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That Must Have Been Quite A Comment!

, , , , , | Friendly | October 13, 2022

I once received a private message from a stranger on Facebook.

Stranger: “You have singlehandedly destroyed my belief that British people are intelligent and witty based on your comment in [Group].”

The message was flagged as spam, and I didn’t find it until over a year later, so the most annoying part was that I couldn’t remember what the post was or what I had said!

She Screams, He Screams, Then I Buy Their Ice Cream

, , , , , , | Friendly | CREDIT: DualKeys | October 11, 2022

A while back, my brother-in-law was waiting in the checkout line when a couple nearby started arguing. They had one container of ice cream in their cart, and the woman was trying to convince her husband to go back and grab the last one. It was a slightly unusual flavor from a popular local brand, and she was in full panic-buying mode. If it’s almost gone, we have to buy it all!

To hear my brother-in-law tell it, the exchange went something like this.

Woman: “Come on! Just go grab the last one.”

Man: “But we don’t need two tubs of ice cream!”

Woman: “But there’s only one left!”

And so on and so forth. They argued back and forth until my brother-in-law got fed up listening to them. He walked over to the nearby ice cream cooler, grabbed the last tub of ice cream, and put it in his cart.

They quit arguing after that.

Sometimes That’s All You Can Do

, , , , , , , | Friendly | October 8, 2022

When I was in college, I received several gift cards to a popular coffee shop chain for my birthday and Christmas. I was like many college kids and didn’t have a lot of actual money, so I could only afford my coffees because I had the gift cards.

In December, I decided to go get a peppermint mocha. It was quite cold outside and snowing. When I got to the shop, I saw a homeless man holding a sign that said, “Cold, Hungry, Anything Helps, God Bless.” I didn’t have any cash, but I had enough on the gift cards to spend, and I felt festive and in the spirit of giving.

Me: “Would you like me to buy you something warm, sir? A coffee or hot chocolate?”

Man: “I just want cash.”

Me: “I don’t have any cash, just gift cards, but I could buy you a sandwich and drink if you like. It’s awfully cold. Would you like something off their menu?”

Man: “I don’t want any food or drinks. I just want cash! What part of that didn’t you understand?”

Me: “Well, your sign says you are cold and hungry, so I thought you might want warm food. I don’t have any cash as I’m just a college student.”

Man: “Just give me some d*** cash already! If you can afford the coffee here, you have to have some.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I guess I’m not able to help you.”

Man: “Rich b****. Can afford coffee but not help out the needy. Typical.”

I offered. I would have been glad to get him a drink and a sandwich or muffin, but I clearly couldn’t buy him whatever it was he wanted the cash for.

We’re Not Crying; We Just Have Hair In Our Eyes

, , , , , , | Friendly | October 6, 2022

I’m an African woman living in Australia, in a small town where the odds of running into anyone else who even looks like me are almost zero. Thankfully, while there aren’t any other African people in town, there are TONNES of people from other cultures and there’s very, very little racism. I love my small town.

I am in line at the grocery store when I hear a very small “Excuse me” from behind me. I turn around and see a beautiful little girl with a skin tone almost identical to mine.

Me: “Oh, hello, little one! Where did you come from?”

Little Girl: *Shyly* “My daddy said I could come to tell you your hair is beautiful.” 

She gestures at a redheaded white man standing about six feet away, shrugging his shoulders and smiling. I recognize him from my school; his oldest adopted daughter is in the year I teach, though in the other class.

Me: “Oh, thank you! They’re called twists. I’m glad you think they’re pretty!”

I notice the little girl’s hair. It’s done in two adorable little puffs with beautifully done braids down each side, sporting purple glittery beads, and it looks professionally done. It looks beautifully healthy, too, which is a miracle in a place where it’s hard to find good products for black hair.

Me: “Your hair is STUNNING! Where did you get that done? I want my hair to look like that.”

Little Girl: *Grinning* “My daddy learned it on YouTube!” 

I was stunned. I’ve seen dozens of foster kids and adopted kids go into white families who have no idea how to care for their hair. I’ve been helping one of my student’s mothers for months to get her hair in order.

The little girl skipped back to her dad. I was touched deeply that this man had gone to the trouble of learning a gigantic amount of information to keep his girl’s hair healthy and looking nice. It might seem like the bare minimum to most people, but a lot of people won’t do the work.

Give Them An Inch And They’ll Take The Whole Road!

, , , , | Friendly | CREDIT: PokeGirl16 | October 3, 2022

I live in the English countryside, where most roads don’t have paths or sidewalks. The highway code here states that if there is no path, pedestrians have to walk against traffic to the side, so as far right as possible. This is for the safety of the pedestrians, as drivers will recognise faces more quickly than the backs of heads. Everyone knows this and mostly abides by this.

I was having a pleasant run in the winter sun down a quiet country road with no path. In the distance, a group of people appeared, walking shoulder-to-shoulder across the width of the road toward me.

“No problem,” I thought. “I will just run to the right side tight to the edge of the road.” I was running closer, and the group of people saw me and started filing to their right side. Great; they knew the score.

Then, suddenly, a woman from the group broke ranks and started walking toward me with kids in tow. I continued running until she stopped right in front of me and started yelling.

Woman: “I’m not moving! I don’t have to!”

Not one for being bullied, I explained to her the highway code and why I was running on this side. But, alas reason was not gifted to the Entitled Jerks of the world.

Woman: “I was run over on this road! You should move for me!”

I was through with this woman, so I yelled back.

Me: “Well, you and your kids will get hit again walking on the wrong side!”

She looked shocked, and then she turned to scream at the group.

Woman: “Did you hear that?!”

The group walked on without her. Not one looked back.

Then, the kids, embarrassed, walked on, as well. Finally realising she couldn’t bully people in public, the woman walked after her kids.

I ran on my merry way on the correct side of the road.