I Have An Ice Cream Dream

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(We are having a heatwave at the moment. As I am shopping, I pass a small girl and what I assume is her grandmother. The grandmother is carrying two boxes of ice lollies, each containing 12 lollipops.)

Grandmother: “Right. We need to get these home before they melt.”

Granddaughter: “Or we could just eat them now.”

(I admire her ambition.)

That’s A Wheely Inconsiderate Thing To Do

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In our local store, they have around six or seven wheelchair trolleys. These are trolleys that are designed exclusively for wheelchairs. They clip onto the front of wheelchairs. They are not for any other use — for example, invisible disabilities — as they need the counterweight of the wheelchair to be stable. They are small and nowhere near as good as normal trolleys, but for wheelchair users like me, they are the only way I can shop. There are also only a few of these, in contrast to several hundred standard trolleys in various sizes.

The last few times I went to the shop, I noticed they weren’t in their normal place, so I popped to customer service to ask if they had been moved. That is where I found out that some able-bodied customers have discovered that trolleys normally require £1 coins, but these particular trolleys do not. So, instead of bringing £1 coins with them or using the baskets, they have started using these trolleys. Finding this easy, it seems that they have told others about their “trick” to avoid having to bring coins, and within a week or so, it has gone from many being available, to waiting up to 20 minutes for someone to take them to their car and unpack. And, of course, they get dumped in the car park instead of being returned, and I cannot safely cross the car park to get them myself.

I took a look around and quickly confirmed it was true; people were using them without wheelchairs. When I asked one of them if I could use her trolley, she seemed offended by it and said I could have it after she was done. A worker had to retrieve it from the car park.

It has been an utterly frustrating experience, showing the ignorance of some towards those with disabilities. But, I will be contacting the stores to compliment the customer service staff who told me about the issue, and did everything in their power to find one for me, including sending the staff member to get them from the car park.

Terrible Twos Become The Talkative Threes

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(One regular family we have coming into the store has a little boy who is a cutie and actually well-behaved, except for only saying one word: “No!” No matter what we say to him, we get back, “No!” with a big grin.)

Me: “Hi, [Boy]!”

Boy: “No!”

Me: “How are you doing?”

Boy: “No!”

Me: “Having fun with your mom?”

Boy: “No!”

(Until one day, he and his mom come in. I’m alone up front, as it’s a very quiet morning. I expect the usual with, “Hello, [Boy]!”)

Boy: *in a nice, shy voice* “Hello!”

(I turn toward the boy and his mom with a shocked look on my face and clasp my chest.)

Me: “He must have turned three!”

Teaching Manners To Adults Means Something Went Wrong

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(I’m standing in the queue at a popular supermarket chain. It’s busy, and I’ve got my four-year-old daughter with me in her pushchair. She’s clutching a pack of kids drinks I’m about to buy her, and she asks me if she can have one, to which I reply, “Wait until we’ve paid for them,” which she accepts and goes back to sitting there quietly. Her pushchair is a special-needs one, so it takes up more room than the average pushchair, and as we are backing up against one of the shelves and there are a fair few people behind me, I leave a small gap in front of me so people can get through. Then, a woman comes and stands in the gap in front of me, and the following exchange happens:)

Me: “Excuse me, the queue is back here.”

Customer: *ignores me*

Me: “Hey, I’m talking to you, woman in the green t-shirt who is pretending she can’t hear me.”

Customer: *turning round* “Oh, I’ve only got one thing and I’ve got to get back to work. Let me go in front of you.” *I only have two things myself*

Me: “Here’s the thing. I’ve just been telling my daughter that she needs to be patient until she can have her drink because we haven’t paid for them yet, and she’s been sitting here quietly waiting. If I let you go in front of me, what kind of message does that send her?”

Customer: “Well, I’m not moving. What are you going to do about it?”

Me: *loudly* “Well, there’s nothing I can do, if you are okay with having worse manners than a four-year-old.”

(At this point everyone in the queue was staring at her and giving her dirty looks. She looked embarrassed and slumped off to the back of the queue, muttering to herself.)

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I work as a contractor in a very specialised field. I’ve had to drive 2 hours from the city in live in to fix a problem in another town as they don’t have anyone qualified. I’m not in the best of mood to begin with as the job is a callout and I’ve been smashed with callouts all week.

I’m in the deli department doing a repair and I will point out I’m scuffy, unshaven and wearing tradie gear so I look nothing like the staff in there clean white uniforms.

There is a line of customers and only one staff member serving. I’m going about my repair when I hear a mid 40’s lady going excuse me.

I ignore her for a bit but she is persistent.

Me: Sorry I don’t work her, just a contractor.

Lady: Quarter a roast chook.

Me: *pointing to staff member* she works here, you have to wait.

Lady: I want the leg piece.

Me: Look lady I don’t work for here, see the tools, uniform, my hands. Dirty hands, fixing things. You don’t want me touching your food.

Lady: Gross, you need to wash your hands. How can you work here without washing your hands.

Me: I don’t!

Lady: I’m going to write and letter to complain.

Another customer: Are you stupid, he obviously does not work here.

Wish I could say this doesn’t happen regularly.

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