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A coworker had been trying to call a customer to let him know some items he has ordered are in. Months later the customer comes in irate.

Customer *rudely ” I have been waiting six months for my order”.

Me “Ok I’ll check the order book, what is your name please?” *I can’t find his order so ask for the details of the order and his phone number promising to call him back as soon as I find out. I find the order form in our office and find part of the order and give him a call, the phone just rings out.

A few weeks later he is back in, yelling at my young staff who call me to the counter to help him.


Me “Actually I did call and (Coworker) has called, we never get an answer”. He shakes his head.


Me “I did call and there is no way to leave a message” He shakes his head again furiously. I have to go and find his order but can’t actually find it as the Coworker hid it so no one would put it out so I have to ask for his phone number again.

Me “Ok your name is” *starts writing his complicated name out without asking him for it.

Customer *stops yelling and head shaking “Oh you do know who I am?”

Me “Yes I do”

I ask Coworker where his order is the next time she is in and she gives it to me.

Coworker “The number you have there is completely different to what he gave me” I notice that the number he first gave me is the same as what she had written on the order form.

I call him up on the new number, the phone rings for a couple of times before there’s no sound at all, I wait a couple of moments to see if there is a message.

Me “Uh, hello ………… hello?”

Customer *finally “Hello, who are you?”

I tell him, he’s happy his order is in and comes into the store quite quickly. I have the original order form, that has all of our notes of trying to call him and getting no answer, he notices the phone number on it.

Customer “How did you get that number?”

Me “You gave it to us”

Customer “But that’s my other phone, I never use it. I don’t know how you got that number”.

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I’m in a store, walking on the left side of an aisle, since the right side have occasional items that would send me on the left every four-five steps anyway. There is no one to be seen, exception made of one elder man with a cart coming straight in front of me. As we get close, I take a step aside in another aisle to let him pass and keep going my way.

When we get side to side, in a quite grumpy and heinous tone he say: “Don’t you drive a car?! ” without stopping.

I was too polite to answer him, but I really thought “Well, indeed, I don’t. Specially not at this very moment and neither do you…”

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(A Customer walks up and asks to pick up his order. I ask him for his name.)

Customer: “[LAST NAME], Delta Echo Bravo (Phonetic) Alpha Yankee”

… A Moment’s Pause…I find the order.

Me: “Oh, [NAME]. November India Charlie Hotel Oscar (Phonetic) Alpha Sierra.”

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I over hear a customer talking to one of my co-workers.

Co-worker “that will be $30.15 please”

Customer hands over $50 but still is feeling around in his pocket, the co-worker has entered the amount of money and the cash draw is open.

Customer “Oh, here’s the 15cents”

Co-worker “No I can’t take that, I already entered the money”

Customer “But it means all you have to give me is a 20 dolla…..”

Co-worker “I already worked out the change I can’t work that out too” *counts out $19.85 and hands it over.

Customer “but I don’t want all these coins, just let me have a $20”.

Co-worker “No” *slams the drawer shut “I don’t know whether that’s going to be right, I can’t work that out”.

The customer just stood there looking stunned at his change, looks over at me and shakes his head before leaving. I was just as stunned as this co-worker is at University studying to be a teacher, both of her parents are also teachers.

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(I work in a popular pet store. The till area is a large square at the front of the store and there are things like scissors and other useful items for if a customer is wanting to see anything opened up before they buy it. As it’s a pet store it’s not unusual to open up things like collars and harnesses to try them on the dog first.
My colleague has just tried to use scissors to cut a cable tie but has slipped and cut her hand instead.)

Colleague 1: “Ouch, it’s quite deep”.
I see her getting a plaster and find out what’s happened.
Me: “You can’t just stick a plaster on it. You have to clean it out first.”
Colleague 1:”They’re new scissors though, so it’s not like they’re all germy”
Me: “It doesn’t matter, you should still clean it before you do anything else”
Colleague 2: “Yeah you should really go clean it first. I’ll watch the till for you while you go”
Colleague 1:” What do I clean it with? Soap and water?”
Me: “No, go get a wipe out of the first aid kit”
Colleague 1: “We have a first aid kit?”
I take her through to the back to show her where the first aid kit is and what she should use to clean it out with. She rinses it off under the tap first while I dig a wipe out.
Colleague 1: “Will you do it for me? I don’t think I can do it to myself”
I get the wipe out and clean her wound ad best I can
Me: “It’s quite deep. You might need to go get stitches.”
Manager comes in then holding a bunch of paper towels.
Manager: “So I’ve just had to clean up a trail of blood all the way from the till. What happened?!”
Colleague explains what she did. Manager has a look at her hand.
Manager: “Yeah, you need to go to the hospital and get stitches for that.”
Colleague 1: “Really?! I didn’t think it was that bad”
Manager: “Its quite deep, and it’s where it is too that’ll make it really hard to close up. Not sure if you’ll need proper stitches or if they’ll just glue it but you definitely need to go get it seen too.”
Colleague: “Do you want me to wait til the end of my shift first?” She only has about an hour left of her shift.
Manager: “No (name), go to the hospital.”
Colleague: “Are you sure? It’s only an hour anyway.”
Manager: “Really, go to the hospital”
She stands there for a minute like she’s still not sure if she really should be leaving work to go get a wound seen too.
Me: “seriously (name), go to the hospital”.
She finally leaves to go get herself sorted out.
Manager: “what kind of person does she think I am that I wouldn’t let her go to the hospital for stitches?!”

Not really a bad co-worker story. More like a what is this poor girl used to if she didn’t think she would be allowed to get medical attention when she was at work?! She was ready to just stick a plaster on a gaping wound at the till and carry on.
And yes, it did get need glued closed.

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