To Give Credit Where Debit Is Due

| Singapore | Working | December 6, 2014

(My card is a debit card with a limited credit facility. As it was introduced only a couple months’ prior, I usually have to explain this to cashiers whenever I make a payment, as well as indicate that I would like to pay with the debit or credit feature.)

Cashier: “That would be [amount].”

Me: *hands over card* “Master debit, please.”

Cashier: “What? Nets or Master?”

Me: “Master debit.”

Cashier: “Okay. Master.”

(She swipes the card and the options for Credit and Debit came on the screen, with Credit as the default.)

Me: *quickly* “Debit!”

Cashier: “Okay.”

(The cashier presses enter to approve the transaction using Credit. The receipt comes out and she hands it to me.)

Me: “No, no, I said ‘Debit’. I said it a few times!”

Cashier: *shrug* “I don’t know how to choose debit or credit. I just push the button. You wanted debit? You should have said so earlier.”

Me: “I did! A few times! Now you need to reverse the charge and re-do the transaction.”

Cashier: “I don’t know how to. Just take your stuff and go. It’s not like you’ve been charged the wrong amount. Why do you want to make me work so hard?”

Me: “No. Call your manager. Now.”

(The manager arrives and I explain the situation, with the cashier vehemently protesting that she had been right all the while and I was the one who was causing trouble.)

Manager: “[Cashier], you were briefed that there was this card. In fact, you went through training just yesterday to ensure that you know how to use the credit card terminal. It was your mistake! Now, you need to cancel this transaction and re-do everything correctly.”

Cashier: “But I don’t know how.”

Manager: “Fine, I’ll do it. You watch and learn.”

(The manager proceeds to cancel my transaction and then re-scans my items and swipes my card.)

Manager: “Now, how do I choose the debit option?”

Me: *sighs* “Can you let me see the terminal? Okay, press the down arrow there. Now you see that ‘Debit’ is highlighted? Okay, push the ‘OK’ button.”

(My transaction finally went through, but I didn’t dare to use that particular card until a few months later!)

Or You Just Had A REALLY Bad Breakup

| MN, USA | Working | December 4, 2014

(I usually make desserts for the place I work at, which is a small, family owned restaurant. I usually buy ingredients at the local supermarket. This weekend is a holiday, so I’m preparing to make a ton of cake and pies for the shop. I’m currently at the local supermarket, getting supplies.)

Cashier: *recognizing me from my work* “Oh, hey! You’re that girl who makes cakes and pies for [Restaurant]!”

Me: “Yeah, I am.”

Cashier: “Oh, they’re always so good. Are you still baking?”

Me: *looking at the 10 boxes of cake mix and about 20 tubs of whipped topping she’s currently ringing me out for* “Um… Yeah. I am.”

Happy Hypocritical Holidays!

| Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Right | December 1, 2014

(I’m waiting for a supermarket to open. It’s a public holiday and so the opening hours are a bit different to normal.)

Lady: “Why is it taking so long to open?”

Me: “It’s a public holiday. They open later than normal.”

Lady: “But it’s a Monday! They should be opening at regular time. I’ve been here almost an hour!”

Me: “So you’re going to work today?”

Lady: “Pfft, no, it’s a holiday. No one works on holidays.”

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Grand Theft Innocence, Part 12

| Kolding, Denmark | Right | November 28, 2014

(It is shortly after the EU release of the popular video game ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’ I have just gotten off from work, and am walking through the supermarket I work at to get to the employee exit. I have just entered the beverage section of the supermarket, when suddenly a guy around the age of 18 comes crashing into one of the beverages coolers on a three-wheel kids bike.)

Me: “Whaa-”

(Before i get to react, he turns his head to me, still sitting on the bike, and looks at me.)

Customer: “Yo, give me all your money, b****!”

(I just stand completely confused, when suddenly he turns his head back down the aisle he came from.)

Customer: “Aww, f***, they are on to me!”

(He quickly pedals away from me on the little bike, followed by a girl I presumed to be his girlfriend running after him. She faces me shortly before running after him.)

Customer’s Girlfriend: “I’m so sorry. He has been playing that new Grand Theft Auto game all week.”

Customer: *a couple of aisles away* “You ain’t getting me punk!”

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Date Updated

| Reading, England, UK | Right | November 24, 2014

(I get home from work to find my wife (who gets home before me) has unpacked the shopping which has been delivered.)

Me: “What do you want for tea?”

Wife: “We were going to have macaroni but we’ll have to have the chicken biryani instead because it goes out of date today. There were six things which go out today, which is outrageous.”

Me: “I thought they were supposed to inform you when they gave you things with today’s use-by date?”

Wife: “So did I. So I rang them up to complain. Such a nice lady, she apologised and gave us a refund on each of these articles.”

Me: “Nice of her.” *goes to fridge* “What, this chicken Biryani? Doesn’t go out of date until Saturday.”

(Today is Thursday.)

Wife: “What! But it distinctly says: use by the 12th.”

Me: “Yes, and today’s the 10th.”

Wife: “Oops.”

(She rang the supermarket back and was really apologetic about it. The woman at the other end was so happy to receive an apologetic phone call she let us keep the refund.)

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