They Either Complain There Are No Signs, Or Too Many

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(A couple comes up to the register with some jewelry-making supplies and I give them their total.)

Customer: “This was $1.74! It said that it was $1.74 over there!”

Me: “Okay, can you show me? Because if it was in the wrong spot, I can—”

Customer: “It wasn’t in the wrong spot! I even scanned it at one of the price checkers and it said $1.74!”

(She takes me over to the price checker.)

Customer: “As you can clearly see—”

(She scans the item. The screen on the price checker says $2.49.)

Customer: “That said $1.74 before! I swear to God, it said $1.74!”

Me: “Well, let’s go over to where you found it and see if there was a sign put up by mistake or something.”

(We go over to where she found the item. It is clearly marked $2.49, and there are no sale signs. She grudgingly accepts that she was wrong and goes back to the register. I give her the total, but she and her husband are not happy with it.)

Customer: “Why aren’t these all 50% off? There was a sign there that said 50% off!”

Customer’s Husband: “You can even see it from here! There’s a 50%-off sign!”

Me: “I’m pretty sure the sale is only on beads. I was just over there, and there was no sign in that panel. I can go over and show you if you want.”

Customer’s Husband: “How about this? How about we just don’t buy anything, and leave?”

Me: *pause* “Okay?”

Customer’s Husband: “This is unbelievable! You’ve got all these signs in that general area, so that should mean that everything there is 50% off!”

(My manager has been at the register next to me this whole time and overhears this.)

Manager: “Our signs are put up panel by panel, sir.”

Customer’s Husband: “DON’T GIVE ME THAT!”

(The two of them walked out without buying anything. I told them, quietly enough so that no one would hear, to have a terrible day.)


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A little over 10 years ago, I had been laid off from an IT job. Money was short, to had to take the only job that was available at the time, which was a cashier in a supermarket. Most of the time, the job was low-stress. Just scan, bag, and ask the customer for coupons and the store’s reward card.

The stress happens *without fail* during Thanksgiving, especially the night before, when everyone is rushing to pick up items they forgot to complete their Thanksgiving meal (the store closed at 6pm the day before Thanksgiving, even though the store normally operates 24/7.)

I had the bad luck to be placed on a 15 items or less express line. Stress up the yin-yang.

One customer wheels her cart up, and she has about 20 items in it. I don’t get annoyed about it. I just ask for her rewards card, scan it, and start ringing her order. The customer behind her though, HAS TO MAKE A BIG STINK ABOUT IT!

Customer: “She has more than 15 items!”

Me: “It’s not a big deal.”


Me: “She’s already been cashed out, may I have your rewards card, please?”

Customer: “Get me your supervisor, I am going to report you for breaking the rules.”

So at this point, I switch the light that tells customers that I am open to flashing to alert my supervisor. While this is happening, the queue is getting longer and more customers are becoming annoyed. My supervisor comes over, and the customer goes off on her.

The next customer in line comes up, and she says to me:

Customer 2: “What a b*tch. I used to be a cashier, people like her are the reason I don’t do this job anymore. You gonna be okay?”

Afterwards, when we were closing up the store, my supervisor came up to me and said “You handled that very well.”

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(I’m waiting in line to check out at a book store when I suddenly hear an uptight woman raising her voice at the cashier)
Woman: “I’m not paying $17,this is false advertising!”
Cashier: “Ma’am that’s the price for the book online it’s a little bit higher when purchased in the store.”
Woman: “No! I read the price online and it said $13 and that’s what I’m paying! This is false advertising!”
Cashier: “Ma’am there are 6 people waiting in line and it’s been a long day are you going to pay for the book or not?”
Woman: “No this is false advertising, I want to see your manager, I could sue you for this!”
Cashier: “Ma’am there’s no need for that, I can take $2 off the book if that would make you happy”
Woman: “Fine, but if you ever f*** me over again there will be consequences!”

You Won’t Hear A Jeep Out Of Me

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(I am interviewing for a field computer technician job. The job entails servicing customers at their locations. This area of the country gets heavy snowfalls throughout the winter. This is in the mid-1970s, before SUVs become popular, and before all-wheel and four-wheel drive are common on vehicles that aren’t trucks.)

Interviewer: “…and the job comes with a company car!”

Me: “I hope it’s a Jeep!”

Interviewer: “No, that would not fit with the company image. But you could buy your own Jeep, and we’d reimburse you for mileage.”

(I quietly imagine two scenarios. Scenario #1:)

Me: *on the phone to a customer* “Sorry your computer is down, but my Chevy Impala can’t get through the snow. You lose.”

(Scenario #2: People look out the window to see a Jeep, with a company logo on the side, churning up the snow-covered road coming to save the day.)

Me: *thinking, but keeping quiet* “Now, tell me again, which one is in keeping with the company image?”

The Sauce Of Their Confusion, Part 2

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(At my gas station, we have a small sub shop. This happens one busy night when I hop over to help the deli worker.)

Me: “Can I get you folks anything?”

Customer: “What’s the CBR?”

Me: “That’s our Chicken Bacon Ranch.”

Customer: “So, what’s in it?”

Me: “Um… chicken strips, bacon, and ranch dressing.”

Customer: *thinks for a moment* “So, it has, like, hot sauce on it?”

Me: “…”

The Sauce Of Their Confusion

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