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(I was working in a supermarket, straightening out some of the seasonal displays when a woman comes up to me. She has a trolley full of shopping, but it’s all in bags so she has probably already paid for it.)

Customer: “Can you carry my shopping home for me? I asked at the till but the idiot on there didn’t seem to understand what I was asking. I don’t know why you hire those foreigners if they can’t speak a word of English.”

Me: *Trying my best to smile politely despite her comment* “Oh, we don’t carry shopping to a customer’s home. We can help you take it to your car-”

Customer: “I don’t have a car.”

Me: “Oh well there’s nothing I can do, I’m afraid. Where do you live? I’m fairly familiar with the bus schedule – plus several buses stop at the stand just outside. I’ll bet one of them goes to where you live. I could even walk with you to the stand and take a look at the timetable. They’ve got one posted up there.”

Customer: “No! I want somebody to carry my shopping. Why don’t you understand?”

Me: “I do understand what you are asking, madam, I just can’t do it. Nobody in this store is going to be able to help you carry your shopping home.”

Customer: “This isn’t good enough! I want to see your manager!”

*I put a call for a manager and wait with the customer for one to arrive. As we wait the customer is rambling about how stupid everyone is. Finally the manager arrives.*

Manager: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “Your staff are stupid. I just want somebody to carry my shopping for me.”

Manager: “Um … okay. We can carry your shopping to your car-”

Customer: “No! I want somebody to carry it to [gives her address which will easily take 15-20 minutes to walk there].”

Manager: “So you want one of our staff to carry your shopping to your house?”

Customer: “Yes! Why can’t your idiot staff understand that?”

Manager: “Madam, we can’t do that. It’s against company policy. Staff can help carry shopping to your car, but not all that way. If you like, you can use our phone to call a taxi. Or there’s a bus stop just there, the [bus number] stops where you live.”

Customer: “But I don’t WANT to get a bus or a taxi. I’ve spent £60 at your shop! £60! I don’t have enough money left for a bus or a taxi. It’s too heavy to carry. You had better find somebody to carry my shopping NOW. I am a paying customer.”

Manager: “I’m sorry, madam, but as I explained, none of our staff will be able to walk your food home. I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you borrow the trolley – take it home and bring it back tomorrow, or the next time you’re in.”

Customer: “What?! But I’ll look stupid pushing a trolley through town! No! Carry my shopping home for me NOW!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen. Is there a friend or family member you could get in touch with? You can use our phone.”

Customer: “NO! I just want my food home now. You should carry it! It’s too heavy!”

Manager: “I’m sorry but I’ve given you your options. Nobody is going to carry your shopping home for you.”

Customer: “Do you know I’ve spent lots of money here today? Over £60! £60! I’ll bet no other customer has spent that much in your store today.”

Manager: “Madam, even if you spent £500, our staff would still not carry your shopping home. It’s against our health and safety policy and it is for insurance reasons. Now, do you want to use our phone to call somebody, or borrow the trolley?”

Customer: “You’re all terrible people – making a disabled woman like me carry her shopping home. I’m going to tell everyone you made a disabled woman carry all this shopping home!

*The woman grabbed her bags out of the trolley and makes her way out of the store.*

(The customer came storming in the next day saying she threw her back out because we refused to carry her shopping home and we had made her ‘more disabled’. She threatened to sue us. We gave her the details for our legal department at head office but we never heard anything more about the matter.)

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I’m at the supermarket, standing in line, waiting to pay for my items. As the cashier had finished serving the person in front of me, a woman in a wheelchair starts to push herself past me, and thinking she was only trying to leave the shop, I let her past. She then proceeds to put her groceries down in front of mine. The cashier looks back and forward between the two of us, unsure of what to do.
Me: Uh, excuse me, but I was next.
Woman: No, you’re not, I am.
Me: Well no, you literally just came straight past me and put your things in front of mine.
Woman: Oh, well I didn’t see you there.
Me: (not wanting the hassle of arguing the point with the woman) Um, okay, go for it, I guess.
Woman: *smirks and shakes head at me*

Can’t Put This Dog Off Your Scent

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(My dog and I volunteer at a rest home, and when we visit, he wears a special scarf. After our visit one day, we walk to a nearby supermarket. I tie him up outside. He’s still wearing his scarf.)

Man: “Oh, what a lovely dog. Can I pat him?”

Me: “Of course you can!”

(I smile and start to walk into the store. The man calls out:)

Man: “Hey! You’re allowed to take your guide dog into the supermarket with you; otherwise, how will you see?”

