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It’s Breast Not To Make Things Worse

, , , , , , , | Healthy | November 28, 2022

I’m a new mom. My son wouldn’t breastfeed and I asked for help at the hospital. They asked what the problem was and whether there was any milk. I told them countless times that there was plenty of milk; my son just wasn’t capable of getting it out.

They decided that I should pump some to give to him.

Nurse: “Here: you put one cup on each breast and then just let the pump work. Don’t worry if there are only a few drops; we’ll give him a substitute if there isn’t enough. We only need a very small cup of milk for him.”

Me: “Don’t worry; I think it’ll be enough.”

Nurse: “I’ll prepare some substitute, just in case.”

We started the pump. However, the nurse did not show us how to stop it or say how much we should pump. My husband and I saw the bottle filling up, so eventually, my husband went to find the nurse.

She came back with a small cup of substitute milk.

Nurse: “Hello! How is it going?”

Me: “How long should I keep going?”

Nurse: “Oh, well, the more we get out, the better. We’ll give him this in the meantime.”

Me: “We might need a new bottle soon, then.”

Then, she actually looked down to see the milk. Her jaw dropped and her face went pale.

Nurse: “We won’t need this.”

She stopped the pumping and explained that she’d save the milk, in case it was needed later.

My milk production did cause problems. My son learned to drink properly, and he loved it overflowing — even when he was full, he would just drink and then spit the milk out, just to get the taste — so there was no problem there any longer. However, no protection helped against my occasional (more to say constant) flow of extra milk. I ended up walking around with cups on each breast, made to gather up the extra milk, and I had to empty them regularly throughout the day.

We also bought a new sheet for the bed so the milk wouldn’t seep through to the mattress. I ended up sleeping in puddles of milk, even though I had towels to suck it up. I even ended up in the hospital due to milk engorgement.

Me: “There is milk coming out all the time. How can some of it be stuck?”

Doctor: “Unfortunately, it happens. You should try to have your son drink more if possible.”

Me: “I’ve heard it helps to pump milk. Should I get a pump?”

Doctor: “Usually, I would say yes, but it has a tendency to make the production higher, and in your case, high production is what causes the problem.”

Since then, I’ve had countless people tell me I should give away all the milk I gather up, as there are so many who don’t make enough for their babies. At first, I was surprised the doctor hadn’t told me about it, but it became clearer when it turned out that such milk had to be pumped, not just gathered out of health regulations.

I explained this many times, but the typical conversation went like this:

Person: “Why do you have cups on your breasts?”

I’d explain my high milk production.

Person: “You should give it away; there are many less fortunate people who don’t get enough.”

Me: “I can’t. I have to pump it out, and that would cause my production to get even higher. I’ve already ended up in the hospital for it.”

Person: “I still think you should. There are so many who can’t get enough milk; you should help them since you don’t have problems with it.”

Me: “But I have problems. I just have a problem with too much milk, so I can’t risk getting even more.”

Person: “Look, there are many people who can’t get enough! You shouldn’t whine because you get a lot; that is a blessing!”

Even when I explain why it is a problem, they think I’m just whining about having too much, which I should apparently be happy about. They can come back when they’ve tried bathing in milk every night and ended up in the hospital for days with pain, for which the best treatment is a baby painfully sucking from the place that hurts.

Two Kilograms Of Food, Twelve Metric Tonnes Of Rudeness

, , , , | Right | November 26, 2022

I work in a pet store. Due to various events going on in the world, there are a lot of problems getting our merchandise. Also, this brand is produced in England, and since Brexit, there have been a lot of problems receiving it; we are in Sweden.

We sell dog food in different sizes: 2 kg and 12 kg. For this brand, the 12 kg is sold out. This older couple approaches the till with a 2 kg in hand.

Couple: *In a very rude tone* “You’re out of the 12 kg bags. You should sell us this bag at the same price per kilogram!”

Me: “I’ve already talked with my boss about this issue, and unfortunately, I am not able to sell you the 2kg bag at a reduced price, since we still buy them at a higher price than the 12 kg.”

They become even ruder.

Couple: “They were able to do it at [Store ten minutes away]!”

Me: “In that case, you are more than welcome to go back to that store and make the purchase there. I could also check online and see if they have the 12 kg bags in stock.”

I check, and they do have it in stock. This answer makes the couple more upset.

Me: “I understand that you are upset; however, this is not my fault. Please stop being rude.” 

They did not stop being rude, but they eventually bought the 2 kg bag and muttered under their breath about how horrible it was. I told them that I would not risk my job for them.

Not So Book-Smart

, , , , | Right | November 20, 2022

Summer is weeding season at our library. In order to buy new books, we have to get rid of old ones that haven’t been in circulation for a while. Children’s books we give away for free to schools and preschools or just random children who happen to pass by. Books for adults are sold for a symbolic sum.

Our yearly book sale is popular and appreciated by most visitors, but there are always people who believe that every single library needs to have every single book ever written.

Customer: “Why are you selling off this book series? I remember reading them a few years back; they were so good.”

Me: “No one has checked them out in the past five years, and we need to make space so we can keep buying new books.”

Customer: “What if someone wants to read them?”

Me: “The national depot library has them, so we’ll just do an interlibrary loan.”

Customer: “I just don’t understand why you’re getting rid of perfectly good books.”

Me: “If you want to have them at hand, you’re very welcome to buy them. I’ll even let you have them for free if they mean that much to you.”

Customer: “But I don’t have space for that many books!”

Me: “Neither do we.”

From The Mouth Of Babes, Part 16

, , , , , | Right | November 18, 2022

I work in a library. We have a very simple booking system for visitors who need to use our public computers. There are also clear instructions on the screen for every step in the process. If someone needs help, we will assist them, of course, but the system is built to be self-service.

I’m busy helping people at the information desk when I see a woman at a computer, waving at me. She has a boy with her who is maybe ten years old.

Patron: “Hello! Can I get some help, please?”

Child: *Trying to get her attention* “Mum.”

Me: “Absolutely! I’ll help you next!”

Child: *A little louder* “Mum!”

Patron: *To me* “Are you going to take long?”

Me: “I will be with you in a minute.”

Patron: “I don’t want to stress you out, but we’re in a hurry.”

Child: “Mum!”

I finish helping the person I’m with and head over to them, just in time to watch the boy tug at his mother’s sleeve and say:

Child: “Mum, it says on the screen what to do! You just type your number in!”

The patron finally pays attention to him and takes a moment to read the instructions.

Patron: “Oh. Oh, never mind. Looks like we don’t need any help after all.”

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Doing It For The Ella It

, , , , | Right | November 17, 2022

I had a call with an elderly gentleman who had an issue with his satellite box that was easily resolved.

Customer: “Thank you for the help. You’ve been so nice to me.”

Me: “Glad I could help. Have a good day now!”

Customer: “Can I play some music for you?”

Me: “Pardon?”

Customer: “You’ve been so nice, and I want to do something nice in return. Can I play a song for you?”

Me: *Pauses* “Well, I suppose.”

He proceeded to put his phone down by his stereo and put on an Ella Fitzgerald song. He had no way of knowing, but she’s one of my favourite artists and I enjoyed every second of the song.

That call absolutely destroyed my average call time for the rest of the week. So worth it.