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(I’m the idiot customer in this story, and have to give much thanks to the staff for their patience! It had been a long week preparing for the funeral of a friend/coworker when I decided to finally pull the trigger on a tattoo that I had wanted for about a year. Living in a small town doesn’t give me too many options so when I got to a large city I decided it was time. I called before I went in to make sure they had time to do the work, it was after I arrived that my idiocy started.)

Tattoo Artist: Hi I’m S(for short) what are you wanting to get done?
Me: Hi I would like a Thor’s Hammer
S: Cool, Do you have any ideas that you would like to go with?
Me: Not really, just a Thor’s Hammer.
S: Do you want it in color?
Me: No I want it in Blue. ( should have been his first indication that I can be an idiot sometimes, but he let it slide.)
S: Alright, give me 20-30 minutes to draw up something.

I sat down, as he disappeared into the back to work. Now it must be said I love old Norse Mythology, I don’t really watch too many movies, or read comic books so I always forget about the Comic book version of Thor. When he came back a little more than 30 minutes later I was horrified. He had drawn up a really good looking Thor’s hammer from the comic/movie series. Had I been into that version, I would have gotten that tattoo in a heart beat.

Me: That looks great, but it’s the wrong Thor.

At this point he dug in a little further, having me show him a picture of what I had in mind. My thoughts started to come together a little better, and I explained to him that I like old tattoo styles, as in ancient tattoos. Think Ragnar, and Rollo from T.V.’s Vikings, think of that color of blue which when he had drawn it up a second time was exactly the color I wanted. After he went to the back of the studio to draw up another design, and after my repeated apologies, he returned with exactly what I wanted. I explained that when I talk about the Mjolinr, Thor’s hammer in old Norse mythology, he knew what I meant, but when most people talk about Thor, the comic book is what they mean. It was actually a rather pleasant session, well as pleasant as having a needle inject ink into your skin can be. Well, after he got the outline finished, me resisting the urge to look at it until it was finished he says…

S: we got the outline done, now I’m going to start on the blue.
Me, looking down at this point: Wait, I wanted the outline in blue, (Now seeing its done in black, and honestly loving the work he has done). Now I’m not complaining this looks great, I love it, but I meant the outline to be done in blue.

I could see the look of horror on his face, as he had just permanently marked me, I had to reassure him that it was great, and it was my fault for not conveying my idea properly. It was a long week, with 18 hour days, and at most 4 hours of sleep for about 4 days, so it was my fault for going in the first place, plus add that I hadn’t properly grieved for my friend. after he shaded in the tattoo, I looked in the mirror, and loved the work he had done! I need to get more ink work done, and will definitely go back to this tattoo studio to finish up my other ink work. My point here is, when it is a permanent alteration to your body, don’t be an idiot like me. I got lucky, you might walk out with a tattoo you hate, and its there forever. And yes a tip was left.

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I’m getting a back piece done at a local tattoo shop. It’s a Wednesday so it’s not very busy. Two women come in and woman 1 is getting a small tattoo on her arm. I hear them talking and it’s this woman’s first tattoo. She fills out the paperwork and they get started. We are all talking as we get our tattoos and this conversation occurs.
Woman 1: ow this does not feel good
me: I hear you, but what did you expect needles and ink to feel like?
Woman 1: I guess like this. I’ve been waiting a long time to get this I hope it come out perfect.
Me: well these guys are really great at what they do.
Woman 2: and hey if you don’t like it you can always just wash it off and start again.
We all look at her confused for a minute. I don’t know what to say and neither do the artists.
Woman 1: Hun this is permanent, no take backs. One and done for life.
Woman 2: what! That’s stupid why would you do something like this?
Woman 1 an I look at each other as woman 2 walks out of the shop. I still don’t know if she was serious or not because she didn’t come back in and woman 1 finished before I did.

The Tattoo Store Where The Consultation Is The Most Painful Part

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(I’ve had an idea for a tattoo for a few years. My roommate comes back to our room one day with a beautifully drawn tattoo. I ask her where she got it and she happily gives me the shop name. I decide to call to make an appointment.)

