Will Change His Attitude After That

| Glens Falls, NY, USA | Working | April 27, 2016

(I have gone grocery shopping and am literally down to my last cents, which means paying the taxi driver in loose change. Most drivers don’t complain; especially since they always need change.)

Me: *counts out quarters and dimes to equal $3.25*

Driver: “Ugh, more f****** change!”

Me: *hands him exact change* “Don’t worry, I won’t give you a tip in change.”

(He got even more aggravated, but I’m betting he learnt to shut his mouth after that.)

Took That Shuttle To Crazy Town

, | Seattle, WA, USA | Working | April 7, 2016

(I don’t have a car and my family lives next to an airport. When I was going to school I often used an airport shuttle to get to and from my house in between breaks to save my parents time. My mom mentioned paying for a shuttle I never used, but she often gets confused so I am calling to make a reservation.)

Me: “Hi.”

Woman: “What can I help you with?”

Me: “I’m not sure, but I think I have a credit from before. If not I can pay but I just want to—”

Woman: “Okay. Well do you actually have your confirmation number?”

Me: “I don’t think—”

Woman: “OR a phone number?”

Me: “I’m not sure if my mom used my phone number or hers but here’s mine; XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

Woman: “Okay, but do you actually have a date?”

Me: “I thought you could use my phone number?”

Woman: *she’s starting to use a baby voice* “MA’AM, I am just trying to FIND your reservation but I DON’T have your confirmation number.”

Me: “I know I don’t have all the information you want, but there’s no reason for you to be so sarcastic. I’m giving you the alternate information you asked for.”

Woman: *higher pitched baby voice* “I don’t know what you mean? I’m just trying to HELP you.”

Me: “What’s your name?”

Woman: *in racist accent* “Juan. Pablo. Tim.”

Me: “What is your name?”

Woman: “Oscar the Grouch.”

Me: “When do you stop working? I really don’t want to talk to you anymore and want to call back later and talk to someone else.”

(I now realize that could sound like I wanted to wait for her in the parking lot, but spending any time near her was the furthest thing from my mind.)

Woman: “I’m just TRYING to help you, ma’am.”

Me: “Can you just check to see if I have a credit?”

Woman: “You didn’t give me the date.”

Me: “It would be my most recent trip.”

Woman: *voice suddenly becoming conversational* “Oh, you know. This system is so crappy and old I just get frustrated.”

Me: “Why were you angry?”

Woman: “Oh, well, people lie all the time to get free rides. I wasn’t even looking any of your information up. Honestly I was just trying to make you go away.”

Me: “…”

Woman: “What was the phone number again?”

Taxed By Your Lack Of Taxiing

| Dublin, Ireland | Working | March 29, 2016

(I am at the airport, looking to go to a nearby hotel. I was told that there is a complementary shuttle that takes you there but I cannot find it. I am exhausted and decide to take a taxi so I can finally go to bed. I go to the taxi line and get in the next available taxi.)

Driver: “Where to?”

Me: “[Hotel], please.”

Driver:  “Why aren’t you taking the provided shuttle?! It’s so close! You’re making me lose a good fare!”

(He is very rude the whole trip, but I say nothing. Once we arrive at the destination, he aggressively tells me the small amount I owe him. I finally decide to speak up:)

Me: “I realise that you were disappointed when I told you my destination and that after dropping me, you are right back at the queue. If you had not right away attacked me when I told you where I was going, I would have told you however that I was planning to compensate you accordingly. You see, I am on a business trip for [very large IT company]. I have a daily budget that I can use however I wish to cover my travel expenses. Any money not used is considered as bonus for me. I was planning to use the money I had left as a tip that would have easily compensated the amount you would have made for a longer fare, plus giving you the benefit of a short trip back to the station. Now guess what? You’re not getting a penny more than what I owe you for the trip. You have only your terrible service and poor manners to blame for that.”

(The driver turned an angry red, took out my luggage, and drove off without saying a word.)

Adding The Taxi Tax

| Manila, Philippines | Working | February 24, 2016

(I live in the Philippines, but because I’m Caucasian many people assume I’m a clueless tourist.)

Me: “Hello, po! Can you please take me to the bus station?”

Taxi Driver: “Sure, that’ll cost 150 pesos.”

Me: “Well, let’s go by the meter anyway.”

(The meter is set at 96 pesos, obviously from the previous fare.)

Me: “Excuse me; I think you forgot to reset the meter.”

Taxi Driver: “Oh, yeah, um…” *resets it to 40*

(After we arrive, the meter says 75 pesos. Recently the government has reset starting fares to 30 pesos, so everyone just removes 10 pesos from the end fare.)

Me: “Okay, so minus 10, that comes to 65 pesos. Here you go!”

Taxi Driver: *grumbling for losing 10 pesos* “Hey! You need to pay me 30 extra… for petrol!”

Me: “Haha, you’re hilarious. Bye!” *leaves quickly*

You’ve Been Uber-Nice!

| Chapel Hill/Durham, NC, USA | Right | February 22, 2016

(I am a new Uber driver, working my first Saturday with a full student population of 44,000 back from Christmas break with two home games. It’s been a hectic but pleasant afternoon when I pick up a woman catching the Megabus to Washington, DC, about a six to eight-hour ride. I have to drive through post-game traffic (which takes about 20 minutes), and during the ride she asked me to stop at a local restaurant to buy a snack for the trip.)

Me: “I’ve never been to [Restaurant], but have heard great things about it.”

Passenger: “Oh, it’s got really good crostini, paninis, and tramezzini. They have this amazing crostini with goat cheese, honey, and pepper.”

Me: “Sounds like a tasty combo. What’s a crostini?”

Passenger: “A small piece of toast with good stuff on top.”

Me: “Well, we’re about five minutes away. Maybe you should make a pickup call so you can make your bus.”

Passenger: “I’ll have to make it quick.”

(She calls the restaurant and is put on hold for several minutes, then orders what seems like a lot of food; by this time we are almost there.)

Passenger: “This could take a while. If you need to go park around the corner, I can find you.”

Me: “I think I can wait right here. Don’t want let your food get cold.”

(She is gone about 10 minutes. When she gets in, she hands me a small container.)

Passenger: “You’ve been very patient with me and the traffic so I got you a snack as well.”

Me: “Wow. I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Thanks a lot!”

(I dropped her off in plenty of time for the bus, and helped with the bags. Thank you, Megabus lady, you really made my 12-hour day!)

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