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(I work in a popular pet store. The till area is a large square at the front of the store and there are things like scissors and other useful items for if a customer is wanting to see anything opened up before they buy it. As it’s a pet store it’s not unusual to open up things like collars and harnesses to try them on the dog first.
My colleague has just tried to use scissors to cut a cable tie but has slipped and cut her hand instead.)

Colleague 1: “Ouch, it’s quite deep”.
I see her getting a plaster and find out what’s happened.
Me: “You can’t just stick a plaster on it. You have to clean it out first.”
Colleague 1:”They’re new scissors though, so it’s not like they’re all germy”
Me: “It doesn’t matter, you should still clean it before you do anything else”
Colleague 2: “Yeah you should really go clean it first. I’ll watch the till for you while you go”
Colleague 1:” What do I clean it with? Soap and water?”
Me: “No, go get a wipe out of the first aid kit”
Colleague 1: “We have a first aid kit?”
I take her through to the back to show her where the first aid kit is and what she should use to clean it out with. She rinses it off under the tap first while I dig a wipe out.
Colleague 1: “Will you do it for me? I don’t think I can do it to myself”
I get the wipe out and clean her wound ad best I can
Me: “It’s quite deep. You might need to go get stitches.”
Manager comes in then holding a bunch of paper towels.
Manager: “So I’ve just had to clean up a trail of blood all the way from the till. What happened?!”
Colleague explains what she did. Manager has a look at her hand.
Manager: “Yeah, you need to go to the hospital and get stitches for that.”
Colleague 1: “Really?! I didn’t think it was that bad”
Manager: “Its quite deep, and it’s where it is too that’ll make it really hard to close up. Not sure if you’ll need proper stitches or if they’ll just glue it but you definitely need to go get it seen too.”
Colleague: “Do you want me to wait til the end of my shift first?” She only has about an hour left of her shift.
Manager: “No (name), go to the hospital.”
Colleague: “Are you sure? It’s only an hour anyway.”
Manager: “Really, go to the hospital”
She stands there for a minute like she’s still not sure if she really should be leaving work to go get a wound seen too.
Me: “seriously (name), go to the hospital”.
She finally leaves to go get herself sorted out.
Manager: “what kind of person does she think I am that I wouldn’t let her go to the hospital for stitches?!”

Not really a bad co-worker story. More like a what is this poor girl used to if she didn’t think she would be allowed to get medical attention when she was at work?! She was ready to just stick a plaster on a gaping wound at the till and carry on.
And yes, it did get need glued closed.

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I’m at a dollar store, looking at dog toys. I find a small pig, I want to know if this will wistle each time the dog bite it (which would drive me crazy within 5min) so give it a squeez. To my surprise, it don’t wistle, it’s grunting like a real piggy!
Unfortunalty, a couple passed by at the same time and it went like this:

Him: Oh! Just like you laughing!
Her, angryly: No!

And that’s how the fight started…

(If you are wonderring, I just putted back the toy and slowly backed off…)

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It’s closing time and the manager has given me the keys to close our electronic roller door and to man the small side door to let customers out of. After she finishes with her customer she comes to relieve me. I turn around and notice something pushed under nearby fixtures. I find two large bags full of our stock.

Me “(Manager) look at this”

Manager “What is it? Oh are you kidding me? Just take those behind the counter and I’ll be there in a minute.”

After being told that staff can not find any more customers in the store, she comes over and we start going through the bags. There are hundreds of dollars of stock in them. A woman appears at the door.

Woman “I didn’t realise you were closed, I’ll just let myself out” *we can see that she’s not carrying anything with her.

Manager “Hold on a moment” *holds up empty bag “Do you want your bags back?”

The woman’s eyes dart to the hiding spot and back to us before she bolts out the door leaving it open.

Manager *laughing so hard, goes to shut the door and screams after the woman “YOU LEFT YOUR BAGS HERE, DON’T YOU WANT THEM?”

Riding On False Charity

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(I’m in my sixties and am on my way to an appointment. I’ve stopped at a convenience store to grab a drink, and as I reach the entrance, a woman, I’d estimate to be about 35 to 40, who had been standing in front of the store, grabs the handle, pulls open the door, and motions for me to enter. I thank her and continue into the store. She follows.)

Woman: “You know, I held the door for you, and I didn’t have to.”

Me: “Yes, that was very kind; thank you again!”

Woman: “I need a ride.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “You need to give me a ride home. I held the door for you so you would give me a ride.”

Me: “That’s not the way it works. Anyway, I’m on a very tight schedule and don’t have time to make a detour.”

Woman: “You are so rude; I held the door for you!”

Me: “Yes, you did, and I said thank you. Now please excuse me, I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

Woman: *yelling, as I walk away* “You young people are so ungrateful and disrespectful. You need to show respect to your elders! I held the door for you!”

(The clerk apologized and told me that she lives only a block away, but always demands a ride home from a random customer whenever she walks to the store to get her cigarettes.)

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I’m at a TJ max, this one tends to have customers a bit less “good”, in other words it’s not uncommon to see semi-opened packaging as if someone tried to steal it, or the empty boxes of stolen products. But this is more of something left behind. An empty Starbucks cup, which by itself isn’t much, maybe they just couldn’t find a garbage can. But for some reason that I have yet to fathom, the straw was left outside the cup, placed lengthwise on the stand, so they couldn’t have just accidentally knocked it out. They deliberately placed the straw on the shelf. What could drive a person to such a petty act?

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