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*At a small tearooms with two tills, but one is broken and only accepting cash. Tills are about 10 steps away *
Employee: Hi there, were you looking to pay by card or cash?
Customer: *in a huffy, hurried voice* Card obviously!
Employee: sorry ma’am, you’ll have to come to the till just around the corner
Customer: I don’t have time for this *starts muttering* Honestly, the incompetency from these Hicks! You know what, I don’t have time for this!
She threw her drink and chips on the floor, causing the drink to explode, then stomped out.

Cold Is The Tea Drank By This Customer

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(I’m working at a tea shop that steeps loose-leaf tea. Hot teas are served in white paper cups and cold teas are served in clear plastic cups.)

Customer: “May I have a hot oolong tea with no sweetener?”

Me: “Sure.”

(I prepare the tea and hand it to the customer. The customer leaves and comes back a couple of minutes later.)

Customer: “Hi, sorry, could you please give me a different cup for this?”

Me: “Oh, sure. Did something happen to the cup?”

Customer: “It’s just weird; it looks weird.”

Me: “Umm, okay? How can I fix that for you?”

Customer: “Can you switch it to a plastic cup?”

Me: “Sure.”

Customer: “Also, add ice to it.”

Me: “Umm… So you want a cold tea?”

Customer: “Yes.”

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When The Person You’re Insulting In A Foreign Language Isn’t Foreign To The Language

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(On a particularly busy day, a group of Arab women come into the store keen on getting some tea. I’m excited because I actually speak fluent Arabic.)

Customer #1: “We want tea; what are the discounts?”

Me: “We currently don’t have any discounts on, unfortunately! Is there a specific tea you are looking for?”

Customer #2: “We want the one that’s like the one at [Restaurant In Town].”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’ve never been there. Could you describe it?”

(This continues for about thirty minutes; they want teas from random places, and I bring down what I think will work, and they seem pleased. It’s at this point they start bickering in Arabic to each other.)

Customer #1: *in Arabic* “She is so stupid; she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.”

Customer #2: “She’s probably going to overcharge us.”

Customer #3: “Could she go any slower?”

Me: *smiling, still pretending I don’t understand* “Your total today will be $127.83.”


Customer #2: *in English* “How can this be? You have to give us a discount; it’s way too much!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I can’t apply any discounts, but I’d be happy to make you a tea on the house.”

Customer #1: *very angry* “No, just let us pay so we can get out of here.”

(I ring them through,and before I reach for a bag, I decide to make this whole transaction worth my while.)

Me: *in Arabic* “Would you like a bag?”

(I had never seen anyone turn so white in my life; I thought they were going to pass out. They said nothing as I handed them their bag and wished them a wonderful day again in Arabic, just to hit the point home. Most satisfying feeling ever!)

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Reaching “Tea-Total” Of Stupid Questions

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(I work at a very well-known tea shop in Canada. My favourite part of the job is when customers come in, take a look around at all the tea and teapots, and then:)

Customer: “Do you sell tea?”

Me: “No, we don’t. We are actually the only tea shop in the world that doesn’t sell any tea. Have a great day.”

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At this particular tea shop we are required to suggest samples to the passerbys. I’m standing at the cart handing out samples when a Highschool-aged boy comes over.
“Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Ignoring the horrible pickup line, I explain the sweetness level of the tea. He leaves. He comes back nearly an hour later.
Him: “Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Me: “You already said that.”
Him: “Well I meant that tea. *points to one of the two samples* what about this one? *points to the other”
Me: “Uhhhh”
Him: (trying to save the lack of game he has) “Your eyes are really pretty”
Me: “Thanks… I appreciate that.”
Him: “So if I try this tea, do I get your number”
Me: “No… No you don’t.”
At this point, his friend realizes I’m annoyed/uncomfortable and says “Come on, man” and pulls him away.