Might As Well Have Been Speaking Scottish

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(I’m in my office at home when my son knocks on the door. For background, he’s currently taking World Geography at the local community college, and they’re currently working through Europe.)

Me: “Come in!”

Son: *comes in with his hand out* “Dad, where’s Glasgow?”

Me: “It’s in Scotland.”

Son: “No, where does glass go?!”

(It’s only then that I see he’s holding a few small pieces of glass that I must’ve tracked in from outside.)

Me: “Oh, um… Just in the garbage is fine. Sorry.”

(We had a good laugh about that. Boy, I’m getting deaf in my old age.)

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(I work as a pharmacy intern, and I just started a few months ago, working a few hours here and there due to school, so I’m still relatively new, but I’ve gotten a lot better since I started. A patient calls in the pharmacy hoping to transfer a few prescriptions over)

Me: *over the phone* Hello, thank you for calling [Pharmacy], how can I help you today?

Patient: I would like to transfer some medication to your pharmacy

Me: Sure, do you have the prescriptions numbers with you?

Patient: Are you new?

Me: Well I started a few months ago

Patient: I want to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing

Me: *Gritting my teeth* Of course, just a moment

I ended up transferring the call to the pharmacist who asked why I couldn’t take it. I had to explain why she refused to talk to me.

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So my names Lizabeth, which is commonly spelled with a “E” or “A” at the beginning, I however was blessed with a less common spelling. I run into this almost every time I fill out forms:

Me: “I filled out this form, yes, I spelled my name right.”

Form gets handed in, someone types up the contents, “corrects” my name by adding an “E”, then submits it into the system spelled Elizabeth.

Me: “excuse me, but you spelled my name wrong?”

Them: “Really? How do you spell it?… Oh, I thought that was a typo.”

I’ve had it changed on medical papers, Legal government forms, club sign ups and even one of my high school teachers tried changing it. I once had it changed after I showed the secretary my drivers license. For the most part, I’ve just let it go… but on legal documents it’s really annoying.

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I had a particularly nasty co-worker, John, once. His MO was bitching until he got what he wanted; it usually worked. One day he was phoning customer service for something. It’s on speakerphone. He calls, complains, they won’t help him, and he demands to talk with a supervisor. They put him on hold. A little while later someone comes on, “I’m the supervisor, how may I help you?” John, YELLING, “I’ve been on hold for over an hour waiting for you &*@# to #%@.” