That Whiskey Turned Very Sour

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(I go to a bar around 7:00 pm during happy hour.)

Me: “What drink specials do you have for happy hour, and what time does it end?”

Bartender #1: “All well mixed-drinks are $5, as well as select beers. Happy hour runs until 8:00 pm.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll get a whiskey soda, please.”

(A minute later the bartender comes back, places a whiskey sour in front of me, and is gone before I can say anything. I like whiskey sours and don’t want to make a big deal, considering its an easy mistake, so I decide not to try and wave her back over. About thirty minutes later I go back for another drink. My original bartender seems to have ended her shift and two new ones have taken over. Despite not being very busy, it takes almost twenty minutes for one of them to come by and take my order, with only a few minutes remaining in happy hour. I make sure to enunciate more clearly while ordering and get my correct drink this time. I decide to have one last drink before going home about forty minutes after that. I get the same bartender [#2] who made my previous drink and again make sure to enunciate when ordering. Somehow he comes back with another whiskey sour, but this time I ask him to remake it, and I even apologize for not speaking more clearly. Finally, as I am about to leave, I go to close out my tab and I encounter [Bartender #3]. While he is closing me out I take a pen out of my pocket to sign my check — this comes up later. When he gets back to me, I notice that my bill is higher than it’s supposed to be. I ask for an itemized receipt to find that I was charged $8 for each drink, despite the first two being under happy hour, and I let the bartender know this.)

Bartender #3: “Those are Jack Daniels; that isn’t discounted under happy hour.”

Me: “I didn’t order Jack Daniels.”

Bartender #3: “Yeah, you did. I remember you specifically asking me for Jack Daniels in each drink.”

Me: “That’s funny, because I didn’t order a single drink from you. That guy—“ *[Bartender #2]* “—made my last two, and the woman working here earlier made my first.

Bartender #3: “Oh, um. We’ll get this taken care of for you.”

(He spends the about fifteen minutes with another employee I assume is a manager at the register trying to figure everything out. I’m playing with my phone while I’m waiting and twirling my pen between my fingers when suddenly the pen is grabbed right out of my hand by [Bartender #2].)

Bartender #2: “I need to borrow this, mate.”

(He is at the other side of the bar before I can say anything or even totally realize what just happened. Eventually, [Bartender #3] comes back with the other employee.)

Other Employee: “So… we need a manager to adjust the price.”

Me: *wondering why they haven’t gotten a manager yet after all this time* “All right.”

Other Employee: “Can’t you just sign this check and we can assure you we’ll adjust it before its charged?”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

Bartender #3: “How about I make you another drink to even it out?”

Me: “No, I’m leaving right now.”

Bartender #3: “We can give you a free one the next time you’re here.”

Me: “I definitely have no intention of coming back here.”

Other Employee: “I’ll get the manager to fix the check.”

([Bartender #2] is hanging around nearby.)

Me: “Can I at least get my pen back while I’m waiting?”

Bartender #3: “What pen?”

Me: *pointing to [Bartender #2]* “The one he took out of my hand a few minutes ago.”

Bartender #2: “It’s just a pen, mate. Is it really that big of a deal?”

Me: “It belongs to me, and I’d like it back. So, yeah.”

(He took the pen out of his pocket and handed it back to me. Around this time the manager came out. He was very apologetic about the entire thing and offered to give me the price difference in cash as the fastest option. I agreed and signed the check. When he came back with the cash, he also handed me a very large glass of straight whiskey as an apology, which I ended up leaving with my friends who remained at the bar.)