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I took over from another coworker, who was going for her break. There were a few bits that needed sorting, most notably a clothing return. The customer had said she’d go pick out an item of clothing to the value of the couple she’d brought back, so I waited until she turned up.

She turned up with a trolley full of shopping…

Customer: Hi, these are my clothes I’m returning, can I exchange them for this shopping?
I explain that it’s against store policy to do so, as items have to be exchanged for something from the same area of the store. She goes and pays for her shopping whilst I serve some other customers.

Her daughter (who is about 7) asks me if I can give her mum store credit (which I can’t unless it’s due to a store error) and so I wait again for the customer to return. At this point, it’s been a good ten minutes since the customer first spoke to me.

About 5 minutes later, the daughter asks me if her mum can have a refund onto her debit card (which she can).

Eventually, the mother returns and we sort the money out. She then asks me if she can buy some clothing items…

That’s Why They Call It A Day Job

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(I work part-time as a cashier at a major grocery store. I am also completing my second university degree. A rather posh-looking, middle-aged woman approaches my register and unloads her basket.)

Customer: “Is this what you do all day?”

Me: “Sorry?”

Customer: *gesturing to my register* “Is this what you do all day? You stand here scanning things. Is this what you plan to spend your whole life doing?”

Me: “No, I do… other things.”

Customer: “Well, I should say so. Hmph!”

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Background info for my rant: I work in a supermarket. My store is getting rid of a bunch of tuna for $1 a can.

So here’s my story for most annoying customer I dealt with today:
I’m at my checkout waiting for my next customer when I see a trolley with at least 50 cans of tuna in it. I pay it no mind until I see who is pushing the trolley. A local woman who is notorious for only putting one item on the conveyor belt at a time. She refuses to put the next item up until she sees that the previous item has scanned for the correct price. And so she does. She puts up one tuna can at a time (turns out she had 78) and a few other items. I stack all the cans neatly in bags and leave them at the end of the checkout, input her loyalty card and tell her the total. Only then does she tell me that half of the cans were meant to be on a separate transaction.

I could have strangled her at that point. I voided the transaction and grabbed all the bags of neatly-stacked tuna and dumped them on the belt. She then proceeded to sort through all the tuna and decide which ones were going to paid for by which card. All the meanwhile the customers behind her were getting extremely irritated because she was making them wait longer.

I process the first order; re-input her loyalty card and she pays. I give her the receipt and start scanning the next lot. She asks for $20 cash out with the second order. Time for revenge! I hand her the receipt and then count out the $20 in $1 and 50c coins. I slammed the cash drawer shut and when she asked for notes instead of coins; I put on my biggest smile and sweetest voice and told her: “I’m sorry, I’ve already shut the drawer, you should have told me you wanted it as a note. Have a great evening.”

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Our store is having a sale on chicken thighs: buy 1 kilo get 1 free. They are sold in packs of 1 kilo. Some stories that happened during just the first 4 hours.

Customer: “Could you tell me which part of the chicken the thigh is?”

Me: It’s the upper portion of the leg. (I show it on my own leg.)

One hour and a half later… The customer has come back, again!

Same customer (to another customer): “I asked someone from the shop earlier, but could you tell me which part of the chicken the tigh comes from? Does it come from the back?”


Customer: “The sale is two for one, right?”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Customer: “So I get two packs, and then a third one free?”

Saddly, this happens several times a day. The urge to throw packs of chicken thighs at customers has never been greater!

Tiptoe Through The Blueberries, With Me

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(I’m working in the produce department at our local supermarket when a customer spills several containers of blueberries in the aisle. I’m guarding the aisle while my coworker goes to grab a broom and dustpan. The produce section basically has two aisles with produce displays in between, so there is an easy way to go around the blueberry mess. [Customer #1] approaches me, pushing a shopping cart.)

Me: “We have a bit of a mess right here. If you could just go around–“

Customer #1: “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be careful!” 

(The customer then proceeds to shove past me and picks up the back of the cart so only the first two wheels are on the ground, and then tip-toes THROUGH the mess of blueberries on the floor, squishing and smearing the mess further as she goes.)

Me: “Or you could do that…”

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