Sick Of This Pettiness

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I am a teacher. One day, some years ago, I woke up with the flu: delirious from a spiking fever and only able to croak a few words. I was in no shape to teach, so I called in sick.

Half an hour later, a substitute teacher called me for instructions. I told her that I could barely speak but it was also apparent that I had no voice. I was probably rambling a little due to the fever but managed to tell her the lesson plans.

I then hung up and dozed off in feverish dreams. Twenty minutes later, she called again. She had lost her notes, and could I possibly repeat them? I croaked the lesson plans, hung up, and dozed off.

Fifteen minutes later, she called again. She had lost her notes. Could I repeat the lesson plans?

Wheezing and croaking, I went through the lessons for a third time, told her that if she lost her notes again she would have to improvise as I had the flu and couldn’t talk. Just leave me alone.

Five minutes later, the principal called and wondered why I refused to give out the lesson plan to the sub.

He didn’t sound entirely convinced when I told him that I had. Three times in less than an hour.

The sub then called me again screaming that she’d lost the lesson plans and I’d better come to work and instruct her. I had a coughing fit into the receiver and hung up on her.

I was fuming, partly from the fever but also because the sub was trying to set me up. Her daughter was in my class, and a few weeks prior, I hadn’t fussed enough when her daughter was sick. I spoke to the teacher she had for the class after mine so that she would get home quicker, but that wasn’t good enough, and the sub had harassed me for quite a while.

However… My desk was opposite one of the school’s most senior teachers. This was a fabulous teacher who wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion on difficult matters. She was also the next-door neighbour of the sub, and the two hated each other. As the sub was in a foul mood, she fairly quickly began screaming at the other teacher, who in turn screamed back. The sub then began throwing stuff at them!

As they weren’t alone in the room, the sub couldn’t deny that she had begun the attacks, and she was banned from ever working at my school again.

During the screaming match, the sub bragged about how she had harassed me that day and in the previous weeks, so I didn’t end up in any trouble despite her scheming.

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My husband used to work in a small shop that sold tobacco, sweets, soft drinks and ice cream. In Sweden, you have to be 18 to buy tobacco but many still try to buy it while underaged. A girl of about 16 comes into the shop.

Husband: “Hello!”
Girl: “Hi, a packet of (cigarette brand), please!”
Husband: “Sure, could I see some ID, please?”
Girl: “I left it at home!”
Husband: “Well, then you need to go home and fetch it.”

The girl leaves but only a minute later another girl of about the same age tries the same thing. She has no ID either and is then promptly turned away by husband. Then a third girl comes in. She pushes up her breasts as much as she can, making sure her cleavage is visible to husband. The same scenario, no ID, and no cigarettes. She does try to flirt a lot with husband to no avail. When she leaves, my husband sees her meeting the other two outside and hear them speaking to each other before they leave:

Girl #3 to Girl #1 and #2: (astonished tone of voice) “He didn’t sell me any either!!”

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(I work at the luckywheels, where you can win huge amounts of candy or similar, at a very famous amusement park in Sweden. I am a transman and on my uniform it says my prefered name. I usually wear a binder however this day my ribs were hurting so much I simply couldn’t. I was standing with my co-worker, turning on the numbers for the paying guests, when suddenly a guest at the far end starts shouting.)

Guest#1: Hey lady I want to pay too!
Me: *annoyed witht he pronoun but simply smile* Of course just one minute! *talk to guest infront of me* And you want this numer?
Guest#2: Yes please!
Guest#1: HEY LADY
Me: I’ll be there in just a sec!

(He continues to shout and I keep turning on the numbers quickly until I finally get to Guest#1. The man was about 35 with his gang of palls. To turn on the lights for the numbers we have buttons on the floor and sometimes we jump on them just to make something happen in the wheel. I did so and since I wasn’t wearing a binder or anything similar, my boobs jiggled.)

Me: And number one and two! *I start to turn around, back towards the middle as I talk* We have a full game everyone which means–
Me:… let’s go.
Co-worker: *whispers to me* did he just?
Me: Yep.

(We called the guards and about 10 seconds later they were thrown out.)

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[It is extremely hectic and we have an awful lot to do when the phone rings. I stop for a second and answer]
Me: [Name of bingo parlor], How can I help you.
Young kid caller: I want to poop in your ear! *click*

They’re Not Entitled To Any YOLO

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I am an engineer for a German car manufacturer. I fly to northern Sweden several times each year for car testing — we drive on a frozen lake to test in cold and slippery conditions. The airport there is very small and it would be pretty complicated to get there with normal scheduled flights, so there is a company that charters several flights each week directly from Germany to this airport.

Up there in Sweden, there is almost nothing. There is an igloo hotel and a biathlon track, most major European car manufacturers have testing tracks there, and then there are some “driving experience” hotels which provide drifting courses on frozen lakes for very rich people. So, our chartered planes are usually filled with 85% grumpy engineers, 10% normal tourists who want to ski or hike, and 5% rich, entitled a**holes.

Since the planes only fly once every two or three days and the airport is so small, they will usually wait for late passengers. We are sitting in the plane after two hard weeks of work — we usually work almost twice as many hours up there — and they announce that they are waiting for three passengers. Over one hour later, they finally arrive. We see them through the window approaching the plane. There are three 18-year-old guys with sunglasses and Gucci swag. Then, they stop and take selfies in front of the plane for about five minutes.

They enter the plane and an engineer says to them, “What the f*** was that? You come one hour late and make 200 people wait, and then you take your time for some f****** selfies?!” 

Their response is, “YOLO!”

Further down the floor, one of them suddenly screams, “Why did you do that, you a**hole??” Apparently, someone tossed some water or soda over their Gucci swag. Several people in the plane answer with, “YOLO!” They complained to the stewardess and she says, “Sorry, I didn’t see anything. Please don’t curse at other passengers,” and walks away.

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