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I spend a week abroad with a couple I hardly know. The point was to go to see a certain special concert, plus some extra days ‘vacation.’ Turns out, the couple and me don’t get along at all, they are plain rude, selfish and all we do is fight. (The stories of that alone could fill several pages of NotAlwaysFriendly). On our last day I notice my fingers have swollen badly. I mention it and they dismiss it as some allergic reaction to something, but still I worry; the swelling is really bad and I can’t get my rings of my fingers anymore.
Fast forward a week later, I’m back home and start coughing up blood. I call my GP, who sends me to the hospital ER right away. I rush there, stressed out because I’m actually not told what could be the problem, only that it’s an emergency. (rushing and stressing was actually VERY dangerous, I get to that later)
Some tests later it appears I have pulmonary embolism, and I have to stay 3 days. The doc comes to see me and asks if I am planning on flying anytime soon.

me: “No, but I just recently came back from a trip. By plane.”

doc: “Wait, when was that?”

me: “A week ago. Oh, but while I was abroad my fingers started to swell too. Does that have anything to do with my condition?”

doc: “Wait.. you had symptoms BEFORE you boarded an airplane? the reason why I ask is because with a blood clot stuck behind your lungs it could easily shoot to your heart or brain because of the cabin pressure.”

me: “So flying was actually dangerous for me at the time?”

Doc: “Honestly, I’m suprised to see you alive. Its absolutely PROHIBITED to fly with pulmonary embolism. Medically speaking, you should have been dead.”

me: “….. yay for being alive then?”

Also turns out: the cause for the embolism was primarily because of my birth control pills, but eventually triggered by heavy stress. I’d like to have seen the look of that nasty couple’s faces if i had told them their douchebaggery could have potentially killed me…

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Incompetence

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My school likes to encourage students who have just enrolled for the next school year, so they get students who are in their second year to do a presentation. After the presentation they take the new students on a tour. I volunteer to do such a thing with three other students in my class, and all goes well, but right after the presentation the fire alarm goes off.

We all evacuate including the new students, but our school is quite big; all the students take up a lot of space around the building. We see no smoke. I’ve already heard this was not a drill from a teacher, but the lack of smoke is annoying the new students and the parents who brought them, most of whom look to me for guidance because I am the only girl of the volunteers and the oldest of them.

After an hour we can finally get back into the building. We do the tour with less students, because some have gone home out of annoyance. I go home late due to the delay and because I volunteered after-school hours.

Later I learn that one of the students from stage tech forgot to turn off the fire alarm before testing the smoke machine.

Customer Insults Are In Top Gear Today

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(I go to school in a bigger city that’s an hour away from where I live. I have a bike at the city to bring me from the station to school, just because I try to avoid local public transport. It’s a very cheap, second hand bike, and the gears are taken off, so it’s now set in one gear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay in that one gear, causing the chain to slip, so I bring it to the bike repair shop near the station. Before, it was set to third gear, which was fine with me. I pick up my bike after repairs and notice it has been set to first gear, so when I try to gain any momentum I have to pedal like a maniac. I used to be a lot heavier, but recently lost quite a bit of weight; most of the weight I haven’t lost yet is gathered in my thighs.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but can it possibly be set to the gear it was in when I brought it here? I’m not really looking forward to biking to the other side of town in first gear all the way.”

Bike Repair Guy: “Sorry, this is the only gear I can put it on in order to make it work. If I tighten it any further, your chain will slip again.”

Me: “Are you sure? Well, I guess I have to take it as it is then.”

Bike Repair Guy: “Besides, some extra pedaling would do you no harm. Get some of that fat off your legs!”

(I left as fast as I could in order not to give that guy a mouthful. Have never been back since.)

Second Act Surprise!

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(I am hired to do some catering work in a congress centre. Today, it’s training day for all the new temps. Lots of new workers are waiting, in uniform, to be taken to the hall for the training. A coworker and I notice a man in a manager’s uniform, walking around with a moody face, slouched appearance, and messy clothing.)

Coworker #1: *quietly, to me* “Either that gentleman had to start really early, or he had a bad night’s sleep.”