Me: “Oh… I’m not blind. He’s not a guide dog. He’s a companion dog. We visit at the rest home down the road there.”

Man: “Yes, but you’re still allowed to take guide dogs into the supermarket. You can take him in with you.”

Me: “Um… yes, you can take guide dogs in, but the thing is, he’s not a guide dog, and I’m not blind. I’m pretty sure the supermarket staff would have something to say about it if I took him in.”

Man: “That’s appalling! They can’t do that; it’s illegal. You’re allowed to take your guide dog into the supermarket. You go on in and take him with you! I’ll be right here, and if they give you any trouble they’ll hear about it from me!”

(Not knowing what else to do, I reach down and remove my dog’s scarf. I hold it up and say:)

Me: “This says ‘Canine Friends Pet Therapy.’ It’s a red scarf. Do you think I’d know that if I were blind?”

Man: “Well, they won’t let you take him in now. You should have left his scarf on!”

(Off he strolled, leaving me quite stunned and speechless. I’ve made sure to remove my dog’s scarf as soon as we leave the rest home from then on!)

Wrestling With This Sale

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(I am a 17-year-old student, working part-time in a major supermarket chain as a checkout operator. Because of UK law, persons under the age of 18 must have approval from someone over 18 before they can sell alcohol, and my store requires that person to physically come to the checkout and type in their ID and password to authorize the sale. In this case, the customer is clearly old enough, ripped, and covered in tattoos.)

Me: “I’m really sorry to keep you waiting, but I’m afraid I have to get approval from someone over 18 before I can sell you this.”

Customer: “I’m over 18. Consider it approved.”

Me: “I’m afraid that it has to come from someone that works here, but I’ll have my supervisor over here just as soon as I can.”

Customer: *getting increasingly irritated* “Just put it through. They don’t have to know about it.”

Me: “I can’t sell alcohol without a code. My machine completely locks up as soon as it picks up alcohol, and I need someone over 18 to physically come here and override the lock-out. I promise you, my supervisor will just be a moment.”

Customer: “That’s a dumb-a** policy. Just type in their code or something.”

Me: “I’m afraid that’s actually the law. Section 153 of the Licensing Act of 2003 states that a responsible person is committing an offence if he or she allows a person under the age of 18 to perform the sale or supply of alcohol, unless the sale is approved by that or another responsible person. I don’t know my supervisor’s code, and if I was able to just sell alcohol, then the store could easily lose their licence, and both myself and all the managers could be fined.”

(At this point the customer loses it. It’s been less than two minutes since this entire exchange began, but he leaps at me over my checkout, grabbing me by the collar of my shirt and pulling me towards him.)

Customer: *shouting* “Listen to me, you f****** b****. I didn’t come here looking for a f****** lecture. Do you know who I am?”

(He shakes me a bit and moves right in my face, our noses about a centimetre from touching. A lot of people are watching, but none step in. I’m actually a black belt in three different martial arts, and more than capable of defending myself, but given that I am relatively new to the job and can see my supervisor on his way, I decide not to lash out.)

Customer: *as loud as he can* “I’m the f****** national wrestling champion. I’ve got hundreds of trophies, dozens of medals. What the f*** have you got you whiny c***?

(My supervisor arrives, taps the guy on his shoulder, and nuts him straight in the face. He drops to the floor clutching a bleeding, and probably broken, nose. My supervisor flips him onto his front and pulls both his hands up behind his back, zip tying his hands together, and pulling his phone off his belt.)

Supervisor: “Hey, when you’ve got a minute, can you get the police down here? No rush.”

(I love my supervisor.)

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Hand-Shaken With The Realization

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(I work at a supermarket on the checkouts. I am about 17, but I look incredibly young for my age, and I am quite sensitive. I am serving a very irritated, middle-aged man on the express lane, and there is a married couple behind him waiting. The irritated customer abuses me to the point where I am I tears. He leaves, and I notice the man behind him leaves the store while his wife stays behind to be served. The wife is making sure I’m okay, and telling me not to worry and that I’m doing a great job. [I have also closed off my till after these customers, so I can go out the back to calm down.] Before I finish the transaction, the husband comes back…. this is the conversation that follows.)

Husband: “Are you okay? He was a real jerk.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ll be okay. Thank you.”

Husband: “I have something that might make you feel a bit better.”

Me: *stare*

Husband: “I followed him out, stopped him, and offered out my hand for a handshake. He took it with a confused look and I said, ‘Congratulations, mate; now the whole store knows how much of a jack-a*** you are.’”

(That dude made my day.)

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