Totally Hung-Over It

| Ayr, Scotland, UK | Working | March 14, 2017

(I am 19 years old and on holiday in Ayr with my family. I have a bit of a hangover (the drinking age in Scotland is 18, and I am from Scotland myself). We have gone to the supermarket to pick up some food and I go to a checkout to buy some paracetamol for my hangover headache.)

Cashier: “Can I see your ID, please?”

Me: “Sure.” *hands over my driving license*

Cashier: “I can’t sell these to you.”

Me: “Huh? Why?”

Cashier: “You’re not 25.”

Me: “So? It’s challenge 25. That means if someone looks younger than 25, they have to provide ID to prove they are old enough, which I am.”

Cashier: “No. You have to be 25 to buy these.”

Me: “Are you joking? I have a hangover from LEGALLY drinking alcohol last night. I could be married and have children LEGALLY. I can gamble and smoke if I want to. But I can’t get a god-d*** painkiller to get rid of my headache!?”

Cashier: “No. You can’t. You have to be 25. I’m not selling them to you. Leave.”

Me: “F*** this. I’ll get my dad to buy them. I can’t be f***ed with this.”

(I did have to get my dad to buy them. Still infuriates me to this day that she didn’t have a bloody clue on the challenge 25 policy. I should have asked for her manager, but I was so hungover I just wanted it to be over with.)

Has No ID-ea What They’re Talking About

| England, UK | Working | March 13, 2017

(I decided to pick up a couple of beers for the weekend with my shopping. My daughter is in tow “helping” me pack the shopping.)

Cashier: “ID.”

Me: *only half hearing her*

Cashier: “I need your ID.”

Me: *faking a smile* “Here you go.”

(She stares at the card, then at me, then at the card again…)

Cashier: “Hmm, okay. How old is she?”

Me: “Huh? Four.”

Cashier: “Okay, I will let you off this time.”

(I’m not sure how she “let me off” as I was more than old enough. Thankfully I never saw her again.)

Losing The Cashier Lottery

| England, UK | Working | March 13, 2017

(My wife has taken our three-year-old daughter out shopping. She decides to pick up a scratch card. As with most things we do, we encourage our daughter to recognise letters, number, shapes etc.)

Wife: “What number should we get?”

Daughter: “Erm, the pink one.”

Wife: “Okay, but what number is it?”

Daughter: “Number four.”

Wife: “Well done!” *to Cashier* “A number four, please.”

Cashier: “I can’t serve you.”

Wife: “Sorry, why?”

Cashier:  She isn’t old enough.

Wife: “What? She was just picking the number. The card is for me.”

Cashier: “Still can’t serve you.”

Wife: “Just get your manager for me, please.”

(The manager turns up and speaks to the cashier quietly before turning to my wife.)

Manager: *quizzically* “You wanted to buy a scratch card for your daughter?”

Wife: “No, she just picked the number; it is for me. She’s three. She wouldn’t even know if she won or not and probably couldn’t scratch the card herself.”

Manager: *sighing deeply* “I’m so sorry about this, miss; I will serve you myself.”

(Just as they were leaving I overhear…)

Manager: “What are you playing at?”

Cashier: “You told me to ask for ID.”

Manager: “She was clearly buying it for herself.”

Cashier: “But, but—”

Manager: “Just go on your break. I’ll deal with you later.”

Wants The ‘Back In Time’ Discount

| Canterbury, Kent, UK | Right | March 9, 2017

(A customer enters the supermarket and goes to the customer service desk. She is carrying an empty bottle of wine.)

Customer: “Hi, I bought this last week and I’ve been overcharged! I paid [price] and it’s now [half that price]. I have my receipt.”

Coworker: *at Customer Service Desk* “I’m sorry, madam, but it only went onto the promotion today. It’s been full price up until yesterday.”

Customer: “No, it was half price! I’ve been ripped off!”

(This goes back and forth for a few minutes, with the customer insisting she’s right. My friend, who works on the wine department, is called over.)

Friend: “Yes, it definitely was not half price last week. It went down to half price TODAY and I put the ticket out this morning.”

Customer: “I want a manager!”

(A manager is called over. This manager is known for not taking any rubbish from customers. He is told the situation and explains yet again to the customer that she has not been overcharged.)

Customer: “But it’s half price!”

Manager: “Madam, do you play the lottery?”

Customer: *confused* “Yes?”

Manager: “So do I. Remember that £70 million jackpot last week? Well, it was won, so I went and bought a ticket using the exact same numbers that came up and then went to claim my £70 million. But they wouldn’t give it to me!”

Customer: “But that’s stupid!”

Manager: “Yes, it is!”

(The customer realised she wasn’t getting anywhere and stormed out.)

How To Eliminate A Customer’s Baggage

| England, UK | Right | March 9, 2017

(I work for a company that is known for having amazing customer service. However, we’re allowed to joke around with regulars. The regular in question is a large imposing man in his late 40s and I’m a small 20-year-old girl.)

Me: “Would you like a bag?”

Regular: *sarcastically* “No, I’m going to put all of my shopping into my pockets.”

Me: *deadpan* “Well, okay then.”

(I put the bags away and starts scanning things through without breaking eye contact.)

Regular: *looks away sheepishly* “Maybe I do need a bag…”

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