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(I am waiting in the checkout line at the register in my local supermarket. The customer before me doesn’t put his items away and when the cashier tells him the amount he has to pay, the following situation happens)

Cashier: That will be [amount].
Customer: Oh ok.
Cashier: *waiting for him to pay*
Customer: Oh and one pack of [cigarette brand] please.
Cashier: Ok, that will be [amount].
Customer: Oh and one lottery ticket please.
Cashier: *sighs* Ok, that will be [amount]

(It takes the customer what seems like ages to pull out his wallet. He hands her a 10€ bill. Note: Alone the pack of cigarettes and the lottery ticket cost more than €10. When he finally manages to pay the full amount, he takes ages to pack his items, so the cashier isn’t able to scan my purchases because my items would get mixed up with his. We’re both waiting patiently for him to pack up and leave. After about what feels like a hundred years he’s finally able to leave the store.)

Cashier: *turns to me* Well, you know… some people just don’t recognize that there are other people waiting in line. I’m so sorry!
Me: Don’t you worry, it’s not your fault. I sure hope that there aren’t any customers complaining about things that are clearly not your fault.

A Cereal Timewaster

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(Wandering around the supermarket, I come across a young woman wearing a shirt that has the same off-green colour as the employees’ shirts. She’s stopped with a trolley and typing steadily on her phone.)

Me: “Excuse me, miss?”

Woman: *doesn’t respond*

Me: “Ma’am, can you please–”

Woman: “Don’t work here. Go away.”

Me: “But–”

Woman: *raising her voice to a shout* “What is wrong with all you people? Are you r*****ed? I said I don’t f****** work here!”

Me: “Awesome, but you’re blocking the [Cereal].”

(The woman actually looked up from her phone, looked behind her, and forcefully pushed her trolley a few meters to the side. She folded her arms and glared at me.)

Maybe There Was A Reason They Didn’t Call You Back

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(I used to live in a small town and worked as a cashier at the only supermarket in the town. Three years ago I moved away from that town to the big city, which is roughly a five-hour drive. I recently went back to the small town for a family reunion and went to the store I used to work at to say hello to all my former colleagues, and to do some shopping. That is when this takes place.)

Customer: *grabbing me on the shoulder and turning me around* “It was him! He’s the one I’ve been telling you about! You need to fire him!”

Me: “Huh?”

(A manager approaches, not the one from when I worked here.)

Manager: “I can assure you, ma’am, that he doesn’t work here.”

Customer: “He does so! Stop lying and fire the little S.O.B!”

Me: “He’s right; I don’t work here.”

Customer: “Yes, you do! But not for much longer!”

Manager: “What is your issue with him?”

Customer: “Around three and a half years ago, I lost my debit card in here; I told this little S.O.B about it when he was on the service kiosk, and he took down my details, but he never called me back to tell me about my card! Fire him now!”

Me: “I haven’t worked for the company for three and a half years; they can’t fire someone who left a while ago.”

Customer: “You listen to me. I am the customer, so I am right! You are fired! Get out of my sight.”

Me: *to the manager, who is gobsmacked* “The one thing I don’t miss about this job is the angry rude customers with bad B.O. I’m sorry she has ruined your shift, buddy.”

Customer: “How dare you?!”

Me: “Don’t worry. I don’t work here anymore, so you won’t have to be served by me again!”

Customer: “Are you going to fire him?!”

Manager: “Considering he doesn’t work for the company, I can’t fire him.”

Customer: “I shall be shopping elsewhere, then!”

(After she left, the manager and I did have a good laugh about that.)

Short-Changed By Mismanagement

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(I am a bright-eyed new cashier at 18, working at a large supermarket for the summer before my first year of college. After a few days of training, I am released to my own register. My manager comes over to tell me to turn off my light and go to break after the line is gone, so I do. As I am leaving my register, a man comes up.)

Customer: “Hey! You! You open?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I’m actually going on break.”

Customer: “I only have a few things. Please? I’m in a hurry.”

(He puts his items on my register.)

Me: *not wanting a customer complaint* “Uh. Well. My manager told me to go to break.”

Customer: “Five minutes. That’s all it’s going to take.”

Me: “Okay” *rings him out* “Your total is $19.”

Customer: “All I have is a $50.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I hold the money up to the light, then use the counterfeit pen.)

Customer: “You think I have fake money?”

Me: “We’re supposed to check all bills $20 and larger.”

Customer: “I’ve never seen anyone do that.”

Me: “Well, they should be. But you pass! Your change is $31.”

(My manager approaches.)

Manager #1: “[My Name]! You were supposed to go on break.”

Me: “Oh, I know. This gentleman just—”

Customer: “She shorted me!”

(We both turn to look at him, now red in the face.)

Me: “What? No, I just counted your change back: $31 out of $50.”

Customer: “You’re calling me a liar?”

Me: “No! I just… I counted it… I…” *flustered sputtering*

Customer: “I only see $11. You owe me $20!”

Me: “I just counted it out to you. Did it drop on the floor?”

Manager #1: “[My Name], you need to be more careful with your change!”

(My manager then opens my drawer and hands the man $20.)

Manager #1: “Now, go on your break!”

(The next day I come to work and another manager calls me into the office.)

Manager #2: “[My Name], was yesterday your first day on the register?”

Me: “Um, well, by myself, yes.”

Manager #2: “You know we count drawers each night, right?”

Me: “Yes.” *I can feel my face growing hot* “Why?”

Manager #2: “Last night your drawer came up $20 short. That’s a write-up.”

Me: “It wasn’t my fault.”

Manager #2: “How’s that?”

(I tell him the story, complete with counting back the man’s change and the other manager just opening the drawer and giving him the money without question.)

Manager #2: “So, [Manager #1] just handed over the money?”

Me: “Yes.”

Manager #2: “She should have counted the drawer right then and there.”

Me: “Well, I didn’t want to argue. I was trying to go on break. She was already coming back to tell me to go again, and I—”

Manager #2: “Okay, calm down. I’m going to hold on to this write-up. I’ll talk to [Manager #1] and check the tapes. If what you’re saying is true, I’ll shred this write-up and we’ll pretend this whole thing never happened. But if you’re lying, you might be terminated for false accusations and theft. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

(I left the office, shaking. I never heard anything else about the incident, so I can only assume someone saw I was telling the truth. The first manager was very cold to me for the next few months until she was transferred to another department. That incident was years ago and I was very unprepared to handle it, but it did teach me an important life lesson!)

An In-Crease In Crazy Demands

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(On my till, I often have some bags resting on top. It is around the Christmas period so I have some big bags on the top of the till because a lot of people have been asking for them. An old woman approaches my till and points to the large bags on the top of the till. They’re folded so you can’t really see the size.)

Customer: “Can I have one of your bags, please?”

Me: “Of course. A large or small bag?”

Customer: “Small.”

(The cashier before me has saved time and opened a load of small bags and stored them inside a bigger bag beneath the till. I take one of these out and scan it through for the lady.)

Customer: “Oh. Don’t I get a new one?”

Me: “This is a new bag. They’ve just already been opened, so it is a little creased, but I can assure you it is new.”

Customer: “I want a new one.”

(I don’t argue. Instead, I take one off the shelf below the till which is nice and flat. I don’t bother to point out that by the time she’s opened it and packed her stuff that it’ll be as creased as the other one I offered.)

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