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(A regular customer is writing a check, which is his usual payment method. Meaning, he writes out the date all the time.)

Customer: “What’s the date?”

Me: “It’s the 16th.”

Customer: “What month?

Me: “Oh sorry, it’s September 16th.”

Customer: “What’s the year?”

Me: “…2015.”

Customer *completely seriously*: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes sir, I’m positive it’s 2015.”

Customer *still skeptical*: “Well OK, if you’re sure.”

(This is not the weirdest thing to happen at work, but it certainly caught me off guard!)

They Can’t Access The Internet Or The Modern World

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I work in a call center for Internet tech support. We have software that allows us to remotely access a customer’s DSL line and modem. 

Customer: “I can’t access the Internet.” 

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Give me just a moment and I will run a line test to see if I can pull up any errors on your line.” 

As I’m doing this, my line test software goes down.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, it appears the software we use to do remote line testing is currently down.”

Customer: “I’m done talking to you. I want to talk to a man. Men are better at this tech stuff than women, anyway. They always help me better.” 

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, ma’am, but I actually am a male, and furthermore, all of our employees go through the same training here, and we are all qualified to provide technical support for this Internet service provider. Some of our supervisors here are women. If you continue to make personal, sexist comments, however, I will have to end this call.” 

The customer started screaming at me. I placed them on hold for a supervisor, but the customer hung up while on hold.

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As an avid thrifter, I frequent the three thrift shops (Goodwill, Salvation Army) in my area almost weekly, if not more. I’ve never had issues with rude staff at any location, and they’re always friendly and conversational. This takes place when I’m standing in line to checkout.

Clerk: And this one is $5.

Customer: Why? It’s not a good brand. All of the others are $2.50!

Clerk: It’s been marked up because it’s not a child’s t-shirt. It’s a men’s shirt.

Customer: But it’s not even a good brand. It should be $2.50.

Clerk: I’m not allowed to give it to you for that price, as it’s a men’s shirt, not a children’s t-shirt like the others.

Customer: Well, I want it for $2.50. It’s not a good brand!

The clerk calls for a price check and the manager comes out, and she explains.

Manager: Yes, it’s $5.

Customer: But it’s not a good brand!!

(At this point I can’t help but wonder why the lady is so adamant about getting it if “it’s not a good brand” in her mind.)

Manager: It’s $5. It’s a men’s shirt, and that’s what we price them at. I won’t give it to you for $2.50.

Needless to say, she didn’t get the overpriced, off brand shirt. Seriously, why tries to barter at a Goodwill?! Yeah, they got it for free but they have bills to pay like every other organization.

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At the time of this story I was working as a waitress at a country club pool. The food was served in plastic bowls. Usually the members were very nice and had good manners.

Me: (bussing tables when a member comes up with three food bowls stacked on top of each other, but with trash still in each bowl)

Member: Hey can you take care of this for me? We’re about to leave.

Me: Absolutely, no problem.

Member: Great thanks. Oh and watch out for that last one. (winks)

Me: (puzzled, but I go to empty each one out) OH MY GOD!

(In the last bowl was a dirty diaper. I told my manager about it but because I didn’t know the members name and had several hundred people at the pool that day we weren’t able to track him down. I threw all the bowls out.)

Something Fishy About This Complaint

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I work at a small fish market inside of a much larger store. A lot of my customers are elderly people who bring their kids or spouses along to help with shopping. I am wrapping up a filet of catfish for an elderly woman on a motorcart.

Me: “Can I get anything else for you?”

The customer’s son butts in.

Customer’s Son: “No. It’s just for her. I don’t eat frozen fish.”

I am thinking he is worried about the quality.

Me: “The catfish is fresh, sir. It hasn’t been frozen yet.”

Customer’s Son: “No, all the fish in this store is previously frozen. How else do they get it to you?”

Me: “Sir, they overnight all of our fresh fish in thermal packages with ice packs. I could show you one, if you’d like.”

Customer’s Son: “No, lady, I’d rather catch my own fish.”

Me: “Oh, I understand.”

Customer’s Son: “In fact, I go fishing with that guy over there, the one that’s turned away from you.”

I turn to look with no idea who he’s talking about.

Customer’s Son: *Getting impatient* “You know, your boss! I fish with your boss!”

I turn away to change my gloves.

Me: “Okay, then. Have a nice day.”

The best part? My boss is a woman.

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