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(I’m a customer in the pub, sitting there with a small group of people, having a chat and everything. Suddenly a guy walks to us.)

Stranger: *Nervous, anxious voice, on the brink of agression.* “‘scuse me, did you guys see someone at the slot machine?”

(There are two slot machines in the pub. There are always some people at them, but of course we didn’t pay attention to who had been standing there at all.)

We: “No.”

Stranger: *Moves along and starts asking the same question to other people.*

(Also I didn’t like his anxious tone. Within 5 minutes I saw him making angry, aggressive noises, while the biggest, strongest staff member of that night was restraining him. Eventually the guy was kicked out. I never found out why he wanted to know if someone had been at the slot machine.)

You Think Being Old Is Hard? Try Listening To Unsolicited Lectures!

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My boyfriend and I are out for a stroll at a popular walking park and have sat down at a picnic-style table along the route to catch a breather after walking for forty-five minutes.

An elderly couple approaches and the woman is huffing and puffing exaggeratedly. She slumps down on the bench beside me. I stand up to make room for her. 

Woman: “Oh, don’t get up for poor old me! It’s okay; you can sit. I just have to rest for a bit. I’m over ninety years old you know! Not unlike you healthy young lot!”

Me: “Well, we were sitting here for a while already, so we don’t mind getting going again. Have a nice day!”

Woman: “Oh, no, don’t let us shoo you away! But if you were sitting here for quite a while… ha! Isn’t that just lazy? Are you tired already from your little walk? You and your young legs!”

Her husband chimes in. 

Husband: “Yeah, we’re both over ninety and still taking long walks! Let’s see if you can still keep that up when you reach our age! You think you have it easy now? Just wait until you’re old! Same with jobs nowadays. You youngsters think you have it tough, but we had it much tougher back in the day, you know!”

Both of them go into a spiel on how young people are spoiled and lazy and their generation had it worse, etc. All the while, they keep a friendly smile going. They ask what kind of jobs we are doing and how it’s probably all a piece of cake for us.

I stand to the side a bit, biting my tongue and restraining myself from giving them a piece of my mind and telling them how I’m currently struggling to get a job with my muscle-condition, which is also causing quite some pain on my legs and feet at this very moment, even after the ”little walk” we had. 

My boyfriend is politely answering their questions but also giving signs that we want to continue our walk. The couple seems determined, however, to keep us there as long as they like so they can tell us how privileged our generation is. 

We finally shake them off and walk along.

Me: *To my boyfriend* “Jeez, with all due respect for the elderly, did they just really want us to keep them company so they could spew their opinion about lazy youth on us?”

Boyfriend: “Babe, do us both a favor and let’s never become an old, spoiled, rich couple with matching designer parkas and [Expensive Brand] walking shoes like them!”

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Her Lessons Aren’t Exactly Music To Their Ears

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I am studying to become a teacher and we’re learning about music class. We are supposed to learn how to teach music, but all the teacher does is sit behind the piano and let us sing children’s songs. She scolds us if we can’t reach the high notes, which causes the only man of our group to just stop coming. 

Halfway the term, the teacher once again rounds us up around the piano and asks if we have any requests. One of my classmates raises her hand.

Classmate: “Yes, I have a question. When are we going to do something useful in this class?”

The class fell silent; the teacher was silent, too, but I could read thunder from her eyes. After a moment, we were sent to our seats again and told we could go “self-study” for a group performance on musical instruments in a few weeks. She didn’t tell us how to read notes, so we helped each other and the end result was… well, frankly, absolutely terrible. We did all pass the class, including the male student who didn’t show up any more.

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Taking Friendliness To… Intense Levels

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I’m on my way home from college. I had a pretty long day and I just want to use the fifty-minute train ride home to clear my head, stare out the window, and listen to my music. Someone happens to call me just after the train starts driving. I have my phone call, which is interrupted here and there due to bad reception, but I manage to end it after a few minutes.

A girl who I guess is about sixteen has joined my seat in the meantime. The second I hang up my phone, she opens her mouth and doesn’t close it for the rest of the ride.

Girl: “Bad reception, huh? Yeah, that happened to me, also, the other day when I was traveling through here. I was calling my friend, you see, and she kept saying, ‘Gee, I can’t hear you,’ and I was like, ‘I know! I’m on a train that’s going through the woods right now!’ It’s so annoying! Like, you know, like, how can they not just put up some more cell phone towers, right? And then my friend said…”

This goes on for quite some time. She uses a tone with me like I’m a friend she has known for ages, and she talks very loud. After her spiel about cell phones, she mentions the school she goes to. Not wanting to be rude or scare her off, I reply that I did a similar education in graphic design.

Bad move. Her face lights up like that of a kid who just got the best Christmas present and she starts rummaging in her backpack, pulling out a huge portfolio. Somehow, all her work revolves around dollhouses. She goes on and on about how she loves dollhouses.

Girl: “How can you not love them? You love dollhouses, do you? Wait, you know my friend, [Friend]? He makes the best dollhouses! You should see his Instagram!”

And yes, she pulls out her phone to show me that person’s entire profile, talking non-stop about every photo she sees. 

Finally, she gets off one stop before mine.

Girl: “It was so good to chat with a new friend! Hope I catch you again on this train; I had such a good time! Byyyeeeeee!” 

She leaves and waves happily at me from the platform. 

I give a sigh of relief and find several people giving me a look I can only describe as, “What the h*** was that?” 

Fellow Passenger: “You didn’t know that girl at all, did you? I mean, what was that about?” 

Me: “I have no idea.”

I saw her once after, weeks later. I made sure to move to another carriage before she could spot me. Thank goodness it stayed with that!

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(My first day at the emergency call centre. I have to do the intake when someone calls with a new case about a vehicle breakdown. My colleague next to me tells me that she was talking to a lady over the phone, but that they were suddenly disconnected. My phone rings. It’s the same customer.)

Customer: “Yeah, I called a few minutes ago, but suddenly I was disconnected!”

(Her tone is clearly impatient and rude. She seems to assume my colleague hung up on her.)

Me: “Yes, I heard so, ma’am. My colleague was just as surprised about it as you are. But I’ll make up the case file now.”

(I’m quite nervous since this is the first day. I make some small mistakes and have to ask things twice. The customer is clearly not pleased about this. Although she doesn’t lose her calm, she starts getting prickly.)

Me: “You were on [location] now, ma’am?”

Customer: “No, we’re now in a parking lot. I told you earlier.”

Me: “Oh, apologies, ma’am. You indeed told me.”

Customer: “God, sir! Did you start today or something? Are you a temp?”

(Little did she know that the answer to both questions was “yes”. And that, despite her prejudices against temporary workers, I have a degree.)