Pray That Scammer Never Comes Back

, , , | Legal | February 26, 2020

I have recently started working at a local restaurant. Despite having only a few days of experience under my belt, my previous job experience in the field as a supervisor plus my strong responsibility ethic effectively gives me a sense of leadership.

It’s about 8:30 pm in the evening when a lone, older man walks in. He hasn’t done anything yet that would signal a red flag, but I assume that he has some sort of disability just by how he’s acting, such as when I direct him to a table; he sits in the bar. I am not a native Swedish speaker; I’m English but learning the language.

“How was your food, sir?”

“Oh… I am praying.”

I give him a smile and a light tap on the shoulder. He then orders the most expensive item on our menu which should have been the first red flag. In my time working here, I’ve only seen one other person order that food, and in comparison to this gentleman, that customer looked as if he could afford it. Not five minutes after his food arrives, I see him putting his coat on and leaving.

“Did he pay with you?”

“No, but maybe he’s going out for a cigarette?”

“He said he was going home. Maybe he paid with [Coworker]?”

“Hold on; I’ll check the computer.”

His table’s still active, meaning he hasn’t paid. I run to the door and catch him as he’s just leaving the premises, and now I can see why he was being so strange before: he’s completely drunk. I usher him back inside, which he complies with. I think to myself that he’s probably just forgotten. That is until I get him sat down so he doesn’t keel over.

“Listen… Do you think I’m f****** sitting here for f*** all?”

“No, sir, you just need to pay for your food and drink.”

I print out the receipt and hand it to him. However, he’s having none of it.

“I already paid!”

“Who did you pay with, sir?”

“Prove that I haven’t already paid yet.”

“Which person took your payment, sir? Can you show me your receipt? If you’ve paid, it’s no problem.”


I’m starting to get a little bit agitated by this guy; he’s clearly stalling and expects me to cave. He then starts actually pretending to not speak English and turns his aggression to the bartender. During this, I ask [Coworker] for the phone to call the police. After I get off the phone, the bartender prints off the customer’s receipt again. I show it to the customer.

“See, sir? She would not have been able to do that on the register had you already paid.”

“You know what? Call the f****** police.”

This goes back and forth for quite some time. I get nowhere with the customer until the police show up. Whilst I’m waiting on him so he doesn’t do a runner, multiple tables are looking over at me expectantly; they haven’t had service yet. When the police arrive, I get the runner to take tables, and I go out to talk with the officers.

“Hi. Is he still here?”

“Yeah, just give me a moment, though? I want to give him one last chance before handing him to you.”

“Sure, we’ll wait here.”

“Okay, sir, the police are waiting outside. You can either settle this bill now or go with the police tonight. Your choice.”

“I will talk with the police.”

“Fine. Hard way it is.”

He ended up talking with the police in Swedish. I didn’t understand it all but the gist was that the police gave him two options: arrest for theft or pay and leave. He chose the latter, thank God. But honestly, all that fuss over nothing? What the h*** was he expecting to happen?

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A Battery Of Baptisms

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(I work at a gas station close to a major highway outside Stockholm. Due to its location, it is always busy. This particular day, it is even busier than usual and all three registers have a line at least five people deep. A man in his 70s enters and goes directly to my counter.)

Old Man: *at the top of his lungs* “I NEED BATTERIES!”

Me: “Okay, but you will have to wait your turn like everyone else.”


(Several people in line start to chuckle at the man who doesn’t seem to realize he is screaming.)

Me: *louder* “You need to wait your turn!”


Me: “You still need to wait your turn like everyone else!”

(The old man turned quiet and looked at me blankly for a while and then left. I guess he didn’t hear much at the baptism.)

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Unfiltered Story #186239

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(I’m going to the Austrian Alps with my parents to visit my brother. We’re checking in our luggage when I notice a sign by the check-in desk.)

Sign: ASSAULTS ON STAFF: While traveling through the airport, please be courteous when dealing with our staff. Any threats, verbal abuse or violence towards our staff will be taken seriously and you may be prosecuted. Photography and video recording of our staff is prohibited. Our staff is trying to help you with your journey. Thank you for your cooperation.

