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(I work for a [very popular coffee chain] at the aiport and am working on the register during an afternoon rush. A middle aged lady come to my register to order her drink)

Me: Hello. How may I help you today?

Customer: I would like to get a Tall Latte with almond milk please.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but we do not have soy milk. We do have coconut or soy milk in the non-dairy choices though. Would you like to try that instead?

Customer: But the [popular coffee chain] store near my house has almond milk. I always get that in my coffee.

(Now I know for a fact that [popular coffee chain] has never carried almond milk but [rival coffee and donuts chain] does. So I thought she may have been confused between the two)

Me: As I mentioned earlier ma’am we do not offer almond milk. Our soy and coconut milk are equally deliciious!

Customer: Well the store I go to has almond milk and I want you to get me an almond milk latte.

(This continues for a few more rounds and the line starts to get longer. I got tired of explaining the same thing over and over)

Me: Unfortunately we sold out of almond milk today and only have soy or coconut milk. The new delivery only arrives this afternoon.

Customer: Why didn’t you tell me this before instead of waiting my time? I have a plane to catch. I’ll just have it with soy extra hot.

Me: I apologize again. Your total is $4.65.

(She pays with hands me her credit card to pay)

Me: Thank you. Here is your receipt and have a good day! *bangs head on counter*

Leaked Their Scam

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(In early 2012, I’m selling my PT Cruiser as part of getting ready to take a job in Japan. I have had a woman test the car and am getting ready to turn it over to her, but her husband decides to do one last check.)

Husband: “Well, you have an oil leak, so I can’t take it for the asking price. I will pay you [less than half what I am asking].”

Me: *knowing that my car consumes barely any oil at all, much less enough to account for a leak* “Where’s this leak?”

Husband: “Right there, see? And there.” *points out a couple of wet spots on the parking lot under my car*

Me: *now uncertain* “Well, my garage never mentioned an oil leak; let me have it checked out again and I’ll get back to you.”

Husband: “They’re just going to say what you want to hear. Take my offer or leave it.”

Me: “Okay, bye.”

(He gives a surprised expression and I leave. I am living with my parents in the lead-up to leaving and my father has this to say.)

Father: “I know for a fact you don’t have a leak. If you did, we’d have oil stains in the driveway.”

(I eventually sold it to a national used car chain for slightly less than my asking, because the only thing wrong with it was cosmetic damage. It was in better shape than most Cruisers its age.)

They’re Ignoring The Biggest Extra-Life That The World Can Give Them

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Back when I worked at a gaming company as in-game support, one parent in a divorce filed a complaint with us about the other parent harassing them.

This is pretty common: lots of people meet in-game, fall in love, marry, and then fall out of love after finding out what living with this person’s like, or that moving across the country and getting a new job was a bigger problem than anticipated.

I quickly discovered this wasn’t the case here; these were two parents whose relationship predated the game. I knew this, because chat logs between the two parents were primarily angry discussions about their eight-year-old son and who’d get custody rights.

It turns out, neither parent wanted custody, since raising the child would detract from their game time. Interspersed with these awful parents trying to disown their son was the occasional message from said son, who would ask one parent or the other for help with homework or if he could help with dinner. Both parents would dismiss the child regularly.

I got this petition at three am. It took me half an hour to find the specific comment that my petitioner found worthy of complaint. I filed the petition as quickly as I could, then called my girlfriend to tell her how much I loved her.


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(I work as a dispatcher for a police department in the DFW area, and I also take 911 calls. It is a well-known “rule” in dispatch that the person with the least amount of information is the one who calls 911.)

Me: “[City] 911; what is the address of your emergency?”

Caller: “I’ve just been in a car accident! Please send help immediately!”

Me: “Is anyone injured?”

Caller: “No, but my car won’t start!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I’m going to send an officer to assist you. Please tell me where you are.”

Caller: “Um… I don’t know. I’m on a street in [City].”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I know. But which street?”

Caller: “Uh… I think it’s [Street]. Yeah, I’m on [Street].”

Me: “[Street] and what cross street?”

Caller: “Yeah, at the cross street!”

(That street is five miles long and has dozens of intersections!)

Should Have Checked Beforehand

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(My grandma tells me this story of something that happened when she was young. She had gone to this gas station sometime earlier on, and after filling her tank for her, the employee told her they didn’t take cheques. They took hers because it was all she had, though, and she decided the rules no longer applied to her. Later, she and her husband go to the same gas station.)

Grandpa: “They don’t take cheques here.”

Grandma: “No, you’ll see. They take mine.”

(An employee fills up their tank and she tries to hand him a cheque.)

Employee: “We don’t take those.”

Grandma: “But it’s all I have. Can’t you take it?”

Employee: “No, you’ll pay, or I’ll call the police.”

Grandma: *gestures to her husband* “Can you just take him, instead?”

(They had to leave his watch as collateral and go get cash. Grandpa was pissed.)

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