And He Rode Off In A Puff Of Smoke

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I work as a night manager in a hotel. I just started my shift, and I get information regarding a guest who is acting a bit shady, has a connection-reservation coming up which he has not paid for yet, and still has a few bar bills to pay.

One of my colleagues dialed him at 6:00 pm.

Colleague: “I was wondering when you’re planning to come down to finalize your payment?”

Guest: “I’ll be down in just a moment.”

At 9:00 pm, my colleague saw him run out of the lobby without saying anything to the front desk.

I start my shift at 10:30 pm and get all the info I need. I pay a visit to the room he has departed from. I stumble upon one of the dirtiest rooms I have ever witnessed. He has smoked a lot in the shower, and there is ash everywhere; we are a smoke-free hotel.

I go back to the front desk and try to charge his card for the bar bill and as well as the smoking fee. It is declined. I remember overhearing from a colleague that he opens and closes his card however he wants to avoid late payments.

Anyway, I tell myself that if he walks back in, I will make him pay for the bar bill and the smoking fee and then refuse to check him in again.

At 11:30 pm, the madman walks in again and orders me to finalize his connection-reservation.

Me: “I will finalize the payment from your previous stay, in addition to a smoking fee; I found evidence that you smoked in the room.”

Guest: “I’m not paying any smoking fee! I didn’t smoke in the room!”

I show him some pictures of the room.

Guest: *Shrugging* “The ashes must have fallen off of my clothes from when I smoked outside.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we have evidence.”

He gives up.

Guest: “I’m just gonna call a friend.”

And he takes off running.

I stand there confused. I know that his card will decline, and I feel like it’s not worth it to call the cops etc. After two minutes, I see that he has borrowed one of these electric bikes you can rent around town, and at the same second that he drives past our entrance, I realise that he has activated his card to be able to rent the bike! So, I pull up his folio and try to charge his card once again, and the missing payments go through! He tried to flee, but I feel like I outsmarted him.

He called us later and said that we did not have the right to charge his card after his stay. I simply answered that we do have the right to charge a card if there are missing payments. That is what he signed when he registered. He just said, “See you in court!” and hung up.

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Was There A Merger We Didn’t Know About?

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Customer: “Do you have an iPhone case for her Galaxy s10?”

Me: “I have iPhone cases. I have Galaxy s10 cases. But I do not have iPhone cases for Galaxy s10.”

Customer: *Disappointed* “Oh, really? Too bad. Thanks, anyway.”  *Walks away*

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One Point To Sweden

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I work in a restaurant in the tourist district; therefore, we still accept cash payments, a rarity in Stockholm. This means that we take out whatever card tips we’ve received in cash at the end of the night to divvy up. On occasion, we get tips in foreign currency; they’re usually small amounts so not worth the exchange fee.

American Tourist: “Do people tip here?”

Me: “Well, if they feel they have received good service, yes, they are welcome to, and it is much appreciated. Standard is five to ten percent.”

American Tourist: “Would you rather have the tip in USD, Euros, or on the card?”

Sweden uses the Swedish Krona.

Me: “Card would be great, thanks!”

American Tourist: “Okay, let me just try to work out how to do ten percent. It’s so difficult with other currencies. Can you help me work it out?”

Me: “Let me teach you a life hack; if you move the decimal one point, you get ten percent, regardless of what currency it is.”

Lovely people, but their minds were blown. This was a common question, with many conversions taking place turning it into dollars, working out the percentage, finding a new total, and then changing it back into krona. What kind of maths you learn in the States will always be a mystery to me.

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On The Need For Hazard Pay, Part 20

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It is a slow Monday night and only two of us are working in concessions, where we also sell tickets. There’s also a host working who lets people into the theatres and cleans them afterward.

Around 8:00 pm, a customer comes up to us and says it smells really bad of poo in the ladies’ rooms, and she thinks it’s coming from the stall furthest in. As the only female working, I’m the one who has to enter and check, and I discover that the customer is right. It reeks to the point that I get nauseated. Inside the stall, someone has taken their feces and smeared it all over the walls and floor and left the remains in a pile on the floor with some papers around. The only things not covered are the toilet and sink.

We don’t have cleaning staff in the evenings; instead, it’s us working concessions that check so the toilets have papers and soap. The thing I want to do is to lock the door and leave it to the cleaning staff the next morning, but because of the smell, I know I have to clean it up right this moment. I also realise that the things we put on when checking the toilets are not gonna cover what I am forced to do.

I go and get a roll of garbage bags and begin cutting and taping up my own version of a hazmat suit. I also go to the engine room and get a face protection mask that is meant for when one changes the lamps of a projector.

I bring all the strong cleaning supplies I can find and several buckets of hot water and take on the gruesome task of cleaning. Afterward, I not only throw away my homemade suit, but I also go to the changing room and change out of the uniform and get my regular sneakers to wear for the rest of the night. The clothes and work shoes all go in a plastic bag that I thoroughly seal before putting them in my bag.

When I get home, everything goes in the washer immediately and I hop into the shower and don’t leave until my entire body is red from scrubbing.

In the following days, the rumors of my struggle spread and people have a hard time believing it, up until a Friday evening around five months later when we are fully staffed and have full screens in every theatre. This time, it is in the men’s room, and I am sooo happy it’s not me dealing with it.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

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Denying Them Cigarettes Seems Like It’s Doing Them A Favor

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I am shopping when I witness a middle-aged woman purchasing various things, including cigarettes, for a grand total of about 140kr (about $16). Her card has been denied once as I enter. I walk behind her at the back of the line.

Customer: “I know I have 300kr on my card! Stop taking my money!”

She enters her PIN again.

Employee #1: “No money was taken; it was denied.”

Customer: “Denied again! I told you to stop taking my money!”

Employee #1: “Again, none was taken because it was denied.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll go home and get some, then. Can I borrow the cigs in the meanwhile?”

Employee #1: “As you have not purchased them, no, you cannot take them.”

Customer: “Well, all right! I’ll be back soon; keep the stuff here!”

The customer walks off. [Employee #1] turns to [Employee #2].

Employee #2: “Think she’ll be back?”

Employee #1: “Nope.”

Three minutes later, she returns.

Customer: “I’ll just get the cigs, then. I should have enough for that!”

Employee #1: *To [Employee #2]* “Take her at the other till.”

[Employee #2] starts helping her.

Customer: “Green button again?!”

Employee #2: “Yes, enter your PIN and press green.”

Customer: *Half-sobs* “What does it want now?!”

Employee #2: “It wants you to authorize the amount.”

She presses green and gets denied.

Customer: “What the h***?! I knew you guys took it out! I want my receipts!”

Employee #2: “There are none.”

Customer: “There has to be! Gimme them!

Employee: “As no transaction occurred, there is no receipt to print and as such, we cannot give you any.”

Customer: “Come on! Anyone! It is just 50kr! Help me out with 50 kr!” *Half-crying* “FINE! I’ll just borrow these!” *Grabs the cigs*

Employee #2: “You cannot take those; that’ll be theft. Come back when you’ve sorted this out with your bank.”

The customer walks out after handing back the cigs.

Me: “She was either on something or withdrawal from something.”

Employees: “Mmhmm.”

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