(It’s a sad world we live in where this needs to be spelled out to people. And even sadder that the sign probably doesn’t help all that much.)

Should Have Shown The Table People The Door

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(For a couple of years, my boyfriend and I lived in a teeny-tiny one-bedroom apartment with probably the smallest kitchen table there is to buy. Therefore, we are thrilled when we finally get our new apartment since it allows us to buy a new table that can fit all of our friends and family. The table is 2.5m long or approximately 8.2 feet. When ordering it, I pay extra for delivery up to the fifth floor. The elevator is big but not so big that it can hold a 2.5m-long table plus wrapping. Therefore, the instructions are that, on delivery day, there will be two persons from the delivery firm, carrying the table up the stairs. Seems simple, eh? The day of delivery:)

Delivery Guy: “I’m here to deliver a package for [My Name].”

Me: “That’s me, but you were supposed to be two persons.”

Delivery Guy: “Ah, don’t worry about it. I’ll fix this.”

(The delivery guy proceeds to take the table out of the truck, gets the table inside the apartment building — only because I hold the door open for him — and then lowers the table onto the floor in a brusque way. When the elevator arrives, he tries to shove the table inside the elevator car but since the table is longer than the car, when the doors closes, the table is sticking out quite a bit. He then tries to lean the table so that one side of it hits the roof and the other side hits the tile-clad floor. This continues for several minutes, while sweat is starting to break out on my skin. Bear in mind that this is a rather expensive table, at least for a twenty-something couple that has just bought an apartment.)

Me: “Are you sure about this? I did pay for two people to deliver this via the stairs.”

Delivery Guy: “Oh, no problem. It’s just a really small elevator.”

Me: *under my breath* “Well, it really isn’t.”

(New accessibility rules state that the elevators in new houses must have certain measurements; it’s a really big elevator. The delivery guy tries to take out the table from the car, shoving it into the glass doors in the hallway, then on the floor, then into the ceiling, making a large dent in it. By now I’m really sweaty because I know there is going to be at least one dent in the table.)

Delivery Guy: “I’m gonna try and take this via the stairs but the table is really heavy. How many stairs is it?”

Me: “It’s on the fifth floor.”

Delivery Guy: *lets out a heavy sigh and tries the stairs only to realize that the table is too heavy* “I’m gonna call a colleague and get some help.”

(In the end, the two delivery people got the table up the stairs and into the apartments. The whole thing took approximately an hour and a half. Nearly all corners were dented and I had to lodge a claim with the store. The new table arrived a couple of days later, via a different delivery firm, was brought up the stairs by two delivery people instantly, and had no dents when they were done.)

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A Popular Movie Sells Out On Opening Weekend? The Shock!  

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(It is a busy Saturday and almost every movie is sold out.)

Customer: “I want four tickets for [Newly Premiered Movie] at 12:15.”

(It’s about 12:05.)

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but it’s all sold out.”

Customer: “Excuse me?”

Me: “There are no seats left. It’s pretty busy today.”

Customer: *getting a bit riled up* “So you’re telling me you will not sell me tickets?!”

Me: “I can’t sell you tickets to a movie that’s sold out.”

Customer: “We came all the way from [Place not very far away, about ten minutes with a car] and now you’re telling me we can’t see the movie?!”

Me: “No, as I said, sold out. But there are a few seats left at the 2:00 show if you want to see that one.”

Customer: “No! I got a dog sitter for this! I can’t pay her that much extra! My kids really wanted to see that movie! Are you gonna stand here and tell them that they can’t?! Are you really gonna do that to my kids?!”

(I look at the kids, about eight and ten years old and looking really ashamed.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but if you don’t want to see anything else there’s really nothing I can do. May I suggest that you buy tickets from your phone next time? That way it’ll be easier to get tickets on time.”

Customer: “I want to talk to your manager!”

Me: “Sure.” *calls for a manager* “She’ll be here in just a minute.”

(While the first customer is waiting, I start to talk to the next customer in line when the first one interrupts:)

Customer: “Does she think we have all day?!”

Me: “She’ll be here as soon as she can.”

Customer: “I will make sure everyone hears about this awful service, and I will definitely make sure that you’ll get fired!”

(She read my name off of my name tag and stormed off before my manager even got there.)

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