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(I’m finishing up a tech support call. The conversation has been normal up until this point.)

Customer: “Can I ask where you’re located? You’re not in India, are you?”

Me: “No, we are not in India. We are located in Utah.”

Customer: “Utah, huh? Can I ask you a personal question?”

Me: “Well, I generally avoid discussing personal matters with people I don’t know.”

Customer: “Okay, well, are you Mormon?”

Me: “I am.”

Customer: “How many wives do you have?”

Me: “None.”

Customer: “Okay, okay…but how many are you going to have?”

Me: “One.”

Customer: “Oh, come on, you’re Mormon! Shouldn’t you have like twenty?”

Me: “Sir, it is a common misconception that Mormons have more than one wife, but we don’t. Is there any other technical issue I can help you with?”

Customer: “I would become Mormon just so I could have a bunch of wives.”

(In the background, I hear a woman yelling at the man I’m speaking with.)

Customer: “Shut up, woman! I’m on the phone!”

Me: “It doesn’t sound like you can handle the wife you already have. Why would you want more?”

Customer: “Well, I wouldn’t want to talk to them!”

You’re An Idi0t, Part 2

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Customer: “Every time I’m typin’ in my signature, it ain’t accepting it.”

Me: “Okay, well, I just want to make sure everything’s entered correctly in our system.”

(I read out their name, including spelling. Everything’s correct.)

Me: “Alright, let’s check your user ID. It should be zero-one-six—”

Customer: “Now, hold on. Do you mean the letter zero, or the number zero?”

Me: “…The number. Zero is a number.”

Customer: “Oh…huh. Well, that may be the problem. I been usin’ the alphabet-zero this whole time!”

You’re An Idi0t
You Have O Sense

Weekend Roundup: Tech Support Classics, Part 2

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Tech Support Classics, Part 2: This week, we feature another five stories that reveal the trials, tribulations, and terrors that technical support employees endure daily! PS–also check out Tech Support Classics, Part 1!

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  2. Workin’ That Tech Support Magic:
    A clever tech support employee gets some magical help!
  3. Get A Life:
    A “real”-ly demanding customer gets a “reality” check.
  4. What She Needs Is A Skynet:
    Artificial intelligence meets zero intelligence.
  5. How To Make Them As Silent As A Mouse, Part 2:
    A user points and clicks their way into the Tech Support Hall Of Shame!

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