Their Sense Of Compassion Is Disabled

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(I take the train to work each day, because I don’t drive, due to a non-obvious disability. I board at my usual stop and a couple, headed for the airport judging by their luggage, gets in the same car as me. There is only one set of seats for disabled people not currently in use, but most of the rest of the car is unoccupied. The disabled seats are clearly marked with signs at seating eye level. Between themselves and their luggage, the couple proceeds to take up the entire space, leaving no space for me to sit down. The following interaction ensues between me and the husband.)

Me: “Excuse me. I’m disabled and need to sit down, please.”

Man: “What?”

Me: “I said excuse me. I’m disabled and need to sit down, please.”

(After a couple minutes’ staring contest they move with considerable petulance and ill-grace.)

Man: “Well, EXCUSE ME for wanting to sit next to my WIFE!”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry that my disability is proving so inconvenient for you, sir.”

Man: “Well, how was I to know those seats are for disabled people?”

Me: “I’m no expert on such matters but I would suspect the signs—” *I point to one* “—might be just a bit of a clue.”

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Exactly Where Did She Grow Up

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Woman #1: *American accent* “Hey! May I just ask you what you are doing?”

Me: “Waiting for a bus.”

Woman #1: “Really?! And what do you do?”

Me: “To wait for a bus?”

(She nods.)

Me: “You… just stand around, waiting.”

(She looks at me really enthusiastically, and then moves on to questions like, is it a hobby, how long do people wait, and if “bus” [with actual air quotes] is some sort of animal native to the UK. After a few minutes another woman appears and tells her they’re leaving. The first woman shakes my hand and she joins her group. The other woman stays behind to talk to me.)

Woman #2: “Sorry about that, she’s had quite a… closed childhood, and not everything is quite there. She seems to think even the most mundane thing over here is strange and exotic. Thank you, though, for entertaining her. Most people have just walked away, acting really offended.”

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A Questionable Set Of Priorities

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(I am walking through a park after work, and I overhear this exchange between two teens leaving the park’s teen center.)

Teen #1: “He’s always so grouchy and shirty with me.”

Teen #2: “How?”

Teen #1: “Well, I asked him what that white powder was and he snapped at me that it was cocaine. Like, I asked a question because I didn’t know what it was. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you don’t understand, ask a question! So I did and he snaps at me.”

(Kid, I think you and this friend might not have compatible worldviews.)

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Coffee Karma

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(I am in my late teens, sitting in the intercity bus station, waiting for my bus’s arrival to be announced. There are two ladies sitting beside me, chatting about going for coffee, when all of a sudden one of them turns to me.)

Woman: “Would you like a coffee?”

Me: “Uh…”

Woman: “Oh, right, you’re too young for coffee. Never mind, then.”

(They get up and go without another word, leaving me feeling completely baffled. I then realize they left their luggage behind.)

Me: *mentally* “…crap.”

(Despite not being asked to do so, I proceed to sit there keeping a watchful eye on their luggage, since I would feel bad if I left them unattended and something happened. I’m also keeping a close eye on the clock, hoping they’ll come back soon. When there is less than ten minutes before my bus leaves, just as I am about to abandon their bags anyway, they finally return. As soon as I see them, I jump up and sprint to my bus’s bay so I don’t miss it. As I am in line to give the driver my ticket, they approach me.)

Woman: “Did you watch our luggage the entire time we were gone?”

Me: “Well, I didn’t want it to get stolen…”

Woman: “Thank you very much!”

Me: “Um, you’re welcome.”

(As luck would have it, I was actually able to get my preferred seat on the bus, even though it is usually claimed by the very first people on. I figured it was karma paying me back.)

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Ballin’ Down The Street

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(I’m an 18-year-old girl, and I’m walking down the sidewalk wearing a new outfit that I’m very happy about; it consists of a short skirt with a simple v-neck shirt and pump heels. I don’t have really anything in the way of curves and no cleavage to speak of, but I’m still feeling fine as ever. Then, a middle aged, businessman-looking guy walks by.)

Man: *smirking* “Lookin’ good, doll.”

(This is the first time I’ve ever been catcalled to my face, but I am prepared.)

Me: *turning around and grabbing my crotch* “Thanks, I tucked my balls for this. You can’t tell, can you?”

(His face twisted in disgust and suddenly he was speed-walking away from me. As soon as those words left my mouth, I heard hysterical laughter behind me, and when I turned back around I saw an older lady bending over because she was laughing so hard. She gave me a high five and said, “You keep up that attitude, young lady!”)

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