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We Can Understand Hard Of Sight, But This Guy Is Hard Of Mind

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2023

I work in hospitality, and a big part of my job is helping guests check in on an iPad. The steps are very simple: you type in your first and last name, accept a health waiver, and type in your host name. That would be the name of the person you’re there to see, not the company they’re associated with. We need a name so we know who to notify. It’s a really simple system, but people still have so much trouble with it sometimes.

A guy probably in his early forties comes in. He seems clean-cut and fully present, but when he walks up to me and the iPad, he just stands there.

Me: “Good morning! How can I help you today?”

He stares at me.

Me: “Um, are you here to visit someone today?”

He nods.

Me: “Okay! Please sign in here on this iPad. Start by typing your first and last name.”

The iPad is right in front of him — literally six inches from his hands, directly in front of his body between the two of us.

Visitor: “Where?”

Me: “On this iPad, right here.”

I pat the top of the iPad. He looks at the iPad, squints, and looks up at me.

Visitor: “Here?”

Me: “Yes, sir, this iPad right here. It has a box that says, ‘First and last name.’ Please type it in there.”

Visitor: “You got a pen anywhere?”

Me: “You just type it with your finger.”

He squints again and then starts typing. He’s typing what’s supposed to be his name for almost a full minute before he stops.

Visitor: “What do I put here again?”

Me: “Your first and last name, sir.”

He types again for what feels like a long time.

Visitor: “What is this?”

Me: “That’s our health waiver.”

Visitor: “I don’t want to read it.”

Me: “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. You have to click agree to continue.”

He stares at the screen for maybe thirty seconds.

Visitor: “What do I click?”

I have to get up and go around to the other side of the desk because I can’t handle any more of this. I click “accept” for him and it moves onto the host screen. I stay to type it in for him because I’ve lost all faith in this man.

Me: “Who are you visiting today?”

Visitor: “[This building].”

Me: “I mean what person are you here to see?”

Visitor: “The guy who emailed me.”

Me: “And what is his name?”

Visitor: “I don’t know.”

Me: *With the last shreds of my patience* “Can I please see the email?”

He pulls up the email quite easily on his phone and then hands the phone to me. There is a first and last name right there on the email, along with the same instructions on how to check in that I gave him. I quickly type the name in, finish the sign-in, and sit back in my chair.

Me: “He’ll be with you shortly. Feel free to have a seat over there.”

I gestured to the only place to sit in the area.

He stared at the couches I had pointed at and then back at me. After several seconds of staring, I told him to have a nice day and pretended to work on my computer. He wandered over to the couches and stood next to them, texting.

Eventually, his host came out, and the visitor greeted the guy totally normally and made small talk as they walked into the elevator.

I’ve had people who had trouble with technology, and I’ve had people who were angry, but I have never had an interaction so bizarre before or since then. Hope the guy’s doing okay.

His Science Career Is Literally Going Up In Flames

, , , , , | Learning | January 23, 2023

I was studying biology at university and we were in the laboratory, working with bacteria samples. It was mostly for practice before the more serious lab work later on in the year.

It was clear that some of the students had little experience working in a lab. My lab partner was one of these, and since I already had some experience, I let him do the actual work while I assisted.

My partner was getting ready to place a sample onto a petri dish with growth medium on it. Before the sample could be placed, the equipment needed to be sterilized in order to ensure that the samples weren’t contaminated.

He started out by dipping an inoculation loop in ethanol, and then he was going to move it through a blue flame to make it completely sterile. As he was moving it through the flame, the spirit on it caught fire as planned and started burning off. The beaker of ethanol was still placed on the desk.

Me: “Okay, now, just hold still, and take care not to spill the—”

[Lab Partner] knocked the beaker over, spilling ethanol all over the bench.

Me: “Woah! Okay, don’t panic. Just make sure you don’t move the flame too close to—”

Then, [Lab Partner] clumsily lowered the burning instrument too close to the pool of ethanol, causing it to catch fire and spread across the desk.

The teaching assistant rushed over and threw a fire blanket over the desk. The fire had reached an expensive microscope and started to melt part of the plastic on its base, but thankfully, it wasn’t properly ruined.

I took care of the sterilization protocol myself after that.

The Client Circle Of Hell

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2023

Client: “Can you please add a QR code to my website’s homepage?”

Me: “Absolutely, do you have the QR code already or do you need me to create one?”

Client: “Please create it for me.”

Me: “Sure. What is the link that you want visitors to go to if they scan the QR code?”

Client: “My website’s homepage.”

Me: “…”

The Only Thing She’s Stuck To Is Being Right

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Windschatten | January 22, 2023

I am working at a store that sells gifts, decorations, and a bit of everything except food, and it’s a pretty busy day. A lady comes up to my register and shows me some magnets with cartoon fish on them. To be fair, they are pretty flat magnets. This will be relevant later.

Customer: “Do you have these but with different motifs? I want flower or food motifs for the kitchen.”

Me: “No, these are the only ones we’re carrying right now.”

She huffs and is obviously annoyed, but she doesn’t leave the store. She just goes to look for other things, or so I assume.

Then minutes later, the same lady is at my register, slapping some stickers with flowers on them onto my counter and shouting at me.

Customer: “You lied to me when you said you didn’t have what I wanted!”

Me: *Confused* “But you asked me for magnets? These are stickers.”

Customer: *Getting angrier* “No, I asked for stickers! I showed you! How dare you lie to me?!”

Me: *Getting more annoyed* “You showed me magnets. It says ‘magnets’ right there on the packaging.”

Customer: *Shouting* “Stop lying to me!

At that point, I kind of snapped because, customer service or no customer service, the lady was making a scene and I wasn’t having it. I left the register, got one of the magnet packets that she had shown me earlier, and pointed to what it said on the front: “MAGNETS” in all caps and bold font.

The woman spluttered and left in a huff, and she didn’t even buy her stickers. I never saw or heard from her ever again.

Pretty Sure They Don’t Teach Lap Dancing At The Academy

, , , , , | Legal | January 21, 2023

I’m a police dispatcher. This was a call we had a few weeks ago. The lady was dead serious.

Me: “[City] Police Department.”

Caller: “My friend is getting married, and we’re trying to throw her a bachelorette party. Can we get a couple of cops out here to dance for us?”

Me: “Uhh… ma’am, police officers don’t do that.”

Caller: “Yes, they do! Haven’t you ever seen them on TV dancing at parties?”

Me: “No, ma’am, those aren’t real police officers. Those are strippers.”

Caller: “Really?! Oh… Well, what about firefighters? Will they come dance for us?”