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Me: hi welcome to subway
Customer: may i plz get a ham sandwich
Me: sure which type of bread would you like?
Customer: yes.
Me:. We have garlic, oats and white bread atm
Customer: ill try garlic
Me: ok 1/2 or foot long?
Customer: yes.
Me: ……
Me: so… 1/2 or foot lomg?
Customer: half plz
Me: ok do you want the pork ham or turkey ham?
Customer: yes.


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Customer: “I was in drive thru a little bit ago and my sandwich is all wrong”
Me: “Okay let me see” *puts gloves on and opens sandwhich* “Now what all was on it?”
Customer: “Lettuce, cucumber, pickle, onion mayo and mustard.”
Me: “Okay well everything is on here except for the mustard”
Customer: “Well what’s all that white stuff?!!”
Me: “That’s the mayo.”
Customer: “Well why does it look like that?!!”
Me:”Well you had it toasted and the mayo must have been put on when it was still warm.”
Customer: “Okay well where is my mustard!?”
Me: “Give me one moment” *Goes to grab mustard*
Customer: “I don’t want that sandwhich anymore you touched it!”
Me: *raises gloved hands* “Miss I have gloves on”
Customer: ” I don’t care you touched it!”
Me: *Grabs sandwhich and throws it in the trash* “Fine I’ll remake it but we are out of the original bread you had”
Customer: “Just remake it with wheat then!”
Me: *Remakes sandwhich gives it to her*
Customer: “Have a nice night b**ch”

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(A female customer came in and asked my coworker what came on the subway club, then continues to ask what comes on all the other subs. My coworker asked me to help her since two regulars were behind her waiting, so I did.)

Me: “What can I make for you?”
Customer: “What comes on the subway club?”
Me: *Tells her what comes on it*
Customer: “No I don’t want that. My friend had your special for a buy one get one 6″ sub with a drink can I do that?”
Me: “I apologize miss but you can only do that if you have the coupon.”
Customer: “Well can I buy it now and bring the coupon back later?”
Me: “Um no you can’t you’d need the coupon now.”
Customer: *getting mad* ” Well don’t you have extra coupons in the back, go get me one so I can use it.”
Me: “No we do not have any of the coupons in the store, they get sent in the mail.”
Customer: “Well I never got one so how do I get it?!”
Me: “A lot of people don’t realize they get the coupon because it is in the booklet of paper most consider junk mail and throw away.”
Customer: “Okay well I never got it.”
Me: “You more than likely threw it away, more coupons will be sent out next month.”
Customer: “So you can’t give me that special?!”
Me: “No like I said before you can’t unless you have the coupons. However, you can get the simple six menu with drink chips and 6″ sub”
Customer: “I only want a sub not drink and chips!”
Me: Okay what would you like?”

(This conversation took literally 15 minutes before she finally ordered, then she asked how much each sub was and I told her they vary in price. Then she asked the exact price and I told her that if she looked at the menu the prices are by the sub and that’s without tax. Then she asked how much tax was and I told her once again that it varies from sub to sub. She became furious with me that I could not give her the exact amount. )

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Okay this isnt really stupidity, but god damn is this adorable. I work at a subway. Im trying to figure out how im going to ask my girl to homecoming. Me and this coworker are having a discussion.

Me: I dunno man
CW: Bro, i got this. She comes by here often, correct?
Me: Yea, thats how we met.
CW: Okay, second question, does she get any sort of dressing on her sandwich

Gears begin to spin, i grin

Me: remind me to gift you that league of legends skin you want

Bae comes in

Cw: Yo K your friend is here
Me: perfect. I assume your usual?
Bae: yes

I prep the sandwich, writing Hoco? in the dressing. I give her the sandwich before i put the top bun on.
Me: Does everything look good
Bae: its perfect, not a flaw
Me: look a little closer.

She demands i get out from behind the counter. I look at my manager. He nods, eavesdropping in on the whole thing. I give the sandwich to my friend, and he finishes prepping it. I walk out and am greeted with a massive hug.

Me: i assume this is a yes?

When A Simple Salad Isn’t

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(I work in a well-known sub shop. It’s set up where the customer goes down the counter and tells us what meats, cheeses, and veggies they want. A middle-aged woman approaches the counter to place her order.)

Customer: “I would like a turkey sub without the bread, please. Everything else on it but the bread.”

Me: “Well, uh… I’m not really sure how to do that, but I could make you a salad?”

Customer: “No! I need a sub without the bread. I can’t eat bread. I’m allergic to bread.”

Me: “Is it okay if I put your vegetables in a bowl with the turkey and cheese on top, then?”

Customer: “Yes. That’s all I really wanted. Why did you have to make this so difficult?”

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