The Culture Barrier Doesn’t Have To Be A Barrier

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As a college student, I spent a year studying abroad in Japan. I chose to live with a family, instead of in a dorm, to really immerse myself in using the language, etc.

My host family was lovely, and I found the differences between our cultures interesting, especially with food. We had traditional Japanese foods for lunch and dinner, but my host mother would often try to give me “American” foods mixed with Japanese foods for breakfast. One morning, it would be one sunny-side up egg, a salad, and a bowl of miso soup. Another day, it was yogurt, an egg, and a piece of karage (fried chicken). Another day, a bowl of rice and a couple pieces of bacon with toast. The combinations were endless! I thought it was sweet of her to want to give me foods from my home country, so I always just ate what she gave me.

My host father also had a thing about persimmons. He thought they were nature’s magic fruit, and would have one laid out for me each day when I got home from school. It didn’t matter if I was hungry or not, I had to sit with him and eat the persimmon, for my health!

We still keep in touch, and I hope to go visit them again soon! Also, I now occasionally have a small salad and an egg for breakfast.

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I Hear The Voices When I’m Dreaming

| Learning | January 26, 2016

(Our group of 20+ students is meeting on our second-to-last day, to plan our gifts to the trip leaders and our Power Point back on main campus. We were already getting silly before the assistant trip leader, a very quiet, serious guy, walks in.)

Assistant Leader: “Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt. [Trip Leader] wants me to get the orders for our dinner out tonight.” *lists entree options, takes show of hands* “Okay, that was all. Carry on.”

Half The Group: *singing* “My wayward son…”

Assistant Leader: *stops on his way out, looking puzzled*

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