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(My family and boyfriend are the customers in this story, we were renovating the house my family has just moved into and buying paint for our rooms, since my brother and I are in our twenties and our sister is in her late teens)
Me: I think I’ll get one of these mixed up in silk emulsion.
Brother: That’s more expensive than matt!
Me: It’s tougher than matt, that’s why.
Brother: No! I mean, you’d have to buy the matt as well as the silk and use the matt as a colour undercoat!
Boyfriend: No, that’s not how it goes.
Brother: Yes it is.
(I notice that an older man in the store’s uniform is behind my brother, listening with an incredulous look on his face)
Me: Sir, I’m sorry, would you mind lending your expertise?
Clerk: You need a white matt undercoat, but the colour coat can be whatever kind of emulsion you want.
Me: Also, who is in charge of the mixing service?
(He raises his hand, and I have the silk emulsion for one wall mixed with the other being an on the shelf blue)

We’re Not Really “Feeling” You, Either

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I am serving my notice period for a job. On a Monday, the guy hired to replace me starts. He’s apparently been out of work for a few months, due to some chronic medical issues. He does complain of feeling feverish and run down, and is wearing a wrist brace for an apparently long-standing strain injury. Overall, though, he seems keen to be back in a job.

On Tuesday, he isn’t in when I arrive. Our manager advises me that he’s called in sick, citing the fever he mentioned the previous day. We agree it’s not a great start to a new job, but one can’t plan for sickness, so we shrug it off.

I work from home on Wednesday, as the trains aren’t working. The new guy doesn’t answer any emails in the morning, and at lunch, my manager tells me that he hasn’t been in again due to something medical, but is due to be in for the afternoon.

On Thursday, I get in late — train issues again — and New Guy is, once again, not there. My manager fills me in on the details:

Wednesday morning, he had to make an urgent doctor’s appointment to get his inhaler refilled, as it had run out, and it’s something he really shouldn’t spend a whole day without. Once more, it’s something that doesn’t reflect hugely well, but it does seem reasonable enough.

While he was at the GP, however, he decided it was also worth the doctor taking a look at his wrist — yes, the one that had been injured for a least a month prior to starting this job. The result of this investigation necessitated a trip to the hospital for x-rays and other stuff, which my manager was promised would only delay his arrival until just before lunch.

Two hours after lunch, New Guy calls to say he’s gone home and won’t be in — all the excitement of the day has left him “not really feeling it” — but he swears up and down he’ll be in on Thursday.

When he does arrive Thursday morning, after consulting with the department head and HR, my manager politely tells him that it’s not working out.

It’s hard to feel too sorry for him, though; our contracts enforce a one-month paid notice period during the first six months of employment, which applies no matter who makes the decision to terminate your employment.

So, for a day’s training, a sick day, and a couple of medical appointments, the guy got about five weeks of pay.

Where Do You Think YOU Came From?

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(I work in a movie theater. My colleague is a short woman who is in her last trimester of her first pregnancy. Due to this combination, she cannot reach the row of ice cream tubs further away from her without crushing her baby. She is serving an elderly woman who asks for ice cream that she cannot reach.)

Colleague: “I’m sorry, I cannot reach that one because I’m pregnant.” *to me* “[My Name], could you finish this lady’s ice cream for me?”

Me: “No problem.”

(I take over and my colleague takes the payment. Not long after, the customer comes to me.)

Customer: “I just wanted to say that your colleague did not need to tell me she was pregnant. That’s disgusting!”

(I was too stunned to answer, but she seemed content with having said her piece and walked off.)

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(Since ‘takeaway’ is a broad term for fast food in the UK, if that’s what customers on the phone ask for I ask them to clarify if they want it delivered or if they’ll come collect it from us.) this kind of reply is becoming too regular an occurrence.)

Customer: Hi, could I order some food for takeaway please?

Me: Yes, of course! Would you like delivery or collection?

Customer: Yes.

Mismanaging That Situation

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(I work in a convenience store. A guy comes in and starts putting on a spare uniform.)

Me: “Sir, that’s for employees only.”

Guy: “I’m the manager here; who the h*** are you?”

Me: “Sir, I’m the manager here.”


Me: “Sir, calm down. Where do you work?”

Guy: *goes outside to check*

Me: *sighs* “Idiot…”