Stressed Up To The Nines

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(I work at an office supply store, and on Saturdays, we open at 9:00 am, which is an hour later compared to the weekdays. I come in at 8:00 am to set up shop with my manager, and after about twenty minutes the phone rings.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How may I take care of your business today?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m standing outside at the door, and they are locked. What’s the deal?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we do not open until 9:00 am on Saturdays.”

Customer: “What? That’s stupid! Let me in; I want to spend my money with you guys.”

Me: “Again, I’m sorry, but we are not allowed to open the door for customers until 9:00 am.”

Customer: “Well, that is really inconvenient! I guess I’ll have to go to spend my money at your competitor, then!”

Me: “Have a great day, then.” *ends call*

Manager: “What was that about?”

Me: “A guy was upset that we don’t open until 9:00 am, so he’s going to [Competitor].”

Manager: “But they open at 9:00 am on Saturdays, too.”

Me: “Well, in a few minutes he’ll figure that out.”

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A Hundred Bucks Is All It Takes To Learn Telepathy

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(A lady comes in to buy ink for her printer. She buys a combo pack that has both the black ink and tri-color cartridge, and also gets one extra tri-color cartridge by itself. She then comes up to check out.)

Customer: *hands me a $15-off-$75 coupon*

Me: “Oh, right now your total is $63; did you want to get anything else?”

Customer: “I guess. Get me another combo pack.”

(I go get and another combo pack and ring it up.)

Me: “Okay, now your total is $107 before the coupon.”

Customer: “What? Why so much?”

Me: “Well, each combo pack was $42, and the extra color cartridge is $23.”

Customer: “Wait, why did you scan that extra color cartridge?!”

Me: “Oh, well, you brought it up with you. Did you not want it?”

Customer: “No! Why did you scan it?! A hundred dollars is way too much; you should have known I didn’t want it.”

Me: “Um… All right. I’ll remove it.”

(I remove the extra cartridge and apply the coupon.)

Me: “Your total is $63 now.”

Customer: “See, now isn’t that better and easier when it’s done right?”

Me: “Yep.”

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(I work in a well known OFFICE supply store. It’s close to closing when the phone rings.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [store], how may I take care of your business?.”

Caller: “Hi, I was wondering if you had any snorkel gear on sale?”

(Note: We never carried any type of snorkel equipment as we are an office supply store.)

Me: “Uh, pardon?”

Caller: “Do you have any snorkels or diving equipment on sale?.”

Me: “Uh, no sir, [Store] has never carried any type diving equipment.”

Caller: “Well, I called before and a guy told me you did.”

(At this point I knew it had to be a prank call)

Me: “Well, I don’t know what associate would tell you that, but [store] is named [store] for a reason, and snorkels are not office supplies.”

Caller: *pause* “WELL THEY SHOULD!” *Click.*

Lord Grant Me The Power To Survive This…

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(I work in the tech department of an office supply store. An older woman has just bought a laptop from me, and I’m showing her the basics.)

Lady: *as I’m plugging in the power cord* “What is that?”

Me: “It is the power cord.”

Lady: “What does that do?”

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