Selfless At The Self Checkout

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(I am a customer in this story. I have finished my shopping and am lined up at the self-serve checkouts to pay for my items. An elderly woman is standing in front of me when a checkout becomes free. She doesn’t seem to notice, so I politely point her towards the checkout, as the line is growing.)

Me: “Excuse me, but the checkout on the end is free.”

Lady: “I don’t know how to use these checkouts. Could you show me?”

(Although I’m in a bit of a rush, I offer my assistance, as the employee has been called to help with a problem at the service desk.)

Me: “Okay. We start by pushing the ‘shopping’ button.”

(I indicate where the button is, but the woman doesn’t make any attempt to press it. After waiting for about 30 seconds and showing her yet again, I press the button myself.)

Me: “Now, we scan your first item.”

(She hands me a can of tuna and I show her how to swipe the barcode.)

Lady: “Could you do it?”

(I proceed to scan the tuna and place it aside. The lady then hands me an avocado. I place it on the scale and press the “fruit & veg” button. The menu presents several options and I press the “avocado” button and enter the quantity.)

Lady: “Are you finished yet?”

Me: “Almost. Next, we press ‘pay.'”

(I do so. The machine asks if the customer has a rewards card.)

Me: “Do you have a rewards card?”

(The woman hands me her card and a $10 note to pay. Upon scanning her card, her total comes up and I slide the note into the payment slot. It takes the money and asks if I want a receipt, and I press “yes.” The machine then ejects the woman’s change. I hand her both the receipt and the change and count out the change for her.)

Lady: “I gave you $10.”

Me: “Yes, and your change is $4.50.”

Lady: *now sounding annoyed* “But I gave you $10.”

Me: “May I please see the receipt?”

(She refuses, but I know that avocados are more than $1 each as they are only just coming into season. I politely tell the woman this and she looks at me suspiciously.)

Lady: “It’s one avocado!”

Me: “I understand but they are more than $1 each.”

Lady: “No. You’re wrong. Check it.”

Me: “I don’t work here. I’m a paying customer, like you.”

Lady: “Then why did you help me?”

Me: “You asked, and I don’t feel comfortable pushing in front of others.”

Lady: “Go to check, please.”

Me: “I’m a customer. I don’t work here.”

(The lady looked even more annoyed. It had now been almost ten minutes and I had an appointment to get to. Fortunately, the employee returned. I motioned for her to come over. She came over and assisted, but in the time I’d been helping out, the checkouts had filled and I was asked to proceed to the back of the line. Of course I was late for the appointment, and what should have been a five minute in-and-out took just over twenty minutes.)

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I work for a well known supermarket that has a green logo, my uniform t-shirt is the same colour green and has the logo on the back. I’ve finished work and am driving  home with my 5yr old with me when my eldest daughter calls. She tells me that not only has she invited friends over but she also has a cooking class the next day and needs ingredients. I usually shop at my place of employment but as we live on the other side of town to it I decide to go into a rival supermarket that is about 2 minutes away. This supermarket has a blue and red logo and the staff wear a navy t-shirt. I get my shopping and head upstairs to their clothing and home ware dept. I have my daughter in the child seat and about 25 items in my trolley, we are looking at children’s clothes for my young daughter, clearly browsing. I hear a woman ask for a food item but assume she’s talking to a member of staff so I carry on looking at clothes.

Customer: EXCUSE ME! Where can I find tinned fruit?

Me: Are you talking to me? I really don’t know, but I guess downstairs.

Customer: Of course I’m talking to you. How rude. You should know where everything is.

Me: I don’t work here. I imagine all food items are downstairs, not up here with the clothes and home supplies.

(I go to walk away as this woman is annoying me)

Customer: That’s what’s wrong with this country, youngsters are too workshy! (I’m 41)  I’m a paying customer and you will help me.

(She then steps closer to me  and I can smell vodka. She shoves my trolley jolting my daughter and causing her to cry out. A member of staff arrives to see what’s going on)

Employee: Is there a problem? Can I help in any way?

Customer: Are you her boss? Are you in charge here? You need to fire her right now!

Me: I don’t work here. I work for ****. This is *****. I’m just shopping.

(The customer suddenly starts wailing like a hurt child)

Customer: I just want my tinned fruit. I just want to bake. (turning to me) Why wont you help me.

(Security staff and the manager then turn up because of all the noise)

Manager: What seems to be the problem?

Employee: Well; this lady (points to me) is just shopping with her daughter and this lady (points to other customer) thinks she works here and keeps yelling at her.

Security: (to other customer) Madam, this lady is just a customer, she doesn’t work here. She clearly works for ****. Not only is she wearing her uniform she’s also pushing a trolley with shopping in it. And her child. Please calm down and let her go on her way.

Customer: I hate you all. I was going to bake a pie for you all. Now I can’t bake anything because SHE (points to me) wont help me.

Security: OK, that’s it. Madam, you are clearly intoxicated. I’m asking you to please leave our store. I will help you down the travelator.

Customer: No! I want her to do it (points to me). She might as well do something while she’s at work.

(Just then my daughter addresses the other customer)

Daughter: You’re mean. You’re mean to my mummy and you’re rude. You smell like pubs. You should go home and have a nap because you’re grumpy.

(This seems to do the trick. The customer just looks from my daughter to the rest of us and puts her basket on the floor.)

Customer: I believe I’ll go now.

(The rest of us just stand there for a minute, dumbfounded. The manager apologises and I am given a £50 voucher for all of the trouble.)

Try NOT To Catch Them With Their Pants Down

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(A customer comes up to the service desk with an expensive five-pack of underwear. This customer frequently refunds stock without a receipt, so I’m wary.)

Lady: “Hi, can I return these, please?”

Me: “Uh… How come?”

Lady: “Well, see, I bought these for my husband a few weeks back, because he doesn’t wear underwear, and I’m trying to get him to. However, he still won’t wear them, so I was just after a refund.”

(I am shocked at her being so open.)

Me: “Awesome, thanks for telling me that.”

(Anyway, it was the last refund we processed for her; she went shopping straight after, and we caught her stealing on the CCTV. She and her underwear-less husband are now banned!)

That’s Not How Tanning Works

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(I go back to the supermarket where I work after a two-week vacation. A creepy regular is at my register:)

Regular: “It’s been a long time.”

Me: “Yes, I was on vacation.”

Regular: “On vacation? But you didn’t tan?”

Me: “I’m red-haired! I’m not easily tanned.”

Regular: “Twaddles! If you took off your clothes, you would tan!”

I Don’t Work Here… Doesn’t Matter Here

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(I’m shopping at my local supermarket. I’m dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans — very much NOT the store’s uniform. I’m pushing a cart while my four-year-old son sits in the seat of the cart. As I roll into the produce section…)

Customer: “Excuse me, are these oranges $5.99?” *points at a bag*

Me: “I don’t know; I don’t work here.”

Customer: “But are they $5.99?”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t work here.”

Customer: “I know.”

Me: “…”

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