The Grades Reflect The Attitude

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I’m in line to buy groceries, and the woman in front of me is chatting with the cashier, who appears to still be in high school. I am in middle school.

Cashier: “Yeah, my grades have become absolute s*** these days.”

Woman: *Chuckles* “Careful, you shouldn’t curse around kids.”

Cashier: *Not even noticing me* “Oh, I don’t give a f***.”

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[I am at the tills and a customer approaches me with an item she wants to bring back. She also has a basket full of shopping.]

Me: Okay, I have returned your [item], so that’ll be £16.99 going back to you. Would you like me to put your shopping through the same transaction?

Woman: Yes please!

[I scan her shopping through]

Woman: And is that at zero now?

Me: No – there’s still £5.96 going back to you.

Woman: Okay. Let me go and find something else.

[She leaves the till – bear in mind there is a queue building – and rushes to grab something from an aisle. A minute or so later she returns with a few items. I scan them through]

Me: That’s still £2.56 going back to you.

Woman: Really? I’ll find something else I might need.

[Again she rushes off. She takes a little longer this time, and comes back with things from the very back of the shop.]

Woman: Okay. What is it now?

Me: It’s 10p going back to you.

Woman: Ugh. What is there around here for 10p?

Me: [with a dead-pan expression] Two carrier bags?

[She actually bought the carrier bags so she didn’t have any money to go back to her. I have absolutely no idea why it was so important for the balance to level out at £0.00 … luckily I had patient customers who were as baffled and amused as I was!]

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(I’m just getting into work when my coworker, who is scheduled out when I get in, is explaining to me that the woman on kiosk 2 wants a DVD and 400 pictures printed. The woman then stands up with her phone to her ear and stares at us.)

Coworker 1: (to me) I think she needs help.

Me: (to customer): What can I do for you?

Customer: I just picked all the pictures I wanted but, it’s asking me to crop them.

Me: Yep! Depending on the size of your picture, it will have to crop it. I recommend manually cropping them though, auto-crop will randomly select it and you may not get a good picture.

Customer: But, I don’t want to crop it. I want my whole picture.

Me: I’m sorry, unfortunately you have to crop it to a 4×6 size. It depends too, on how large the picture itself is.

Customer: (she notices my other coworker walking by to help a customer) I don’t want your help, I want his!

(So I leave to let coworker #2 help her. He ends up calling over coworker #1 to assist him in explaining why we have to crop photos because she didn’t believe him either. She says she’ll get her prints done somewhere else but, will still get a DVD. They help her get it ordered and I’m currently working on getting it burned. She keeps standing at my counter asking how long it will be every couple of minutes. It’s over a thousand pictures that I have to burn to the DVD. Which takes about 10 minutes. She decides to leave a get a few more things. Her DVD is done, coworker 1 has gone home and coworker 3 has come in for the day.)

Customer: Can I pay for my other stuff here too?

Me: Absolutely!

Customer: I need to check this DVD to make sure all my pictures are on it before I pay for it.

Me: Of course! Go right ahead!

(She goes over to the kiosks but, notices the one she was using is now being used by another customer, all but one kiosk is being used. However she doesn’t want to use that one.)

Customer: All the other cashiers tell me to check the DVD but, YOU! Do you have computers behind your counter I can use to check this?

Me: I’m sorry, we do, but customers aren’t allowed behind the counter. I could check the DVD for you but, I’m not sure what all the pictures you wanted on there were.

Customer: This is absolutely ridiculous! This is the worst customer service I’ve experienced! Get me a manager so I can talk to them about it! (So I call a manager over; she says she’ll be a minute. So the customer decides to call her husband:) “Hi. Yeah so I just experienced the WORST customer service in my life! We’re never shopping here again. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home!”

(The manager comes over and talks to the woman who says “I know it’s not their fault I have to crop photos but, I’m 40 years old and have never had to do this before!” She bashes me for being a horrible person and demands to be compensated. The manager goes away from the customer to make a phone call to another manager to ask her opinion on what to do, I walk over to ask if I could talk to her after. The manager tells me that they’re giving the woman her $5.99 DVD for free and a $10 gift card and says she’ll meet with me after to hear out my side. After the woman left, coworker 2 says to me “Why did she complain about you?! You did nothing wrong!”. When the manager comes back, coworker 2 & 3, and I all explained what really happened. She believed us and apparently the woman is a frequent complainer for ridiculous things.)

So Much For Being Forgettable

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Mum: “I need you kids to go into [Supermarket] and get some cinnamon.”

Me: “But you were just there.”

Mum: “I can’t go in twice.”

Me: “It’s a big shop; no one will notice.”

Mum: “Yes, they will.”

Me: “No, they won’t.”

Mum: “This one employee will; he made a bad joke, so I swore at him in French and ran away.”

Me: “Mum, you never learn from your mistakes, do you?”

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(So I’m fairly new to cashiering, but apparently I pretty good at it. Our training courses tell us several ways to avoid injuring ourselves on the job for obvious reasons. One of the ways is to not reach farther than 17 inches to assist a customer, so not reaching/bending over the little ramp we slide products down to the bagging area is one of the things we shouldn’t really do. I’ve already been slightly scolded for doing this as I try to be as helpful and quick as I can be. I have this family come through my line, two separate orders, the first two customers are a couple and the next an older woman. The first order goes pretty well, but as I move to the older woman’s order, the younger woman hasn’t moved her cart out of my lane yet. The man’s at the bagging area bagging the older woman’s purchases as I scan and slide them down. As I come to the order’s end, the older woman says she has bags of ice, which I’ve noticed already but have waiting for the other woman to mover her cart so I can come around with my scan gun and stickers and finish the order.)

Man: “Can you bend over and scan those?”

Me: “Not really, sir, I can come around if-” (I start to offer to come around and scan the bags, smiling politely, as I’d rather not bend over the ramp and get scolded by a manager again.)

(The man sighs loudly, interrupting me and moves to lift one of the bags slightly so the scan bar is showing and I can scan, which I do, several times to amount for each bag of ice, smiling still.)

Me: “Okay ma’am, that’ll be [total].” (The older woman starts sorting through her money and the younger woman moves her cart finally. I grab some stickers for the ice bags and quickly come around the register, ramp and bagging area to stick on the stickers, placing a few of the left over bags into her cart as well, trying to be helpful.)

Man: (as I move back to the register, irritated) “Why didn’t you do that before?”

Me: (sweetly) “I’m sorry sir, I was just waiting for your other cart to be moved.” (He remains quiet after that, looking as if now in a hurry to leave.)

(The older woman gives me her money and I open the drawer and give her change, then I give my whole usual parting spiel. Carry out service?, Great day, etc. The whole family leaves pretty quietly and quickly without another word. Oops, I guess?)