror the cashiers use to check if carts are empty. He heard me, all right.

Age Is No Guarantee Of Respect

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Note: Dutch postal codes have a 4 number and 2 letter format.

Customer: “I’ll need to send you these forms by mail, so I need your postal code.”
Me: “Alright, it’s 1234 Alpha, X-ray.”
Customer: “X-ray, that’s a Y right?”

He Chose The Wrong Thing To Be Honest About

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I’m a customer service agent for an insurance company. The people I help on the phone have questions about either their car, house, or travel insurance. Right now, we get a lot of customers who have questions about their travel insurance and recompense for cancellation costs if they cancel their holidays due to the current health crisis. Not this customer, though; he has a whole new set of reasons.

Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I need to cancel my holiday with my family, and I was wondering if my travel insurance will cover the cancellation costs.”

Me: “Can you tell me what happened? In certain circumstances, we do cover cancellation costs, and with the current events, we are a bit more lenient with those circumstances.”

Customer: “Yeah, I need to cancel my holiday because I need to go to the hospital with my girlfriend for an echo; she is pregnant.”

Me: “Congratulations! Was your girlfriend also going on this trip?”

Customer: “Of course not! I was going with my wife and kids! And can you change the email address you have from us? That way my wife won’t find out about this.”

Me: “Let me get this straight; you want us to pay for your cancelled holiday with your wife and kids because you got your girlfriend pregnant?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”

Definitely the weirdest cancellation reason I heard so far!

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I’m working at my school’s service desk that also rents out equipment like beamers, cables to hook up your laptop to any device and the like, so a lot of my customers are teachers. Most of them being from a major i don’t follow, so i don’t really know them. Everyone can barrow anything from our desk as long as they present a student or teachers pass. There is this one teacher who keeps insisting he doesn’t need his pass.

Me: I’m sorry but i really have to scan your pass to put these items on.

teacher: Yeah but i’m a teacher.*winks*

me: Doesn’t matter. We need to know where our items are and who has them, that way we make sure nothing gets stolen.

teacher: But.. i’m a teacher. You can trust me *winks again.*

me: *holding up my scanner.* Sorry, no pass, no goods. It’s our policy.

teacher: But… i’m a staff member! And i’m in a hurry, so could you please…?

me: you have a teachers pass, yes?

teacher: Yes i do, but you can trust me.

This goes back and furth for a while until he reluctantly gets his pass out. If he had done that in the first place, he could have gone to his class 10 minutes sooner.

Best To Just Let It Happen

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My wife and I are watching a video about entitled people. The story we are watching is about how someone scammed his great aunt with dementia into signing over her inheritance. 

Me: “Jeez, that poor woman. How can you prevent something like this happening?”

Wife: “I’m not sure; they said everything went legit.”

Me: *Joking* “Well, I won’t have much to leave behind, so if I’m going, I’ll create a quiz. The one who knows me best will get everything!”

Wife: “Ah, so that means I will have a chance. Anything I need to know about?”

Me: “No, that wouldn’t be fair. But what kind of questions should be in the quiz?”

Wife: *Deadpan* “Oh, I’ll help you with the questions.”

My wife has a wonderful poker face. She won’t tell me if she’s joking, either.

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