It’s Ridiculous To Agree

, , , , , | Right | April 30, 2019

(I work at a store that ships packages. During the holiday season, the truck driver comes late for his end-of-day pickups since, naturally, he is busier with more deliveries. By this point, though, it is after the holiday season. Things are back on schedule, and the driver has come and gone at his regular pickup time of 5:30 when a woman comes in.)

Woman: “Hi. I know the driver has been coming late lately. Is there any chance I can get this package to go out today even though it’s after 5:30?”

Me: “No, sorry; the driver just left. This won’t go out until tomorrow.”

Woman: “He’s already left? Well, that’s ridiculous!”

(She then stormed out of the store with her package as I was thinking to myself, “It’s ridiculous that the driver left at his regularly scheduled time that you knew he left at?”)

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