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(My boyfriend is in the process of scheduling his Series 6 Securities exam -this enables him to take his Series 63, which enables him to help clients invest their funds into mutual funds, stocks, annuities, IRAs, and/or 401Ks. He sees that his window to schedule the exam is finally open- meaning he’s passed his Federal background check, Credit check, and properly completed a 10 year job history, and other paperwork- and he calls the Testing center to schedule his exam.)

Him: Hi I’m calling to schedule my Series 6 exam.

Worker: (With a very strong accent, that my boyfriend barely understands.) Ok, that’s great let me just get some basic information. Will you please spell your first and last name?

Him: Sure it’s NICHOLAS H A…

Worker: Ok and now I need your SSN, DOB, and Address.

(He provides the information)

Worker: Ok I have the following dates open, which day would you like.

Him: April 8, 2015

Worker: Ok, great I have a 10 am or a 2 pm, which time would you like?

Him: I’ll take the 2 pm.

Worker: Ok, I’ll send you a confirmation email, with the date, time, and address of the testing center. What is your email address?

(He provides the email address.)

Worker: (With very strong accent still.) Ok great I have N as in Nut, I as in ice, C as in cat, H as in hot, A as in atom, R as in robot.

Him: Sorry no, it should be [email protected](site)

Worker: Ok, I’ll update that. Have a great day.

(He hangs up, and tells me hours later that he barely understood the guy. He also tells me that he was confused by the choices used in the N as in part. I laugh and tell him that I would have likely faired better as I’m great with accents, and I know the phonetic/military alphabet well. We’re still laughing about when my boyfriend gasps and says OH NO!!!! I was that Guy!

I say, what do you mean?

He says, I was struggling so much to understand him, that I thought he was trying to spell my name not my nickname used for the email address, and I totally gave him the wrong email!

I laughed and told him I was posting this on Not Always Right!)

To the poor person who had to take that call, I’m sorry you had to deal with that! I hope the next call you get is much smoother!

Didn’t Pass The Scamming Test

, , , | Legal | December 16, 2018

(I work at a professional test center, the kind that does expensive medical and financial certification exams and GREs, among others. Our phone system is busted right now, so only one handset rings when someone calls. It has been ringing more than usual today, but I’ve been too busy to pick up until this call.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company Branch]. This is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Caller: *female voice, skeptical* “Hi. You said [Company]; where exactly am I calling?”

Me: *confused* “Um… This is [Company], the testing center? Do you have an exam scheduled for tomorrow? We generally do courtesy reminder calls the day before…”

Caller: “No, I do not, I just got disconnected from a call from this number. He was asking about my child taking the SAT, and hung up when I refused to give him my VISA number. I called the number back, and that’s you.”

Me: “Wait, what? Ma’am, we haven’t called out in about three hours;, you’re sure this was the number?”

Caller: “I’m positive; I just called the number right back.”

Me: “Okay, we don’t give the SAT here. We do have two exams we give to minors, but that’s not one of them, and anyway, we don’t take payment over the phone at this number. That sounds like a scammer spoofed the call with this number.”

Caller: “I thought something was off about that, especially when he started asking about my credit card. I’m glad I checked.”

Me: “Yeah, ma’am, that was definitely a scammer. That was not [Company]. Have a nice evening.”

Caller: “You, too!”

(I fielded three calls from parents who’d been called by the scammer using our number that night before clocking out. This was just the first!)

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Knows The Least Amount

, | Learning | February 26, 2016

(I’m a work study and my job includes assisting students with making sure they have their student account set up. We were working on their account password when I give the same explanation as everyone else.)

Me: “The requirements for your password has to be at least eight characters long, have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a special character. You can NOT have any part of your name in the password either.”

Student: “All right.”

(As the student gets to work on his password and hits enter the password gets kicked back, now when I look over all it shows it blank saying that the password did not meet the requirements. I ask the student about what they put down and he tells me. The password he chose was seven characters long, when the requirements are at LEAST eight characters.)

Me: “Your password has to be at least eight characters long, so why don’t you add another character?”

Student: “But then it’ll be eight characters!”

Me: “Yes, that’s all right. It just has to be at least.”

Student: “But I don’t want it to go over seven.”

(At this point I realize that he’s having issues with the word LEAST. I eventually had to explain to him what least meant.)

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Dry Humor

| Related | April 3, 2013

(I am four years old. I am taking an IQ test to see if I can start kindergarten a year early. My dad is watching the test from behind a one way mirror.)

Tester: “What’s a liquid that comes in a bottle?”

Me: “Beer!”

Tester: “…Okay. Why don’t you tell me another one?”

Me: “Wine!”

Dad: “Is this where child protective services show up?”

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Some Things Just Don’t Add Up

| Learning | March 12, 2013

(I work in the testing center for a community college. We administer placement exams and make-up exams, among other things. This particular student is taking his placement exam.)

Me: “Okay, sir, I have you set up on that computer over there.” *points to computer* “Just finish filling in your personal information and the test will begin.”

Student: “Okay, thanks.”

(About forty-five minutes go by as the student goes through the exam. I then see him raise his hand, so I stand up and walk over to his computer.)

Me: “Is there something wrong?”

Student: “Yeah, it’s telling me that I’m about to start the arithmetic test.”

Me: “Yes, that is part of the placement exam.”

Student: “But I’m supposed to be taking a math test, not an arithmetic test!”

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