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A few months ago I was taking the tram home. In my town, you need to check in and check out with a pass on the platform. I always stare out the window, because after a day of dealing with people, I need some peace. Suddenly, someone bumped into me from behind. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their balance, so I turned around to let that person know I was okay, no harm done.

I saw a young man, maybe late teens, carrying a white cane and staring into the distance. It was obvious he was blind. He was touching around, clearly looking for his way. I deduced he didn’t know his way around that well just yet. After meeting several blind people in the past, I never take their hands and only ask if they want help.

The boy touched around and tried to grab my backpack. “Sorry, human and a backpack, but it’s okay,” I said, and the boy moved away. He finally found the door, but it was on the wrong side. I blurted out, “Turn around 180 degrees,” which was stupid, and a more sensible young man said he needed to turn around for the other door.

The young man found the right door and we waited for him to get off. We all wondered if he would find the check-out-pole on his own — plenty of seeing people miss it — but we also knew he needed to do this on his own so he could learn. When it turned out he couldn’t find the pole, I wanted to get out to help him, but the driver of the tram was faster than I was and got out to tell the boy where he needed to be, not touching him, and the boy found the pole.

No one in the tram minded we left late; no one made a fuss.

Today, I took the tram home again and I immediately noticed a large teen with a white cane. Near his stop, he got up, went to the door without hitting anything. I did check if the stop-light was on, because that’s something he can’t see and I can do for him easily. He got off and I noticed the tram driver, a different one from months back, was ready to get out if needed, just like I was.

The boy missed the pole, took a rail nearby, followed it back, and checked-out. After the beep was heard, the tram driver closed the tram and we left.

To me, it felt like I watched something magnificent. He could find his way, on his own, giving him independence. Whatever his future may be, I hope it’ll be great.

Spelt Out How She Was Dealing With It

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(I’m in line when a mother and teenager join me. The teenager picks up some display biscuits.)

Daughter: “What the…? Spelt biscuits? What the heck are spelt biscuits?”

Mother: “Well, they are biscuits, made out of…”

Daughter: “I get that! Jeez! I mean, what the heck are spelt biscuits?!”

Mother: “Spelt is a kind of…”

Daughter: “I know! Gosh, Mom, gosh! Never mind, okay?!”

Mother: “Oh, I forgot something…” *leaves the line*

Daughter: “What? Mom, come back! Mom! I’m not staying here! If you won’t come back right now, I’m leaving without you! Mom! UGH! MOM!”

(By the time I was finished with the cashier, the mother still hadn’t returned and the daughter was still waiting. I really felt sorry for the girl; apparently, puberty hit her hard, and Mom knew exactly how to deal with it!)

Needs A Break From Your Illegal Activities

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When working for an employment agency, I was asked to work in a certain bar one evening. When arriving there, all seemed right and, to be honest, the work was okay. However, after a few hours work, I asked how everything worked with breaks. The other workers reacted a bit surprised. Break? Oh, well, in fact they didn’t do those, because there was no time… despite the law making it very clear that the employer is obliged to allow it and the employee is obliged to take it. “We don’t do that. The employment agency should have told you. I’ll talk to them about this, because this is really important.”

A bit later they had the chef de cuisine make me a croquette sandwich. Since I was quite hungry, I was very happy about this and thanked the cook, despite the fact that he shouted at me and bullied a coworker earlier in the night. I ate it quickly and went back to work immediately.

After an evening of hard work in a very busy bar, I had to leave at midnight. One of the floor managers took me to the office to find the form for temporary workers. The office turned out to be a mess and she was unable to find the form, although she was clearly as annoyed by the mess as I was. In the end, the lady improvised and made me write down my name, employment agency, and hours on a blank note. I worked for seven hours, so that’s what I wrote down.

The next day, I commented to my contact at the employment agency about the break problem, stating clearly that I wanted to be fully informed, and that I thought it was weird that the place didn’t do breaks, despite this being illegal. My contact reacted somewhat defensively, although they called the incomplete briefing “a learning point for us.”

Despite this, I was assured that it was very common in hospitality work that you’re supposed to have eaten before 5:00 pm, and I was asked to have “some flexibility.” I didn’t answer, since I was clearly not winning this, although some Internet research and a phone call to the union made it clear to me that I was totally right.

