Looking After Those Who Look Over  

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(I’ve had possibly the worst six months of my life, but recently everything is finally looking up. This week, I paid off a hefty loan and flew my sister from another state for brain surgery, completely out of my own pocket as my mother is extremely poor. A regular of mine comes in while I’m working and starts chatting away. My phone buzzes in the drawer next to me.)

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s the hospital calling again. My partner is there, though; I’m sure everything is fine.”

Customer: “Oh, doesn’t he work nights? He should be asleep! And why are you here? You should be there.”

Me: “Well, I wasn’t going to let a three-year-old go blind because she couldn’t get treatment, and medical bills are expensive. You know what [Customer’s Husband]’s bills are like. [My Partner] and I have been switching staying with her, so we can both work and she’ll have someone to wake up to.”

Customer: “Oh… you did all that for her? You’re not getting anything back, either, are you?”

Me: “Family isn’t expendable; money is. We both work. We’ll be fine. I just want her to open her eyes.”

Customer: “That’s so kind of you.”

Me: “It’s not; it’s human decency. How’s your husband doing? And the kids?”

(We continue talking through the hefty transaction, and as I hand her receipt to her, she takes my hand and pushes paper into my palm.)

Customer: “You look after me, and everyone else it seems. Make sure you’re okay, too. Put that in your pocket and don’t lose it.”

(I thanked her and continued my shift. When I got to finally see what it was, I realised she’d handed me cash. I unashamedly cried. The next day, my sister opened her eyes to see — for the first time — a teddy bear the size of her, which is now the customer’s namesake.)


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This Transaction Is Heavy With Bad Attitude

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(I work in a supermarket as a cashier, and I’ve only been there for nearly a month as it’s just a summer job. I already saw my fair share of rude customers when I was just a customer, but this is the worst of them that I’ve encountered so far. I start to scan items for an elderly lady.)

Me: “Hi. Do you have our store card?”

Elderly Lady: “No. Double-bag everything. Everything is too heavy.” 

(She has a lot of light stuff, but I just smile and double-bag everything. I should also mention the register I am on is a carousel one, with a spinning wheel with bags on it so I can bag the items myself. If the carousel gets too full, I usually politely ask the customer to put some of their stuff in their cart. The carousel has gotten a bit full, but I manage to squeeze everything on there. The customer is just standing there, staring at me.)

Me: “Is there a problem? I double-bagged everything.”

Elderly Lady: “Put them in my cart now.” 

(As I contemplate where she should actually put her groceries, I put them all into her cart.)

Elderly Lady: *scowls at me and starts to leave*

Me: “Wait, you haven’t paid yet!”

Elderly Lady: “Yeah, I did.” 

Me: “No, you have not; my screen still shows your total and that you haven’t paid yet.”

Elderly Lady: “Your screen is wrong, then.” 

Me: “You haven’t even received your receipt yet, so I know you haven’t paid yet.”

Elderly Lady: *glares at me as she pays* 

Me: *getting her receipt and handing it to her, smiling brightly* “Have a great day!”

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Frozen: The Sequel

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(I work in a supermarket and whilst I know situations happen that can affect stock badly — i.e. broken fridges, dodgy ovens on the hot counters, etc. — I know not to have conversations about it in front of customers. I’m at a different supermarket run by a different company, as they sell a particular product I want. I’m waiting for a supervisor to check on the stock level of the product and I’m stood by the customer service desk and cigarette kiosk. The two colleagues seem pretty oblivious to my presence, despite saying hello to me minutes earlier.)

Colleague #1: *to kiosk colleague* “So, did you hear about the freezer thing?”

Colleague #2: “No?”

Colleague #1: “Well, the freezer on the shop floor that has the chicken in it broke. All the chicken thawed overnight. The next morning, they got it fixed quite quickly. And apparently, they just decided to put all of the previously thawed chicken back in the freezer to sell.”

Colleague #2: “Ew. Why?!”

Colleague #1: “Not sure. I hope our customers like salmonella!”

(At this point, I had been informed by the supervisor that the product I wanted was out of stock. The next day, after I enquired through their website for a stock update on the product I wanted, a survey popped up about my experience and I was honest about what I’d overheard. A manager ended up emailing me about the two colleagues’ conversation, apologising for what I had overheard. I made a mental note to never buy frozen items from that particular supermarket!)

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One afternoon I am selling an older woman some cigarrettes at the service desk of the supermarket I work at. In the corner of my eye I see a woman march through the doors and straight over to the desk.
Woman: “What the f*** is taking so long, serve f****** faster!”

The older woman saw this woman approach too, and gestures that it is okay to interrupt her sale to serve and get rid of the rude woman.

Me: “What can I get you today?”
Woman: “You’ll give me (cigarette brand) and you’ll give them to me for free for this inconvenience.”
Me: “I’m sorry mam, but I can’t do that.”

Obviously annoyed, the woman throws her arms up in the air as if to be exhausted and unbelieving of my not making her happy.
I ring up at the cigarettes and tell her the price. She then THROWS her money, all in coins at me, some hitting me in the face and some going all over the ground. I proceed to pick them up and finally ring her through. I put her cigarettes, receipt and her change on top of her receipt on the counter in front of her, because after coins thrown at me I’m not eager to have contact with her, and I go to hurry back to the patiently waiting older lady.
Woman: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
I look over to see the she has taken her cigarettes but her receipt and change still sit in front of her. I approach her again, not eager for the ‘you underchanged me’ battle that I was sure was about to happen.
Woman: “PUT MY CHANGE IN MY HAND, YOU F****** B****!”
I am so startled by her anger and her request, I don’t move for a second.
Embarrassed by the commotion and upset but it all, I pick up the change and put it in her hand.
Woman: “I thought so!”
She then stomped out the door, glaring backwards at me arrogantly the whole way out.

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(I’m the person who submitted Having a Whine About the Wine, and for some reason I keep ending up with the mad stories at work. After a customer took a prepacked bag of cod fillets, I began clearing up for the night. Around half an hour later, a co-worker came up to the counter.)
Co-worker: Am I okay to put this back?
Me: *feeling the bag to check the fish is still cold* Yeah, you’re good. Stick it in that counter.
Co-worker: *putting the bag in the mobile counter* The customer decided she didn’t want it at the checkout.
Me: Oh. Well, that’s okay.
Co-worker: *heading back to the tills* She remembered she didn’t like fish!
(I was gaping and mouthing “how the hell can you forget that you don’t like fish?!” for at least fifteen minutes – before I realised I had actually served her: she’d taken two pieces of salmon as well!)