Even After Your Shift, They Find You…

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(I’ve just finished a very long shift at the convenience store I work at and forgot to pick up some bits before we closed. I go to a supermarket where their uniforms are similar to ours — green and black. I’m reading a label on some cat food down an aisle that is in view of the tills. However, my back is to the tills; my store’s logo is printed across the back of my jacket.)

Customer: “EXCUSE ME! I have been waiting at this till for ten minutes!”

Me: “Oh, I think there’s someone down the next aisle…”

Customer: “What?! How dare you?! I’m going to get you fired for this! I’ve been waiting and waiting; you need to come serve me now or your manager will hear about this!”

Me: “I don’t work here, you idiot.”

Customer: *literally screaming at this point* “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! WHERE’S YOUR MANAGER NOW?!”

(The employee down the next aisle is now trying to come to my aid, but the customer won’t listen.)

Me: “Probably at home, considering we finished twenty minutes ago! I don’t work here; look!” *turns so she can see my back* “I work at [My Store] and you’re in [This Store]! I have just done a ten-hour shift dealing with idiots like you. I am tired and hungry, so don’t start shouting at me because you’re a dumba** who can’t read the back of a jacket!”

(I stormed off after that to continue with my shopping. When I got to the till, the employee told me that the lady had demanded to see the manager, told him what happened, and demanded I was fired. The manager felt so sorry for me he told the employee to let me pick out a chocolate bar for free.)

Fragile Masculinity On Speakerphone

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(A coworker and I are checking inventory in the aisles. A few other coworkers are working in the stockroom.)

Coworker: *in stockroom, over headset* “Which one of you guys has a small one?”

(There is stunned silence, while a coworker near me and I look at each other funny.)

Coworker: *near me* “[Stockroom Coworker], I don’t think anyone is going to answer that.”

(Apparently, she wanted to ask who was using one of our small pallet jacks.)

Throwing Lies Around

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(I’m working at a busy time and there is a queue. Our tills have a small bagging area. I’m a fast worker, so I tend to scan items quite fast and pass them towards the customer. This is one customer I deal with.)

Me: “Hello there. Thanks for waiting. Would you like a bag?”

Customer: “Don’t call me an old bag!”

(I assume she’s joking. She asks for a big bag eventually, and goes to start packing while her daughter puts more shopping on. I scan at my usual pace to clear the belt enough for it to be loaded.)

Customer: “Look! She’s throwing my shopping at me now!”

(I’m taken aback and start scanning slower. I was by no means “throwing” it at her; I was scanning at a pace which allowed her to pack and which let her daughter reload.)

Me: “I’m sorry.”

(I keep scanning slowly, and the customer looks impatient waiting for each item. I realise I can’t win.)

Me: “Okay, that’ll be [total].”

Customer: *throws a note at me and says sarcastically* “Oh, sorry!”

You Can’t Copy And Paste Decency

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(I’m working in a supermarket deli near closing time when an older looking woman comes up to the counter. I’m alone except for a night manager and a few people at the cash registers and they’re all up towards the front of the store. We also have a pharmacist, but they closed hours before.)

Me: “What can I do for you?”

Customer: “I was wondering if you have a copy machine?”

Me: “We do. Why?”

(The machine is in the break-room and in all my years working there no one has ever asked me to use it.)

Customer: “I was wondering if you could scan and copy these documents for me. I want to keep them in my personal record but I don’t have a copy machine.”

(She hands me a couple small pieces of paper. I realize they look like medical prescriptions. I hand them back and tell her I can’t.)

Customer: “All I wanted was some copies! Why can’t anyone be decent anymore?!”

(She left and I told my store manager. Apparently she had come in a few times during the day and asked random associates to do so for her.)

Aging Of Innocence

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(I’m cashiering in the early morning. An older man comes through my line and as usual I try to be friendly, polite, and provide the best service I can.)

Customer: *after I’ve finished scanning and bagging about all his things* “You know you’re a real sweetheart, and do a great job!”

Me: *smiling, as the compliment seems genuine and kind* “Thank you, sir, your total is [total]. Would you like help out to your car today?”

(He declines, pays, and I hand over his change.)

Customer: *as I hand over his bags* “If I was sixty years younger, I’d try to kiss you!”

(I’m quite shocked at this. Yes, I am a young woman in college, but I’ve never had something like this happen.)

Me: *giving a little fake chuckle* “Have a great morning, sir.”

(He laughed and walked away. I stood at my register still in slight shock. I’d heard about stuff like this happening but I honestly felt really flustered and embarrassed. In all honestly, though, I’m sure the customer didn’t mean to offend me and was just trying to be sweet.)

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