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(It is company policy not to return baby milk (both powdered and liquid) for safety reasons. Even if the seal is on the milk, we cannot guarantee it hasn’t been tampered with. This causes a few issues, as people get quite angry when they’re told we will not refund them for the milk. It should be noted that these products are sold in every supermarket and locally owned corner shop. Also, the Supermarket I work for put security tags on their clothes disguised in the form of little cardboard tags that have the brand name on, and have security tags inside. My coworker deals with this lady.)

Customer: Hi, I brought this baby milk and found the weirdest thing inside when I opened it! It’s quite dangerous in my opinion. Is it ok to get a refund?

Coworker: Well it’s actually company policy not to return milk for any reason. What was wrong with it?

Customer: I found one of your security tags inside when I opened it!

Coworker: Errrr.. Ok. So the seal was broken already?

Customer: No, that’s the weird thing! The seal was intact. Here, I have my receipt for it.

(My coworker rang a manager. Unfortunately, despite the fact she was obviously lying in order to get a refund, we couldn’t accuse her of it due to “keeping the customer happy”. The manager said to just refund it but to take down her details. I get that’s it’s annoying if you pick up the wrong milk, and can’t get a refund. But at least come up with a plausible lie!!)

When An Express Lane Is Not An Express Lane

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(I am a customer in the 15 or fewer lane. In front of me there’s a lady with way over 30 items in her basket. To make it even worse, she’s on her phone as her turn arrives, and picks 15 items from her basket to the counter.)

Cashier: “Will that be all?”

(The lady on the phone doesn’t acknowledge her, and just nods, so the cashier puts the basket away.)

Cashier: “Next in line?”

(As I go and run my products through, the lady is standing still there finishing the call, and cuts in during my purchase.)

Customer: “Hey, I’m not done. What did you do to the rest of my stuff?”

Cashier: “You just picked 15, so i assumed that’s what you were buying.”

Customer: “No, this is a 15 lane, so I need to pass all my products 15 at a time. I’m buying all of it.”

(And that’s how I witnessed a customer who believed they had bypassed the system.)

Not Worth Moan(a)ing About

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(My boyfriend and I are hanging around the toy section of a supermarket. There is a stuffed Hei Hei [the derpy chicken from “Moana”] that makes noise when you press it. Of course, my boyfriend presses it, and the chicken screams. We have gone further down the store, and can still hear it screaming.)

Me: “You unleashed the evilest thing in the store.”

Boyfriend: *singing* “Well, what can I say except ‘you’re welcome’? I made you laugh; I’m off the hook. Get it?”

Keeping That Laundry Protected

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(I work in a highly Latin neighborhood, and many of my customers cannot speak a lick of English. My mother shops at a store next door to my plaza, and she has found that many of their employees are Latinos who are still learning English. I decide to join her after work one day.)

Mom: “I’m looking for the thing you put on the hose in the washing machine, but I don’t know what it’s called. Half the staff here don’t know, either; trust me, I’ve tried.”

(We continue shopping until my mother spots a middle-aged Caucasian woman.)

Mom: “Thank goodness! You’re white! I’m looking for laundry condoms.”

Reading Too Much Into This Reading Thing

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(All our boneless, skinless chicken breasts are buy one, get one free. Included are regular, thin sliced, tenders, and family packs. We have small signs in front of all the boneless, and big signs on sign holders standing up in the case. A woman picks up two packages of chicken WINGS from further down the case and wants them for the buy one, get one free offer.)

Woman: “But why can’t I get these? The signs there say ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ and I want these wings!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but the offer is only on boneless, skinless chicken BREASTS, not all the chicken at this time. See? The signs over here mention everything that’s included.”

Woman: “Well, that’s ridiculous! I want my wings for free! People shouldn’t have to READ when they shop!”

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