It’s Criminal How Dumb They Think You Are

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I’m a till supervisor in a large store of a major UK supermarket chain. It’s around closing time on a Sunday and my colleague calls me over to his till where a couple is having trouble paying.

Colleague: “Their card is not working; is there anything we can do?”

Customer: “It’s probably because the card is bent and the white line is damaged.”

Me: “No, the chip isn’t working; we’re not allowed to swipe your card and I don’t think it would work anyway since your card is damaged. Sorry.”

Customer: “Oh, okay, we’ll leave it, then.”

The customers start to walk off, leaving their shopping trolley behind.

Colleague: *To me* “Hey, that bag they’ve got; they haven’t paid for anything that’s inside it!”

Me: “You’re sure?”

It’s a large store so the exit is kind of far. I start following and I call the security guard on one of the store mobile phones I carry. I can see him.

Me: “Yeah, the couple coming down now with the [Other Supermarkets] bag haven’t paid for whatever is in that bag.”

Two guards stop them as I get closer and grab the bag. The customers — who I should probably call shoplifters at this point — start to struggle.

Customer #2: “We’ve paid for that!”

Customer #1: “This is a violation of our rights!”

The security guard started pulling meat out of the bag under a coat. Once they saw me, they gave up saying they paid and just took their coat out of the bag and quickly left. It’s likely that they knew the card wouldn’t work and had zero intention of paying. The guard told them not to come back.

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Work Like A Boss, Get Paid Like A Serf

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One of my first jobs is at a local bakery department inside a supermarket. After a couple of months, the manager is badly injured on the job in a way that winds up needing surgery and rehab, so she is out for a very long time.

None of the other women in the department want the extra responsibility, so I end up handling schedules, sales, orders, etc. It’s very stressful and it means I’m always on the 5:00 am shift doing extra work, and the assistant store manager makes a big deal of saying how much she appreciates it, and how much of a lifesaver I allegedly am, every day. 

After a few months of this, one of the other department heads pulls me aside and tells me that, per company policy, I am actually entitled to an extra dollar-fifty every hour I am performing the duties of a manager. Looking it up, I see he’s right. Like most young people making minimum wage, that extra buck-fifty means a lot to me, so I go to the assistant manager about it. 

Contrary to how she’s acted — as if I’m a hero — to date, suddenly she becomes cold and combative. First, she insists I’m wrong, even when I show her the employee handbook, and then tries to argue that I don’t qualify, which I very much do. Naively, I am shocked by her abrupt 180 from how supportive and appreciative she’s been.

Finally, she angrily says, “It’s not even a big deal! It’s just a dollar-fifty! That’s nothing!” 

“That’s an extra twelve dollars a day for me,” I reply, “and almost fifty dollars a week. Nearly two hundred dollars a month. That’s my heating and my telephone bill, easy.” 

She scoffs but relents, and she makes a big deal out of making me fill out paperwork requesting the extra money I am owed, acting as if I am being greedy and unreasonable the whole time. Thereafter, she was very chilly and snide to me. It really opened up my eyes to how too many managers regard their employees as valuable until they know their worth, though I have been fortunate in the years since to work with some great managers and senior staff elsewhere. 

When I left the company to move away a few years later, still “temporary acting management,” I learned that they were just planning to have one of my coworkers fill in as manager rather than hiring someone, so I made sure to tell her about the extra money. She was very surprised and said nobody had mentioned anything to her. Hopefully, she followed through. 

Let this be a lesson, folks; always stand firm and don’t let yourself be guilted out of what is rightfully yours. You deserve it.

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Not Afraid To Express Yourself At The Express Checkout

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I’m a cashier at a huge grocery store during a weekend shopping rush. I work at the fifteen-or-less lane, and the line is already quite long when a woman in her fifties gets in the line with a cart full of groceries. I remind her about the policy on the express lane — all we can do — and this ensues.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is fifteen items or less.”

Customer #1: “I’m not waiting in those f****** lines. I’m in a hurry. Just do your f****** job.”

Customer #2: “So are all of the rest of us. That is why we just stopped by to pick up the absolutely necessary stuff and came to the express line.”

Customer #1: “Just mind your own business.”

[Customer #1] starts piling up her groceries to the belt when I hear a loud whistle. It’s [Customer #2]. Everyone stops what they’re doing and starts looking for where the noise came from. [Customer #2] starts to talk with a loud voice to everyone in the store.

Customer #2: “I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, could I please have a second of your time? I’m conducting a poll about a little situation we have here at the express lane. We have this woman here—” *pointing at her* “—who is refusing to leave the express lane even though she has a cart full of groceries and the cashier has asked her politely, and she is cursing at her. I would like to take a poll if people think she’s an entitled a**hole or not. If you think she is right and absolutely entitled to use the express lane, make some noise!”


Customer #2: “Aaand! If you think that she is an entitled b**** who should drag her cart to a normal line, make some noise now!”

People started clapping and making noise. The first customer, now beet red in the face, shouted, “F*** you!” and stormed out of the store. I had to call someone to put her things away, but that was definitely worth it!

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I work in a small supermarket that also sells lottery. We have two tills with the lottery machine in between them. I’m at till two and a customer walks up to me and hands me a slip for a lottery ticket. I go to the machine and print his ticket, mean while he has gone to till one. I start to turn back to till three when he whistles at me and says “I’m over here honey.” I reply, “Yes, but I’m over here!” “Oh, are you at that till?” he asked. Does he think I was standing at till two just for fun when he came over to me to be served in the first place?

When You Have Cleaning Supplies But You Still Feel Dirty

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As part of extra measures in my store, we’ve taken to cleaning the baskets and the handles. This is done by spraying the baskets with a strong disinfectant in a squirt bottle and then wiping them down and cleaning off the disinfectant. This is done on the shop floor by the entrance and is done on a rota.

I’m doing them when an older male customer comes in. I smile and greet him as I’m there.

Male Customer: “Oh, she’s a squirter!” *Winks* “What a good girl you are.”

After giving me an extra-long look, he walks off.

Colleague: *Manning the door* “Are you okay?”

Me: *Plastered smile* “I want to drown myself in bleach.”

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