Employee: “Hello, this is [Tattoo Shop]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hi. I was hoping to set up an appointment for a consult? I have a design I want drawn out.”

Employee: “Okay. When were you wanting to come in?”

Me: “Ideally this weekend, but any time after five next week also works.”

Employee: “Okay. Well, you can just come in this weekend.”

Me: “Okay. I guess I’ll come in on Sunday.”

Employee: “All right, see you then!”

(Considering the woman didn’t ask for my name or phone number, I figure they don’t really do appointments, so I end up walking in on Saturday. The place is full of people getting tattoos. I walk up to the front desk.)

Me: “Hey, when would be a good time to come in for a consultation?”

Employee: “Well, [Artist] is going to be done next. Why don’t we go chat with him and see if he can do what you’re wanting?”

(We walk over to the tattoo artist. He’s currently working on someone.)

Employee: “Hey, this young lady wants a tattoo.”

Artist: *to the man he’s tattooing* “Did you hear that? She wants a tattoo; you’d better get up.”

(I’m starting to get uncomfortable; the artist sounds genuinely irritated and I can’t understand why.)

Artist: *to me* “What are you wanting?”

Me: “I want [design] over my heart.”

Artist: “Well, that’ll take some time to draw up.”

Me: “Okay?”

Artist: “So, you can either wait here or come back when I’m done with this guy.”

Me: “Do you know about how long it will take?”

Artist: *very rudely* “Well, I’m not going to rush him.”

Me: “No, I understand. I just don’t want to be sitting here if it’s going to be a few hours.”

Artist: “Yeah, it’s probably going to take two or three hours.”

Me: “All right.”

(I decide that I do not want to have this man tattoo me. As I walk out, I hear this:)

Artist: “The f*** is her problem?”

(I just left and ended up getting the tattoo at another shop that was far friendlier and better organized.)

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The Silence Of The Fans

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(There is a villain in Doctor Who known as “The Silence.” They are instantly forgotten the moment you look away from them. My friend is going in to get a tattoo done that features the villain along with the words, “Silence will fall.”)

Tattoo Artist: “So, just the words will be [price].”

Friend: “What about the alien?”

Tattoo Artist: “What alien?”

Friend: “This alien.” *holds up reference picture*

Tattoo Artist: “Oh, right, hang on.” *turns to calculate price* “Just the words will be [same price as before].”

Friend: *getting frustrated* “But what about the alien?!

Tattoo Artist: “What alien?”

Friend: “The f****** alien in the picture!”

Me: “[Friend], I think he’s just messing with you.”

Friend: “What?”

Me: “Remember where the alien comes from?”

Friend: “Son of a b****.”

Tattoo Artist: “Sorry about that, man. All together, it will be [different price than before].”

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Bloody Inconsiderate Customers!

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(I am going to get my first lip piercing with a friend. I am nervous, but everything is going well. Soon I have a ring on my lip.)

Piercer: *hands me some paper towels* “Just press this against it; the bleeding will stop soon.”

Me: *pressing them on my lip* “There is a lot of blood in my mouth already. Is there a sink somewhere?”

(My friend is talking with the piercer and they don’t seem to hear me. I am about to ask again but realize that if I open my mouth, some blood will spill out. I mumble something while pressing my lips together tightly, pointing toward my mouth with my free hand.)

Friend: *understands what I’m trying to say* “Oh! Um, is there a sink somewhere?”

Piercer: “There’s a bathroom down the hall.” *gives me quick instruction on how to get there*

(I almost run to the bathroom and spit a lot of blood into the sink. I am glad I made it; some leaked through my lips on the way there. I spit out a few more times, wipe my mouth, and go back, since it has almost stopped bleeding.)

Piercer: “Seems like I hit a blood vessel… That was some bad luck.”

(After paying, we leave. My friend jokes how funny I looked, making muffled noises and waving my hand around. I laugh at that, too. On the bus going home I realize something.)

Me: “I don’t think I washed the blood off that sink.”

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