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| Right | April 7, 2018

I work at a hotel where we serve some hot foods besides our buffet. One busy day our ventilation system goes down and we have to close our kitchen.

Guest: Hello, I’d like some pancakes.

Me: I’m sorry, we hade to close our kitchen so I can’t serve you any hot food.

Guest: But my friend just got her pancakes a few minutes ago.

Me: I’m sorry. Her order must have been the last one.

Guest: But I always get pancakes here.

Me: I’m sorry but because our ventilation system is down its a safety  precaution to close the kitchen.

Guest: I’m gonna talk to your manager about your behavior.

( Just before I left for the day our Food & Beverage manager, our manager in charge that weekend, came up to me and said I did the right thing by refusing to make guest his food. Turns out that if we got to much hot air in the ventilation if could have started a fire.)

Not Flexible On The Racism Thing

, , , , , | Working | April 2, 2018

(I have been working at the same family-owned business for over seven years, and am two weeks away from starting a new job at another company. The owners, a husband and wife, both from the Middle East, are notoriously miserly when it comes to wages and benefits, and they have a well-earned reputation for empty promises. This has resulted in nearly constant turnover of staff and extremely low morale among those of us who remain. I am working late to make up a deficit in flex-time, and the wife and I are the only ones in the office.)

Boss: “Are you sure you wouldn’t be able to come in on the weekends for consultations about [Software Program I Administer] after you start your new job, if we have questions?”

Me: *having long had enough of these antics* “I am afraid that won’t be possible. I’ll need to focus on the new job, exclusively.”

Boss: “What are you working on, anyway? Why are you here so late?”

Me: “I have a big deficit on my flex-time, and I want to reduce it as much as possible before my last day so I don’t take as big a hit on my paycheck.”

Boss: “Tell you what; I’ll forgive that deficit if you’ll do some consultation work for us.”

Me: “Sorry. The answer is still no.”

(There is an uncomfortable pause.)

Boss: “You know, I don’t want to believe this about you, but I’ve been hearing around — I don’t want to say from whom — that you’re bigoted against Arabs.”

Me: *standing up and starting to shut down my workstation* “That’s absolutely ridiculous. I had Lebanese in-laws from my first marriage, my late stepfather was half-Lebanese, and I loved them all like family.”

(The boss immediately began back-pedaling, saying she hoped we could at least say hello to each other if we met on the street by chance. I shut down my workstation, packed up, and left for the weekend. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to my last day there at the end of the month.)

Childhood Innocence Is A Gift

, , | Right | March 21, 2018

(In the store where I work, we offer to gift-wrap the items that are purchased. Since we do this all year round, we generally have it down to a science. A customer and her little daughter buy a gift. I wrap it and do my regular swirl to gather up the ribbons in a bow.)

Little Girl: *upon seeing the bow* “Wow! Are your hands magical?”

Me: “Yep, everyone at [Store] has magic hands. They hand them out when we start working.”

Little Girl: “Oooh.”

Don’t Stick Your Neck Out To Try To Understand It

, , , | Right | January 25, 2018

(I am sitting behind the counter at the museum gift shop when a small child comes into the store.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Child: “You don’t have giraffes here?”

Me: “No. No, we don’t.”

Child: “That is good. I don’t like giraffes.” *walks off*

Me: *blinks*

Black Pepper Matters

, , | Right | January 16, 2018

(I work as a receptionist at a museum that has an exhibition about racism. This is when I am still an intern. I have only worked at the reception by myself a couple of times before, so I am a little nervous. A customer walks in.)

Customer: “May I ask you a question?”

Me: “Of course!”

(The customer looks at me with a deadly serious face.)

Customer: “Black pepper and white pepper. Is that racist?”

(Needless to say, I was stunned by the odd question.)