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(It was about 1:00 AM on Valentines Day at my job, when a woman in about her early twenties ran up to the register fully naked)


Me: Uhh by the medicine.

(The woman ran off and ran out in about two minutes flat but she had left a trail of blood on the floor…)

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(Customer comes in 1 minute before closing. Our store has a policy not to kick customers out, so she takes advantage of this and slowly shops until 20 minutes after closing, ignoring the PA announcement. She gets to the checkout and realizes she left her credit card in her car. She starts heading out, and both the cashier and I start to tell her the door she’s walking towards is locked.)

Me & Cashier: Ma’am, you need to go out the other way, that–

Customer: (Yelling loudly) I KNOW! (Continues walking the wrong way.)

Me & Cashier: But ma’am, we’re trying to tell you that door is locked, you need to go out the other way.

(Customer turns and goes out the right way, then returns with her card later. It’s now 25 minutes after closing, almost midnight, and we haven’t been able to start cleaning because of her. She pays for her stuff, then asks me to help her to her car, a service we always offer. No sooner do we step out the door than she starts ranting about the cashier.)

Customer: [Cashier] is so rude! She’s going to be fired if she doesn’t learn [store name]’s customer service policies!

Me: Well, she’s been working here much longer than I have, so I couldn’t say.

Customer: She’s rough, rude, and gay as a $3 bill!

Me: Well, ma’am, [store] doesn’t discriminate against sexual orientation.

Customer: I know! Because it’s a great company! But she’s just absolutely horrible and should be fired!

(She continues ranting about the cashier the entire time I’m unloading her groceries into her car. By the time I got back into the store, I was in shock.)

Me (to cashier): So…”customer is always right” my ass…

Carting Around That Insult All Day

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(I work as a bagger at a supermarket but will often be given other jobs to do, such as helping customers out to their vehicles and collecting store baskets and putting them in the lobby. Often, I will be given a cart full of discarded groceries that need to go back on the proper shelves. Whenever I’m doing the latter, it only takes me thirty minutes to an hour to put the discarded items back on the shelves. When I’m done and head back up to the front of the store, a female coworker always makes a smart-a** remark about how I’m doing nothing but pushing an empty cart around all day. Thanks to her, a male coworker eventually begins making the same accusation. One day, after punching back in from my break, the male coworker pushes an empty cart in my direction.)

Male Coworker: “Here, [My Name], here’s an empty cart for you to push around all day.”

Me: “Yeah, but unlike your head, that cart won’t stay empty.”

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(It is a Friday night and I am supervising the self-service checkouts. A couple in their early 20s approaches one of the machines with their shopping. It is wroth noting that the supermarket I work for asks us to challenge customers for ID if they look under 25 and try to buy an age restricted item)
*customer scans a six pack of beer*
Machine: Approval needed!
*customer scans a bottle of vodka*
Machine: Approval needed!
Me: ID needed!

The Kids Want Some Chicken Nuggets, Ketchup, And A Nice Bottle Of Cabernet

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(I work in a small supermarket in a rather upmarket area of Edinburgh. Like most British supermarkets, the store has a policy where if a cashier thinks you look under 25 and you are buying alcohol, they should ask for your ID. My boyfriend and I are waiting in the queue and we overhear an argument going on at the cash desk. A very posh, spoilt-sounding young woman is arguing with a cashier and the manager because she was trying to buy alcohol and didn’t have any ID with her. The poor cashier who was originally dealing with her is standing looking terrified in the background while the manager is speaking to her. The woman has two young children with her.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, madam, but if my staff member has asked you for ID and you do not have any, the law states that they or I cannot sell the alcohol to you.”

Woman: “This is ridiculous! I’m in here practically every day and no one has ever asked me for ID before! I have a five-year-old and a six-year-old; I have to be over 25!”

Manager: *extremely patiently, but getting more and more annoyed* “I cannot change the law just for you. As I said before, if you cannot produce any ID when my staff member asks you for some, then we cannot legally sell you alcohol.”

Woman: *turning to her children* “How am I supposed to buy them their supper now?!”

(She stormed out of the shop with her children, huffing and puffing as she left, and leaving a fairly large pile of groceries on the counter. My boyfriend and I spent our entire walk home wondering why on earth not being able to buy alcohol would prevent her buying ingredients to make supper with! It’s not like the cashier was saying she couldn’t buy any groceries without ID.)

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