Later, when I downloaded my payslip, it turned out that the place only paid me for six-and-a-half hours, anyway, while eating the sandwich took me about five minutes. I emailed my contact, asking exactly what the bar’s general manager submitted, pointing out that I didn’t take half-an-hour break and, therefore, worked for much longer.

No response ever came. Much later, I asked the financial person of the employment agency what was submitted. According to her, [Bar] indeed claimed I worked six-and-a-half hours with a half-an-hour break. Once again, the employment agency didn’t take any action, but since then, the bar was on my personal blacklist, which I made very clear to my contact.

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(I’ve been working at this place for a few months. A few times, I received a call from the planner on my mobile phone about covering for sick coworkers. Nothing strange about that. But the owner himself tends to be chaotic and impulsive, making decisions and requests at the last moment. One early morning during summer, this happens: I’m in bed, slowly waking up on a day off. Suddenly, there’s a knock on my door. It’s my dad, in his pyjamas. In his hand he carries the wireless house phone. Apparently someone called the number, so the phone in my parents’ sleeping room rang.)

Dad: “It’s [Museum], asking if you’ll be coming today. They said they sent a text message but didn’t receive an answer.”

Me: “Oh, all right, I can come.”

Dad: *to the phone* “He’ll be coming.”

(Later, before I leave.)

Me: “By the way, who was on the phone?”

Dad: “I don’t know, he didn’t say. He talked in a very neat tone.”

Me: “I guess that was the owner.”

(That was more than six years ago. Up until today, I never received his text message, which he obviously sent to the wrong number, so he just decided to wake up my parents during their summer holiday.)

Wireless, Clueless, Hopeless, Part 31

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(I work for a major company for Internet, TV, and phone services, and this call comes in.)

Me: “This is [My Name] with [Company]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Yeah, my f****** Internet isn’t working every time I use the d*** vacuum cleaner!”

Me: “Okay, that’s weird. Can you tell me in depth how you know that the vacuum cleaner is the issue?”

Customer: “Well, whenever I clean the house, I don’t have Internet, TV, or a phone line. It is starting to freak me out!”

Me: “But I can see that the services are working just fine.”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s the weird part; like ten to fifteen minutes after my husband comes home from work, everything works perfectly.”

Me: “Is your husband there, because maybe he fixes it somehow?”

Customer: “Yeah, hold on. I’ll get him for you.” *screams husband’s name*

Husband: “Hello, this is [Husband]. What’s up?”

Me: “Your wife told me the services like Internet and TV aren’t working all day long after she used the vacuum cleaner, and just like magic, when you come home from work everything works again.”

Husband: “Yeah, that’s true. Whenever she uses the vacuum, she pulls the plug of the router and modem to put the plug of the vacuum cleaner in. Then, she removes the vacuum cleaner, but doesn’t put the plug of the modem and router back in.”

Me: *confused* “So… why didn’t you tell her this?”

Husband: “Because she thinks the router and modem don’t have anything to do with Internet and TV because she uses ‘wireless services.’ She always says she wants to throw the router and modem away because she never uses them.”

Me: *almost crying* “Okay, well, I suggest you tell her that they are needed.”

Husband: “Nope, that’s your job. Good luck.” *passes the phone back to his wife*

Customer: “Hey, so is it fixed?”

Me: “Well, it seems that you pull the plug of the modem and router whenever you use the vacuum cleaner, but forget to put the plug back in. Your husband puts the plugs back when he’s home, so that’s why all services work whenever he comes home.”

Customer: “But I use wireless; I don’t need that stupid box of s***.”

Me: “Well, actually, you need it, ma’am, because that box sends the wireless signal.”

Customer: “Oh.” *screams the name of the husband* “YOU MOTHERF*****! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS, YOU PIECE OF S***? NOW I’M F****** EMBARRASSED, YOU D***-HEAD!”

Me: “Is there anything I can assist you with, ma’am?”

Customer: “No, thanks. Lots of love, and thanks for the support!”

Me: “You’re welcome. Have a nice day.”

(Just when I said my last line, I heard pots and pans getting thrown around. I just hung up and burst into laughter. My supervisor asked me why I was laughing, so I told him the story and let him listen to the call. It was a fun day.)

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