(Finally, we get a message that someone will take us to the hall. The name could be male or female, so I assume they mean the young lady opening the door for us. We go into the meeting hall and get seated. Then, the first person to talk to us is the sloppy, moody man. He talks in a very unenthusiastic way.)

Grouch: “Hi, my name is [Name]. I’m a floor manager, and I have been working here for 25 years already. Now, you’ve got your uniforms. [Congress Centre] put lots of money in those, so be careful with them, okay? It’s, in fact, very simple: you are getting put on your location by me and then you’ll just do as I tell you. If there’s ever a problem, don’t try and solve it; come to me, because after all these years, I know you’ll just create chaos if you don’t. Finally, don’t come up with ideas. After 25 years, I heard all of them already and I’ve got more to do than just listen to stuff I already heard before.”

(The grouch gets seated. During his speech, I notice his shirt isn’t tucked into his trousers and his hand is in his pocket, which, in the Netherlands, is considered a very rude and sloppy thing when giving a speech or presentation. After the man gets seated, a young lady takes over, and starts doing a presentation which is much better and much more inspiring. The grouch seems to be more interested in his phone, although he might be checking important messages. At one point, the lady asks him a question.)

Young Lady: “I’ll be starting the video now, okay?”

Grouch: *looking up from his phone* “Hmm? Sorry?”

Young Lady: “Is it okay to start the video?”

Grouch: “Oh, yeah, fine.”

(This continues for a while. I’ve had different jobs over the years, and although I hate people like this, their existence doesn’t even surprise me anymore. But at some point, the lady starts addressing his behaviour.)

Young Lady: “[Grouch], do you have anything to say?”

Grouch: “Hmm? No, what do you mean?”

Young Lady: “Well, I don’t really like your attitude. Maybe we should pay some attention to it.”

Grouch: “Oh? What’s wrong with my attitude then?”

(He doesn’t sound angry yet, but I know people like this. An argument will break out within minutes, not that the guy doesn’t deserve it.)

Young Lady: “Well, you’re not paying attention, and you’re looking at your phone all the time.”

Coworker #2: “To be honest, you don’t seem very enthusiastic.”

Grouch: “I don’t?”

Coworker #3: “Yes; your appearance makes me wonder whether you feel sick or something.”

Coworker #4: “Yes, I must admit, it’s even a bit unreal…”

(Then the grouch surprises me.)

Grouch: *standing up, putting his clothing right* “Okay, you’re right. Fair enough. I’ll do my introduction again. Hello everyone, my name is [Name], and I’m an actor, here to assist with the training.”

(And to be honest, I expected everything but that! The workplace turned out to be fine, by the way.)

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I work at a housing company and we recently installed a chat. Whenever we send out a repair(wo)man, an automatic phone-survey calls the tenant. Some people don’t like (‘I don’t like computers’) it and just hang up. A chat pops up for me to answer. When I see the name, I immediately recognise the lady who contacts us for every tiny thing and then keeps on asking the same question over and over again. I am determined to keep this conversation short, as it is quite busy.

Woman: I was called by a computer because of a repair and I don’t like it.

I want to reply, but she types on.

Woman: A computer is so unpersonal!
Woman: Why won’t you hire a person?
Woman: You should hire a person.
Woman: You could hire me.
Woman: I need a job for about 24 hours a week.

Considering how this lady practically looked up one of our consultants’ home adress, because things didn’t go fast enough for her, I really can’t imagine her fitting in the workplace. However, everyone deserves a chance!

Me: I can imagine you prefer a human. Right now, we don’t have any openings for this survey, but you can always send your CV to [e-mail address] and maybe we have something for you. Can’t promise, though, but we could take a look for you.

She starts typing again, I brace myself for the lengthy answer.

Woman: Oh, never mind, then. *closes chat*

Baffled by this short answer I wondered why she said ‘never mind’, but then headed over to the next customer. I couldn’t find a reason why she’s want to do surveys for 24 hours a week, because I did surveys for 1 hour and already went crazy (kudos for those who can do this for longer than 1 hour).

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