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My high school doesn’t have a nurse’s office and it NEVER stocks pads or tampons in the girls’ bathrooms. As I have a very heavy cycle that’s impossible to track, I always carry pads, tampons, and painkillers on me in a gaudy blue- and yellow-striped bag in my purse. In sociology class, which has a male teacher, I hear a girl behind me whisper to her friend.

Girl #1: “Do you have anything? I think my period just started.”

Girl #2: “No, sorry.”

I hold out my bag.

Me: “Hey. Take what you need.”

Girl #1: “Thank you so—”

Teacher: “[My Name]! What are you doing?”

Me: “Just giving someone something, sorry—”

Teacher: *Yelling* “You’re supposed to be studying! What are you handing out that’s so important that you decided to disobey me? I ought to fail you on the quiz we’re having tomorrow. What are you giving out? Did you bring enough for everyone or just your friends?! I never have problems out of you! You don’t even talk to people and now you’re sharing things with the class? What are you even doing with that ugly bag in my classroom in the first place?!”

Me: “Mr. [Teacher], if that’s important to you, I’ll let you have one, too. Do you need a tampon or a pad?”

The teacher goes pale and then bright red.

Teacher: “Oh. Never mind.”

My younger sister says he’s the principal now, and the bathrooms always have hygiene products in them. Still no nurse, though.

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(I work at Dunkin’ Donuts. The woman this story is about does the same thing every single day. Keep in mind DD makes their donuts fresh every single day.)

Woman: I want to get a refund for this.
(She hands me a receipt for donuts she bought that morning)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t give you a refund.
(If there’s a problem we normally would, but she does this every single day.)

Woman: (Yelling) They were stale!! I know how this place works!! You’re supposed to replace them every so often so they don’t get stale!! Fine, just give me some other donuts!

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do that either.

(She continues to yell. I get the assistant manager to speak with her and go to the back. I have seen her every day since.)

Admit It: You’ve Always Kind Of Wanted To Try This

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It’s 1995. I am three years old and my teenage uncle is watching me while my grandma runs to the store. My uncle puts a tape into the VCR for me to watch.

Me: *Amazed* “Where it go?”

Uncle: “It ate it! Om nom nom. I’m going into the kitchen, okay? Can you stay right here for me?”

Me: “Okay!”

My uncle makes me a peanut butter sandwich and gives it to me before making his own food. He comes back into the living room and sees me sitting in front of the TV empty-handed.

Uncle: “Where’s your sandwich?”

Me: *Proudly* “It ate it!”

Uncle: “Oh, no.”

My uncle spent two days trying to clean peanut butter out of the VCR, gave up, and had to buy another one.

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I am a delivery driver who picks up food from various restaurants in my city and then delivers it to a customer. I am sitting in one restaurant on a busy night when this happens. I’m having a brief conversation with the manager when a man starts yelling.

Rude Guy: *yelling* Hey, where’s the manager?

Manager: That’s me, sir. How can I help you?

Rude Guy: I want to know where the hell my damn food is.

Manger: Let me check on that for you.

The manager leaves to go to the kitchen and comes back.

Manager: I’m sorry sir. As you can see, we’re quite busy. It’s making the order take longer than usual.

The guy walks to the bar in a huff. He gets his food about 30 seconds later and stomps past the manager as I sit on a bench nearby.

Rude Guy: Thanks for telling me why you worthless piece of shit!

Initially stunned, the manager and I laugh after he’s gone.

Manager: He was not the most positive individual.

Props to him for keeping his cool.

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(I work at a well known wing restaurant which recently opened in our small town. I get drinks and appetizers going.)
Me: Do you have any questions about anything?
Guest: Yeah, what’s the difference between boneless and traditional?
Me: .. ah you mean size wise? Or are you wondering about breading?
Guest: No, what’s the difference?
Me: Well size wise they’re the same and only the boneless have breading.
Guest: That’s not it, what’s the difference?
Me: … well the traditional have bones in them and the boneless don’t.
Guest: *suddenly flustered* I know THAT. But what’s the difference?
Me: *annoyed and see I have another table being sat* Sir I don’t know what else to tell you here. Do you want bones in your wings or not?

(He ordered eventually and didn’t make eye contact through his meal. It was awkward for everyone involved.)