Was That Drunk Driving Or Drunk Calling?

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(It is my first day as a part-time telephone operator at our district court. I have been given a list of the names of the employees and their respective positions so I know where to transfer the calls, but certainly have not had the time or authorization to know each and every single case they have been working on.)

Me: “[District Court], how can I help you?”

Caller: *obviously irate* “I need to speak to my lawyer!”

Me: “No problem. What’s his or her name?”

Caller: “I just need to speak to him!”

Me: “I apologize, but there are several different lawyers in this building. I need his name so I can transfer—“

Caller: “I need my lawyer! He’s supposed to be handling my case! I was driving drunk two months ago and the f****** police got for me for the third time!”

Me: *sighing, thinking that is way more information than I needed* “Sir, I’d be happy to assist you, but I still need the name of your lawyer to be able to transfer this call to him. As I said, there are more than one—“

Caller: “Just do it! How hard can it be? Is this even [District Court] I’m talking to?!”

(At this point I’m not really sure what to do, so I start guessing from the list of names.)

Me: “Is [Lawyer #1] your lawyer? Or possibly [Lawyer #2]?”

Caller: “Nooo! F*****g incompetent people in this city! This is my taxpayers’ money at work!” *hangs up*

(I was left stunned, just staring at the phone. Had this guy not been driving drunk so often, “his” tax money would not have to be spent on the police investigation or the trial in the first place.)

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I start by saying that I have worked in a grocery store but I’m a customer in this story.

This happened during the summer in one of the stores I frequent for groceris.
I’m wearing a plain, lightly blue T-shirt which is somewhat similar to what the staff wears but my shirt lacks the name of the store printed on it.
I’m browsing an aisle when I hear a pair of customers trying to find the soft drinks and lemonades. I decide to speak up:
Me: “The aisle your looking for is 180 degreeds in your current direction”.
They turn around and looks in the right direction and spots the aisle.
1st customers: “Thank you”
Directly after the 1st customers have left me I’m approached by another pair of shoppers.
2nd customer: “Hello, where can we find the cleaning products aisle?”
Me: “It’s over here.”
2nd customer: “Thank you”
When they leave I can hear them giggle and realise I’m not working in this store.

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(I work as a sales rep for a large online retailer of IT prodcts. We sell mostly to other business. This call comes in)

Me: [Company Name], [My Name].

Customer: Hi, this is [Name], from [Company], I have a questions about a computer.

Me: Okay, let’s take a look, what’s the articlenumber for the computer? (customer gives me the articlenumber) Okay, great, I have it here, what was your question?

Customer: Yeah, what does it mean when it says that the computer comes pre-installed with Windows 7? Like, will it look like Windows 7? Because I don’t like Windows 8.

Me: Well, it means that the computer comes pre-installed with Windows 7 as the operating system.

Customer: Oh great! Thank you, that’s all I wanted to know! Bye! (hangs up).

Me (to the group I’m sitting with): Guys, you are not gonna belive my first call of the day!

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(This actually happened to my father who have been working at the same gas station for many years, until the attached convenience store, was recently was bought up by 7/11. A snotty-looking woman enters and looks around the relatively small shop floor and suddenly stops and yells to my father:)

Woman: “This isn’t a real 11/7!”

(Yes she did say it as “eleven-seven.”)

Father: “No, we only have part of the core products because we are so small.”

Woman: “But this isn’t a real 11/7!”

Father: “No, we only have part of the regular stock, because we cannot fit more.”

Woman: “But this isn’t a real 11/7!”

(This goes on for a fewmore rounds and she only say the same thing, until she finally adds:)

Woman: “I’ve been to Stockholm, they have real 11/7s!” *storms out, never to be seen again*

Searching Passively

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(When my daughter is about a year-and-a-bit old, she starts doing what every kid does sometimes: she starts to misplace her pacifiers often. For that reason, we have pacifiers designated for the cars, attached to the seats with straps, and at least one in the glove compartment. Every jacket I have has at least one in a pocket somewhere. At home, though, we have them all in the same place, so that whenever one is required, we at the very least know where to fetch one, even if it is sometimes very inconvenient to go there and get it. Our young one isn’t too keen on vocalising her desires, except when it comes to expressing severe displeasure. But she is d*** good at gestures and facial expressions. The normal procedure when she wants a pacifier is to bring one of us into her room and point at the storage box they are all stuffed in. On this occasion, we give her one, and she goes and sits on the sofa for a while, doing typical toddler things like trying the five hundred different ways one can sit on a sofa and finding none of them comfortable. Then she walks away and decides to do… God knows what. And she comes back a minute later… without the pacifier.)

Me: “Where is the pacifier?”

Daughter: *shrugs*

Me: “Where is the pacifier?”

Daughter: *surprised*

Me: “Did you lose the pacifier?”

Daughter: *confusion*

Me: “Fetch the pacifier.”

Daughter: *shakes head*

Me: “Show the pacifier.”

Daughter: *understanding*

(My wife and I both follow the young one into her room. She stands still, right at the centre of the floor.)

Me: “Where is the pacifier?”

(And with that she responded with a facial expression that I quickly decided meant, “Good lord almighty, what kind of stupid are the two of you, really? Don’t you know anything? Anything at all?” and pointed at the storage box. Her language perception wasn’t good enough for us to explain to her that, “Yes, that is the box with the pacifiers, but you had another, and we wanted to find that one,” so we settled for, “Yeah, you are absolutely right. You showed us where the pacifiers are. Good girl. Next time you need one, you can show grandma, too!” We never found that lost pacifier.)

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