Has No Patience For Allergies

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I’m waiting tables in the bar area of a chain restaurant. I have one table of two women. One of them has ordered a burger with no tomato. I forgot to ring in the change so she gets a normal burger. 

Customer: “Excuse me; I asked for no tomato.”

Me: “I’m so sorry! I’ll take that back to the kitchen and get it taken off for you.”

Customer: “No! I’m allergic and this burger is contaminated; I need a new one.” 

I relay this information to the kitchen and they begin cooking a new burger without tomato. Not five minutes have passed and I go back to the table.

Customer: “Where is my burger? She—” *points to her friend* “—is almost finished and I’m still waiting. What’s taking so long?”

Me: “You said you needed a new, uncontaminated burger. It takes time to cook and we have several other tables to prepare food for.” 

She shut up but still looked obviously annoyed. I brought her the new burger and apologized again. A few minutes later, I returned to the table to make sure everything had come out right, and I noticed she had smothered her burger in ketchup. It took everything in me not to ask if she knew what ketchup was made of.

I understand the inconvenience of the order being wrong, but don’t lie about an allergy and then complain when you have to wait for your order to be completely remade.

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In The Company Of Idiots

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Customer: “Why did you guys stop selling DVD players?”

Coworker: “[Company] does not sell DVD players.” 

Customer: “Well, somebody came in and took my DVD player and said they were from [Company] and I want it back.”

Coworker: “Did he have on a [Company] uniform?”

Customer: “No, just some regular clothes.”

Coworker: “Then, I’d advise you to hang up and call the cops because you just got robbed.”

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Don’t Count On Them Using The Counter

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At our store, the jewelry department is located near the registers. The jewelry counter is long, but you can see the registers and service desk from almost any point around it.

The jewelry associate has just gone on break. At the service desk, the phone rings.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I’m calling from over in your jewelry department, by the counter? There is nobody over here, so could you send somebody over?”

Me: *Momentarily speechless* “Of course, I’ll be right over.”

I went to help the customer, whose order was easy to deal with, but I’m still amazed that she didn’t simply walk around the counter and ask one of us to help her!

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(We have a lady coming through our checkout line with an exceptionally large order, adding to a very busy day at the store. I am bagging her order trying to be quick to keep the line moving)
Customer: (watching the monitor where the items & prices pop up when scanned) “Woah woah woah those cookies were supposed to be 2 for $6!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that ma’am, let me look at that for you.” ( I walk over to the monitor where we scroll back up and see that each cookie came up for $3)
Me: “Ma’am they both rang up for $3 each.”
Customer: “Oh okay is that 2 for $6?”
Me: “…… Yes ma’am it is.”

They’re Gradually Driving You Insane

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I’m a locksmith located in a good area, and I often work with a coworker. We get calls from up to one hundred miles away all the time, so we occasionally get some real gems.

A lady calls us to let us know that her son has locked himself out of his car, but she doesn’t like our price, so she says she’ll call a friend to see if he can unlock it for free first.  

Lo and behold, the friend does not succeed, so we head on over. It literally takes about thirty seconds for my coworker to open the door while I finish the paperwork and collect payment. Back in the van, my coworker turns to me with a shocked look on his face and says, “The door was unlocked the whole time.”

Another time, my coworker goes to unlock a car at the town square and returns saying, “The back window was open. I just reached through and pulled the button up.”

Another time, a woman calls, needing her 2010s-era car opened. She later calls back to cancel because someone told her to try the key in the door, and it worked.

One time, we go to make keys for a car, and we get there only to discover the customer has given us the wrong year, make, and model. He had zero idea what he drove.

One time, a man insists he needs a key for his car on a day that is freezing cold and snowing. He absolutely does not want us putting it off for a sane day, and since there isn’t much snow at the time, we figure it won’t be a big problem. So, we go.

And we find a car that has clearly been sitting in the middle of a field for somewhere around three years. It is little more than scrap metal. At that time, the snow starts really coming down. Also, the locks are so messed up that we can’t do anything with them, so we can’t make the key.

Finally, a man calls us because he has gotten a new ignition switch and needs the new key programmed to his truck. On the surface, it sounds easy, but when we get there, we discover this genius got his old switch out by clipping all the wires to the antenna ring and more or less ripping it out of the way.

We explain that the antenna ring was absolutely essential to getting his truck to start, and so he grabs it, wires it back in wrong, and then promptly turns the car on. And that’s how he turned his expensive truck into a paperweight.

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