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In the Netherlands we have student societies, organised into different groups of friends ‘disputen’. My dispuut is celebrating it’s 95th birthday next year so we have a lot of members, bot active and not active. I have been chosen as the chairman of the committee that’s organising the festivities. Not only do we organise a trip of about 10 days in the summer but also a gala and we’re discussing wheter or not we would also organise a skiing holiday. Earlier we decided not to because nobody seemed very interessted but for the last few weeks a lot of people changed their mind.
I’m discussing the possible change of plans with another member of my committee.

Me: Maybe, if enough people would like to go, we could organise the trip.

Friend: Last time we discussed this we decided not to.

Me: Yes of course but we could change plans of course. Depends if besides us anyone else would want to plan the trip.

Friend: Yes but we decided last time that we would let the dispuuts board decide wheter the trip would be organised and by whom. Help is always appreciated of course.

Me: Yes I get that but if we would like to organise the trip, we could discuss it with the board and could do it al the same.

Friend: last time you said, and I quote: ‘decided to let the board handle the skiing holiday’

Followed by an irritated groan from my side. How hard can it be to just listen to what someone says instead of just repeating: ‘We already decided on this, we already decided on this, we already decided on this.’ Plans can change right?

Social Acceptance Takes A Holiday

, , , | Friendly | July 31, 2018

(It’s a few weeks before the holiday of “Sinterklaas,” a holiday similar to the “Santa and presents” part of American Christmas. For decades, there has been a discussion in the Netherlands about “Zwarte Piet” — “black Pete” — a character who is to elves what “Sinterklaas” is to Santa, because he/she is portrayed in blackface. The past few years, the discussion has become much more heated.)

Acquaintance: “You know, I wouldn’t complain about the traditions of a country I moved to. The people who are saying that Pete has to change just don’t understand Dutch culture. They shouldn’t complain, or they should go somewhere else if they don’t like it.”

Me: “Many of the people complaining are actually Dutch. Not just the white ones, either; a lot of the people of colour who are complaining had their parents or grandparents grow up here already! How could they not be familiar with Dutch culture?”

Acquaintance: “But they just don’t understand the holiday the way you and I do!’

Me: “You know that my parents are from Germany, right? I don’t even have citizenship.”

Acquaintance: “You are less foreign than they are, though.”

Me: *speechless*

(Sadly, before I could ask what in the world made me “less foreign,” we had to leave.)

The Nerd Herd

, , , , , | Learning | July 26, 2018

(My boyfriend and I are very nerdy and are mostly ignored by others, or we can’t join them in things they’re doing. We are going to take a special extra beta class next year, so we are meeting the new class, with some of our old classmates in it.)

Teacher: ”Be careful; the whole school will see you as ‘the nerd group.”’

My Boyfriend & Me: ”Why would you say that in a negative way?”

Old Classmate: ”If you’re a nerd, no one wants you to join things.”

My Boyfriend & Me: ”…”

(Still waiting to see that as a negative!)

Not Billed To Be The Next Great Conman

, , , , | Legal | July 18, 2018

(I am working the cash register when an unknown customer walks up to me.)

Customer: “Hello. I have lots of 10€ notes I’d like to exchange for bigger notes.”

Me: “Sure. We are actually low on 10€ notes today, so that is great! How many did you have?”

(The customer then proceeds to pull a big stack of 10s out of his pocket.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. We don’t actually keep that many big bills in the till. Looks like most I can do for you today is 250€.”

Customer: “Okay, fine.”

(I don’t hand him the money yet. I decide it’s best to keep it safely in the till until I’ve checked his notes. Then he starts to count 25 bills from the stack really fast. After he hands me the bills, I check and count them, and notice he actually gave me 24 bills. When I tell him this, he takes the 24 bills back and starts counting them again, lightning fast.)

Customer: “Oh, I’m sorry, looks like you’re right. Here’s one more.”

(He hands me back the stack of bills, plus one more from his pocket. I’m beyond suspicious at this point, so I start counting them again.)

Customer: *slightly panicked* “No, no, you don’t have to do that. You just counted them already!”

Me: “Errm, I’m kind of glad I did. Instead of 24 or 25 bills, there’s 16 now…”

(At this, he snatched the stack of 10s from my hands and ran out of the store. I closed my lane and went to tell the manager. My manager and a few department supervisors checked the surveillance footage of the camera pointed at my till after that. They actually had to play it at a three-times lower speed before they could see at what point he had taken part of the stack and hidden it up his sleeve. Turned out he had done this at lots of other supermarkets in the area, too, and had succeeded most of the time! They gave me a gift card for not falling for it!)

Break-ing The Law

, , , , | Legal | July 12, 2018

Boss: “You can’t go on a break. We don’t do breaks here.”

Me: “But I’m working seven hours. It’s obligatory to let me have a break.”

Boss: “Sorry, there’s no time for breaks.”

Me: “Then you should have more people working.”

Boss: “We can’t afford that.”

Me: “Well, if you can’t afford to run your company in a legal way, you’re obviously doing something wrong.”

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