Can’t Do Anything To Sweeten This Up

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(I work as the cake decorator in the bakery of a well known supermarket. This incident happens on a Tuesday — not one of our busy days — and I’m just working on making back-up cakes for the freezer. A lady comes up and says she has a question.)

Customer: “Can I order a cake and have it done today?”

Me: “It depends on the cake, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Customer: “Okay, well, I want this one.” *points to a two-tier detailed cake in the book*

Me: “Okay, not a problem. When would you like it by?”

Customer: “Noon.” *note, it’s currently 11:30 in the morning*

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t have it done that soon, but I can do it by 12:30 at the earliest.”

Customer: “Really? Why can’t you have it done by noon? I NEED it by noon!”

Me: “I’m really sorry, ma’am. It takes a little time for a cake like that but I’d you’d like I can have it done by—”

Customer: “Jesus Christ! What good are you? Fine! I’ll just get a different one.”

(She proceeded to order a smaller much simpler cake, that could have been done in the half hour she gave me, to be picked up by four…)


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(To add context, this was just after New Years where we still have a rush. As a high end super market we tend to get a higher caliber of customers. I am 19 in this but I look much younger which usually served to save me.
Customer 1 had come back to put her things through and then needed a pen, as she never had one and mine had been taken by a colleague I was looking around for a pen when Customer 2 gave me hers. I handed it back with a smile)

Me: thank you!


Me: Ma’am I did, but I have a soft voice, people can’t always hear me. Thank you for lending me your pen!


Me: Ma’am I did say thank you and I’m sorry you didn’t hear..I swear that i said thank you


Me: Ma’am I’m sorry

Customer 2: YOU DIDNT EVEN LOOK AT ME ITS ALL ABOUT BODY LANGUAGE!! I DEMAND TO SEE YOUR MANAGER (string of abuse aimed in my direction)

Me: y-yes Ma’am.

(My manager – who looks as formidable as a dragon and acts it too – came over, with the whole store watching)

Manager: Ma’am I promise that [my name] is always polite…


(I had assumed as she hated me so much that I was not worthy of touching her stuff. So silently and write upset I pushed all her stuff through being careful as she slammed it into her bags. All the while she is yelling abuse at me and manager)

Manager: why don’t we give you free flowers to make up for it?


(This continued on for about 10 minutes, with the personal attacks at me. I always have said please and thank you, and always made sure to say it and this really shook me.)

Customer 2: Just F****** DEAL WITH HER! (She left at this point still yelling out her job in the way people do to show they are better)

Coworker: [myname] are you ok? Let’s close your till! Just think she has to actually live with herself!

Me: I-I don’t want her to win…please…

Customer 3: sweetie are you ok? (To her husband) can you get someone to get her a glass of water? (Back to me) she was well out of order are you alright?

Me: t-thank you (I had began crying after keeping it in for the entire time Customer 2 was there)

Customer 3: I worked in customer services, I never had someone as crazy as her. You handled her pretty well…but you need a break play sweetie? Let me get your manager so she knows you were not at fault!

(I never saw customer 2 again – I hope she got home and realised what she did. I also never saw Customer 3 again but I can’t thank her enough for possibly saving my job.)

You Say Tomato, I Say “Check Your Car”

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(I am cashing my till up at work right as I was about to clock off, and this customer I’d served a couple of hours before comes storming in.)

Customer: “You! You forgot to put my tomatoes in my bag!”

(She proceeds to throw her ripped receipt onto the counter and points out the apparent missing tomatoes.)

Me: “Uh, I see. Well, that doesn’t sound very much like me, and I put away the dump stock earlier and there wasn’t any tomatoes there. I’ll just have to get my supervisor to help you out.”

(I explain the situation to my supervisor as the lady continues to rant about how “she took a shower and had to come back in her track suit.” The supervisor tells the lady to go and get herself some more tomatoes, and she does so. While she’s gone my supervisor asks the manager on duty what she should do.)

Manager: “Just give them to her; it’s not a big deal.”

(Even though I probably should’ve just let it go, I couldn’t stand the thought of this lady so bluntly accusing me.)

Me: “Can you please just check? I won’t be able to sleep tonight never knowing if I was right.”

(He begrudgingly complies. As I’m about to leave he calls us on the phone from upstairs and I pick up.)

Manager: “Hey, you totally did put them in her bag. Don’t let her have them.”

(Satisfied, I say to the lady who has now returned to the counter with her new tomatoes and a few other items.)

Me: “According to the cameras I actually did put the tomatoes in your bag; are you sure you didn’t drop them on the way to your car? Or they didn’t fall out in your car?”

Customer: “I obviously already checked my car. I’m not stupid.”

(My supervisor is over it at this point, and just lets the lady have the tomatoes. As she’s leaving she says:)

Customer: “If I find them I’ll come back!”

(I go upstairs to clock off, and come back down again to leave through the front doors. As I’m about to exit, my supervisor calls my name, and points to the bag of tomatoes on the counter.)

Supervisor: “Yeah, they were in her car.”

Would Have Been Prudent To Look That Up Before Asking

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(The customer in front of me is paying for her groceries and notices the cashier’s name tag.)

Customer: “Oh, ‘Prudence,’ what a lovely name!”

Cashier: “Thank you, ma’am.”

Customer: “What does it mean?”

Cashier: “It means ‘wisdom’ or ‘good judgment.’”

Customer: “Wonderful! And what language is it?”

Cashier: “Umm… English.”

Not A Big Fan Of Labels

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(It’s quite a quiet day with just a steady trickle of customers. It’s all nice and quiet until a woman approaches me with her little basket full of goodies. She seems the typical “I’m too good to be shopping here” customer, but I remain pleasant as always. I scan her items through, and reach a couple of tins of beans.)

Customer: “Check that they’re two tins for £1.50.”

(I scan them through.)

Me: “Sorry. They’re [price] each.”

Customer: “No. It said on the shelf that there were two for £1.50!”

(Usually I call another member of staff from the floor to check prices, but it is quiet and the tinned food aisle isn’t too far away. I go and check it myself. I find a sign clearly stating that only one variety of beans are in the deal. The sort she picked up was next to them, with their own clear label. I take the labels off the shelf and take them back to the woman at the till. I show them to her.)

Me: “Sorry about the wait. I checked, and unfortunately it is only the [Brand #1] beans which are in the deal; these are [Brand #2], so they’re [price].”

Customer: *in a condescending tone* “Well, yes, the labels would say that now, wouldn’t they! I won’t take them.”

(I rung her up and waved her on her way. I didn’t point out that I did not have a label printer concealed down my t-shirt just to fix prices of baked beans…)

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