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I volunteered at an opportunity shop for over a year. One time, we had a regular custom – a former microbiologist we all got on well with, a very quiet old man. He is looking at our second hand books, knelt over to see the lower shelves.

A mid-20s guy walks in, barefoot, and looks at the books as well. The older man doesn’t see him and moves to look at a particular book that is in front of the other man, but because the old man is leaning over, it doesn’t block mid-20s guy looking at a book up high.

Mid-20s guy suddenly turns to the old man and yells “You’re a f—‘ing idiot! Can’t you see I’m looking!” He then turns to me and my co-worker. “You have f—-ing rude customers! Can’t you control them!?” and marches out of the store.

A-Wrist-ed Development

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(My brother and I have just received identical smartwatches as Christmas gifts from our parents.)

Me: “Oh, yours is the same. How will we tell them apart?”

Brother: “Mine will be the one on my wrist…”

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I answer the phone: Hello [pizza place name] how can I help you?
Customer: I’d like a party.
Me: Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.
Customer: A party.
Me: Like a kids party in store?
Customer: Yes.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t do kids parties.
Customer: What do you mean? You must do them!
Me: We do not do kids parties. Our customer area has a small bench and two stools. We simply don’t have the space to do a party.
Customer: Well what am I supposed to do for my kids birthday then?
Me: hold on a moment
*I consult the manager, who is as surprised about the situation as I am. We conclude that one of the stores in the next suburb would have space if they wanted to do a kids party*
Me: We can’t do anything but the store in X suburb would have enough space. I can give you their number and you could ask them if you like?
Customer: Oh, well I’ll just keep calling around then.
Me: Yep, would you like that store’s phone number so you can call them?
Customer: Nah, I’ll just keep calling around.
Me: yes, but while you are calling around do you want the number for that store?
Customer: Nah, goodnight.
Me: Ok, well I’m sorry we couldn’t help you more.
Customer hangs up.

Directions As Wrong As Their Attitude

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(We have a lot of cruise ships visit our town during summer. Today, there are two large ones in town. Consequently, there are a lot of tourists wandering around. I’m walking my dog around the wharf area, dressed in an old pair of jeans, T-shirt, and shoes to match. A couple of tourists approach me.)

Tourist: “Excuse me, sir, could you tell me where the Tourist Information Office is?”

Me: “Sure, it’s just over there.“ *points* “You can see the sign.”

Tourist: “Thank you.” *walks off*

(Another couple of tourists see this.)

Tourist #2: “Hi. I wonder if you could point us in the direction of the art gallery?

Me: “No problems. It’s just over the road there; the entrance is at that end of the building.”

(Another woman is hovering, and as soon as [Tourist #2] walks off she comes up.)

Tourist #3: *rudely* “Where’s [Tourist Attraction]?”

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Tourist #3: “You heard me. Where’s [Tourist Attraction]? You’re the tourist guide; you should know where everything is.”

Me: *looking down at my clothes and my dog* “Um…”

Tourist #3: “Hurry up; I haven’t got all day!”

Me: “Okay, go up that road two blocks, turn right, go down a block, and you can’t miss it.”

Tourist #3: “Humph.”

(I continued to walk my dog, secure in the knowledge that she was heading in the opposite direction to the one she asked me for.)

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Should Have Downloaded Some Common Sense First

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(I work in a pharmacy. We have to install an updated digital certificate into our dispensing software so that we can connect with the government’s healthcare software. My boss has provided me with a manilla folder with a set of instructions, the PIC — Personal Identification Code — code, and other related documents, and left me to it. The back end of our dispensing software is rather fiddly and complicated, so we’ve organised for our dispensing software’s tech support to call us and install the certificate remotely. This entire conversation takes place by phone.)

Tech: “Okay, you’ll need the PIC and the CD.”

Me: “What do you mean, CD?”

Tech: “As in the physical CD.”

Me: “I wasn’t told about a CD. Wouldn’t it be [file] that [Boss] downloaded and told me about?”

Tech: “No, it’s a physical CD. They should have sent you a CD with the letter with your PIC.”

(I shuffle through the manilla folder of documents that [Boss] gave me and pull out a CD labelled with the name of the government’s software.)

Me: “Okay, let’s try this.”

Tech: “Does it say [ACRONYM] on it?”

Me: “Yep.”

Tech: “That should be it, then.”

(I put the CD in and give the tech the PIC code.)

Tech: “It didn’t work. Are you sure it’s the right code?”

Me: *after double checking* “Well, that’s the code I was given.”

(Nevertheless, I hunt through the file and find two more CDs and two more codes, and we try them all, but none of them work. During all this, I notice that the tech is trying to open a file on the discs with the same unusual extension as the file my boss had downloaded.)

Me: “Are you sure it’s not [file] we’re supposed to be using rather than the CD?”

Tech: “No, there should be a CD.”

Me: “Why don’t we try it anyway, just in case?”

(We tried it, and, lo and behold, it worked! Cue my epic facepalm and fervent wish that I could get back the twenty minutes we’d wasted!)

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