Standing In Line, Sounds Like Dutch To Me

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(My friend and I are waiting in the checkout line in our library with a pile of books and DVDs. It’s quite busy so everyone starts forming a line behind one of the four check-out points. Our turn is finally up when a woman cuts in front of us. I have free time to spare that day, but I really dislike people who cut in line, so I put on my sarcastic voice and say:)

Me: “Sure, it’s really no big deal if you go first. It’s not like a lot of people are quietly waiting their turn.”

(I hear my friend gasp, then giggle. The woman turns around and looks at me with something similar to poisonous eyes.)

Patron: “Well, what are you waiting for?” *snaps as she steps away, but not to the back of the line*

(I very slowly check all our stuff out, taking about five minutes while talking to my friend. When we leave, she tries again. The man behind me simply pushes her stuff aside and says:)

Other Patron In Line: “Back to the line, ma’am. Don’t you have any manners?” *looks at us and says* “No wonder foreigners think the Dutch are rude.”

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Karma Is Calling You Back

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(My coworker has just talked to an abusive customer. He threatened her and she told him that if he continued his threats, she would disconnect. However, he hung up on her. He calls back, but doesn’t know that our system matches phone numbers to the people they last called with, if available. My coworker remains calm as the customer tells her how rude the lady before was, that she hung up on him, and that he did nothing wrong.)

Coworker: “Sir, you are saying my colleague was rude to you, yelled at you, and hung up on you. Are you willing to write that down and file as a complaint?” *silence as the customer speaks* “All right, then let me clear up one detail for you to add. Sir, I was the lady you talked to and I was in no way rude to you. In fact, you threatened me and you hung up on me. Please include those facts as– Huh, he hung up again.”

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Student Cards Require Some Study

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(Our train station kiosk is not owned by the railway company — like most here in the country are — and people often don’t know that besides selling coffee and snacks we also provide travel info. In the Netherlands, all students above 18 get a public transport card — PT card — which they can use to travel for free on weekdays and get a discount during holidays. It’s summer break at the moment. A mother and her teenage son walk in. They both seem quite nervous.)

Mother: “You don’t happen to know anything about student PT cards, do you?”

Me: “Sure, I do! I used to have one when I was in college. What do you need to know?”

Mother: “Well, my son here needs to activate his subscription on his card but we don’t know how!

Me: “Don’t worry. It’s easy. Let me show you.”

(I walk outside with them to the machine. I put his card in front of the reader, select ”pick up subscription,” select the only option it gives next, and then proceed to hold the card in front of the reader a second time, like instructed on the screen.)

Me: “There you go. All set.”

Mother: “Oh, it works that fast? Can he travel using this card now?”

Me: “Technically, yes. But because it’s summer break it’s not valid yet, but it automatically will be once school starts. Until then, he travels with a 40% discount.”

Mother: “So, he won’t have to do anything to make it valid?”

Me: “No, ma’am, like I said, that happens automatically.”

Mother: “So, we can use it… like… right now?”

Me: *not knowing how to make myself more clear* “You could, but only with 40% discount. It’s not for free yet. It will be come September. 

Mother: “Are you sure? He can use it once school starts? What if he wants to use it now?” 

(This goes back and forth a couple more times. Finally, I manage to convince her they’re all set.)

Mother: “Well, because you did it so quickly, I just had to make sure, you know! Thanks for the help!”

(They are about to leave when the son speaks up:)

Son: “So, you’re sure I can use this now?” 

Me: *exploding inside*

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A customer called in demanding an exception be made on standard refund processes because he was unaware of the rules. He refused all attempts to solve his problem, and insisted on the attempt at an exceptional refund request. He has been rude and belligerent throughout the call.

Me: Ok, i’ve requested that refund for you, it will now be reviewed by the Finance team. They have the final say on granting or refusing your refund, but i’ve phrased the request to ensure you have the best chance of success.
Caller: Thats not good enough !! I demand a refund on this ! You’re just a bunch of ****s and thieves !
Me: Sir, please do not swear at me. If you continue in this manner I am required to hang up on you.
Caller: Don’t you ****ing dare hang up on me you **** ! I demand a refund !!
Me: I’m sorry sir, but you have been aggressive and rude throughout this call and, despite being cautioned about this more than once you have continued to abuse me. None of our staff are expected to be spoken to in this fashion. I am now forced to terminate this call. Your refund request will still be processed in the normal fashion. Goodbye.

The gentleman called again, was abusive to the next agent as well. His behaviour ended up getting his request refused at a supervisory level, it never even reached the Finance team.
You get more with Honey than you do with Vinegar folks.

Changing The World For The Worse

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(I work as a cashier at a fast food restaurant in the middle of my city. These past few weeks, a carnival has been set up in the centre just across the street from the restaurant. Seeing as the carnival only takes small bills, this exchange will happen several times a day:)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, can you exchange this into small bills for me?” *holds up a fifty-euro bill*

Me: “Oh, no, sorry. I’m not allowed to make exchanges, and I don’t have enough bills in my till to make that exchange, anyway.”

Customer: *thinking he’s being clever* “Can I have one hamburger?” *cheapest item on our menu, €1.20*

Me: *sighing a bit because honestly, this isn’t clever and mostly annoying* “Sure, that’ll be €1.20, please.”

Customer: *pays with the fifty-euro bill he’s still holding, smirking*

(As a side note, there is a bank situated in the centre of the carnival that would definitely be able to do all the aforementioned without having to call for more cash every two minutes.)

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