Gotta Make Up For That Wage Gap Somehow

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My great-grandmother was an incredible woman and quite a bit of a penny pincher. She was women’s lib before that even existed. She had a separate bank account from her husband and actually owned land in her own name — an unusual thing back in the 1930s. She once threw a fit when the bank added my great-grandfather’s name to her bank account without permission. He also told the bank that what they did was wrong.

So, because of this, she was very careful and shrewd with her money. She had a business and believed in giving customers full benefit for their money… but she also demanded the same from others.

One day, when she is around ninety, she has a plumbing issue and has to call a professional. He actually is able to fix it in less than thirty minutes. The problem comes when he presents the bill.

Great-Grandmother: “Wait. Why are you charging me for two hours of labor when you only worked for less than thirty minutes?”

Plumber: “That is our minimum labor charge.”

Great-Grandmother: “Then you owe me an hour and a half of work.” *Hands him a rake* “You can rake up the leaves in my yard.”

Plumber: *Incredulous pause* “You have got to be kidding me. I am a plumber.”

Great-Grandmother: “Good for you. If I am going to pay for two hours of labor, you will earn two hours of labor. Now get to work.”

After standing there for a minute, he realized that this little old woman was not kidding. The plumber picked up the rake and spent the next hour and a half raking up leaves.

My great-grandmother came out after an hour and a half with a glass of lemonade and the money to pay the bill.

She did this with anyone and everyone she hired to do anything. They did not argue and she paid them gladly. 

I miss her.

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John Doe Orders A Lot Of Pizza

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Customer: “I’m here to pick up the order that I called in.”

Me: “Okay. What is your name?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “You don’t know your own name?”

Customer: “No.”


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A Combo Of Errors

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I work in a drive-in restaurant as a waitress. The following conversation takes place over a headset while taking an order.

Me: “Thank you for choosing [Restaurant]. My name is [My Name]. May I take your order?”

Customer: “I would like a number one burger.”

Me: “Would you like that with mayo, mustard, ketchup, or the works?”

Customer: “Yes.”

I pause for a moment but press the works on my order pad.

Me: “And would you like to make that a combo today?”

Customer: “No. But I do want onion rings and a large cola.”

I ring the items up and press the combo button to save the customer money. A few minutes later, I take the order out to the customer and read the ticket off to her as we are supposed to.

Customer: “I didn’t want the combo! I told that dumba** that when I ordered it!”

After trying to explain the reason why she got the combo, she refused to accept meal and drove off, nearly running over my foot as she backed out of her parking spot.

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A Rose By Any Other Napkin

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I work the graveyard shift at a popular restaurant chain that sells donuts, coffee, and sandwiches, and since my store is located across the street from a hospital, we get a lot of nurses, as well as EMTs at night. The EMTs can’t drive their truck through the drive-thru because it’s too big, so they usually park it in front and walk to the window since our lobby is closed at night.

One night, I am working and an elderly EMT gentleman comes up to the window to order. I am having a pretty rough night, but still, I smile and take his order, and since he wants a sandwich, I tell him it will take me just a moment to make his food. Just as I am about to make it, he stops me.

EMT: “Ma’am, can I have some napkins, please?”

I am a little surprised, but I nod and give him a few napkins.

Me: “Here you go, sir. I’ll be right back with your order.”

I go and make his food and return to the window, where he is patiently waiting.

Me: “Here you go, sir. Enjoy your meal!”

The EMT takes the bag and then hands back the napkins I gave him, which have been folded up to look like a rose.

EMT: “Thank you, ma’am!”

That definitely made my night, and I still have that rose. It’s a pleasant reminder that some customers can surprise you, and no matter how rough a night I’m having, there can always be something good about it.

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An A-malling Lack Of Comprehension

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I’m straightening up the store for the night right at closing time. Two teenage girls are still browsing the section I’m in.

Intercom: “Attention, shoppers, the mall is now closed. Please make your purchases and head to the nearest exit. Thank you for shopping at [Mall].”

Girl: *To her friend* “Does that mean we have to leave?”

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