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(This was a few years ago, when I was 16. I am a female. I was taking my sister, who’s 12, out to the candy store. She wanted to ‘be independent’, but she asked if someone could trail her just in case. I am in the same store, but a few meters down the aisle, just in case.)
Sister: “Could you help me get that candy off the top shelf, please? I can’t quite reach it, miss.”
(I turn around to see my sister talking to a middle-aged woman taller than she is.)
Middle-aged woman: “How dare you! I should have you kicked out of the store for disturbing other customers. You’re just a spoiled brat. Go pester someone else.”
(At this point, my sister is speechless and starting to tear up. She sniffles and wipes away her tears. I start to come over, but she waves me away. I assume she wants privacy, so I let her be.)
Employee: “Hi there. Let me help you, miss. Which candy did you want again?”
Sister: *perks up* “Oh, thanks sir. I would like [candy], please.”
(Suddenly, the middle-aged woman beside her whips around, snatches the candy away from the employee and holds it above her head, where my sister can’t reach it.)
Middle-aged woman: “You’re supposed to be serving me, son of a b****! And you! How rude can you be, stupid damn girl?! I TOLD you to not disturb anyone anymore! How f****** dare you!”
(She the proceeds to SLAP my sister with the box of candy, scratching her cheek and knocking her glasses off. I can’t take it anymore. I stalk over to the rude lady and knock the box out of her hands.)
Me: *nearly growling* “How dare she?! How dare you! You snatch merchandise from an employee and HIT an INNOCENT girl with it?! What is wrong with you! That is an EMPLOYEE, who’s job is to HELP CUSTOMERS. In case you haven’t noticed, ma’am, you aren’t the only customer here. If I were you, I’d hightail it outta here with your precious candy. [Sister] didn’t do anything”
Middle-aged lady: *snorts* “And you’re her mom, I suppose? This is why our economy is crumbling. You teens sleeping around and getting pregnant. Damn b****.”
Me: *give her a incredulous look* “Ma’am, I am 16. My SISTER here, [Sister], is 12.”
Employee: *on the phone* “Police? Yes, I’d like to report an assault on a young girl by a middle-aged woman at [Candy store address].”
Middle-ages woman: *goes white* “Y-y-you can’t do that!”
Employee: “Yes, I can.”
(The middle-aged woman tries to run out, but I step in front of her.”
Me: “You are not going anywhere.”
(She was charged with assault and had to pay a fine. My sister got the candy for free, and became friends with the employee that helped her. He was a man in his thirties and appreciated some friendship at his job!)

Shopaholic On Holiday  

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(I work in a large, well-known department store with its own store card. An English couple is shopping for clothing using our store card, buying without regard to price.)

Woman: “I love this green dress! Do you have it in any other colors?”

Me: “Yes, it comes in blue, pink, and red.”

Woman: “I’ll have all of them, thanks.”

Man: *holding up a leather jacket* “Honey, do you like this?”

Woman: “Oh, yes! I’ll take a woman’s medium.”

(They leave my department with a full cart of clothes, heading into the store to buy more items. A few days later, they come into the store again.)

Me: “Hi. Did you find everything you were looking for, or can I help you find anything else?”

Man: “We’re on our way to the airport to go home; we need more luggage!”

(Yes, they had to buy suitcases ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT to pack all the new clothes they had bought. I hope they were ready for the store card bill!)

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Me: [open my mouth to say hi to the customer who is walking by]
Customer: Fine, thanks! [hurries off like she’s afraid I’m going to grab her and wrestle her into my chair and apply makeup against her will]

[At least she said it nicely?]

About To Go All Old-Testament On You

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(My coworker and I are the only ones working. My coworker is flamboyantly gay. There are two customers in the store: a female in her 30s and a male who seems to be in his early 20s.)

Coworker: *upbeat* “Hi. What can I get for you today?”

Female Customer: “Absolutely nothing! I refuse to speak to a [slur]! Get me someone else!”

Coworker: *upset* “Okay…”

Female Customer: “Yeah, go cry! You deserve it for being an unholy [slur]!”

(Suddenly, the male customer jumps in.)

Male Customer: “Excuse me, miss, but I’d like to shake your hand for being such a good Christian.”

Female Customer: *looking proud of herself* “Certainly!”

Male Customer: “Oh, wait a second… Are you on your period?”

Female Customer: “HOW DARE YOU ASK ME THAT?!”

Male Customer: “Well, the Bible says contact with a woman on her period is forbidden, so I’m just making sure to be a good Christian.”

Female Customer: *turns red and runs out of the store*

Male Customer: *laughing* “God bless, b****!”

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This Story Has A Soggy Bottom

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(I work in a mainstream pizza chain. I have already dealt with one person who flat-out lied and got caught trying to get free food. My policy is that if you want it replaced, you bring it back.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Pizza Place]. Could I interest you in [current special]?”

Caller: “No, I need to speak to the manager.”

Me: “Speaking.”

Caller: “I was in there like ten or fifteen minutes ago and my pizzas are soggy. I come in there all the time.”

(I don’t recognize her voice or name at all.)

Me: “I’m sorry about that. If you bring them back, we would be more than happy to replace them for you.”

Caller: “I have to bring them back? I could just bring one and show you.”

Me: “No, you have to bring all three if you want all three replaced.”

Caller: “So, I have to put my four kids in the car and bring all three back?”

Me: “Well, were you just going to bring one and leave your kids home alone with the other two?”

Caller: “I used to work there. I know the f****** policy. I don’t have to bring it back. And you aren’t taking it. You can’t take food back over the counter.”

(I get her name. She’s never worked for me and she didn’t work for the manager before me. Honestly, I’m quite concerned that she’s cursing in front of her kids that I can hear in the background.)

Me: “Well, that’s nice, but you aren’t getting anything without bringing the product back, because the policy on replacements is manager specific and it’s been this way for almost a year now. And now you’re going to bring in your ID to verify who you are, because I just got off the phone with someone trying to scam food.”

Caller: “Well, if I bring it back, then I get new f****** pizzas and you aren’t f****** taking the old ones. I could just put those in the oven and crisp them up.”

Me: “Fine, but you’re still bringing all three back and bringing your ID in.”

(She hung up. I don’t know if she just wanted me to bend to her will or what. The replacement policy is done to lower the number of scammers, which it does. I told my co-manager to keep an eye out for the crazy lady with the soggy pizzas and four kids. She still hasn’t shown up.)

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