Should Have Just Eggspected That

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(I work in a takeaway that sells fish and chips, burgers, and Chinese food, which is not unusual in New Zealand. While most phone orders get through fine, sometimes the caller is difficult to hear due to the burners and fans in the kitchen, which means I repeat the item as they order, and the whole order again at the end to minimise errors.)

Caller: “…and a bacon—” *unintelligible*

Me: “…and a bacon and egg burger?”

Caller: “Yes, that’s all.”

Me: *finishing repeating the whole order* “…and a bacon and egg burger.”

Caller: “Yes, that’s right. Put it under the name [Customer].”

(Later, the caller’s son comes back to pick the order up.)

Me: *finishing repeating the order to ensure it’s the one he’s after* “…and a bacon and egg burger.”

Customer: *really doesn’t know what’s going on* “Yeah, whatever; if it’s under [Customer], that’s the one.”

(He pays and leaves. Later I get a call from the mother over an incorrect order. She sounds very upset and rants for a little while.)

Caller: “You gave me the wrong item; I wanted a BACON EGG FOO YOUNG.”

Me: “I apologise for my mistake; I seem to have misheard you. Did you want to come back and pick up the egg foo young, or would you like us to take down your details so you can receive a free one on your next order?”

Caller: “Well, what I have isn’t enough, so I’m going to have to send someone to pick it up.”

Me: “All right. Sorry again for my mistake.”

(The son returns to pick it up. He’s not very polite about it despite my best efforts to apologise yet again, even though it was a communication error, and partly their fault for not clarifying the order with each other to save time going back to get the correct dish. Some weeks later, I get the same order by the same caller. The son comes to pick it up again.)

Me: *finishing repeating the whole order* “…and a bacon EGG FOO YOUNG.”

Customer: “Yeah, whatever, as long as it’s under [Customer]. Better get it right this time because you messed it up last time.”

Me: *screaming internally* “Sorry about that.”

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Pulling Hair As Well As A Fast One

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(I’m 10 years old. I am helping my father out at his takeaway, being the ‘cashier’. We are Asian. A white customer in her thirties walks in, and orders some food. I call my dad’s friend to make it, and he does. He brings it out and leaves.)

Me: “Okay, miss, that will be £30.00.”

Customer: “What? Oh no, darling; I’m the old owner’s daughter! I get my food for free!”

Me: “£30.00.”

Customer: “FREE. Give me my food for free, sweetheart.”

Me: “Please pay £30.00.”

Customer: “Dearie, I get it for free. My father—bless him, he’s 60 now—is the owner, and lets me have it for free! Give it to me!”

Me: “I don’t believe my father is 60; he is only 40. And we are Asian; you are a White person. Now, please pay for your food, or I will be forced to call the police.”

Customer: “You cheeky lying little brat!”

(She grabs my hair, and pulls hard.)

Customer: “Give me my free food now! Or I’ll spank your bum so hard you will die! You’re just a worthless teenager trying to earn money you don’t deserve!”

Me: “Daddy! Daddy! A lady’s got my hair, and she says you’re her daddy, and, and, gets f-food for free!”

(My dad runs in.)

Dad: “Stop! She’s only 10! You’re hurting her! I will call the police!”

(The customer goes pale, and runs out the door. I’ve not been back there in two years.)

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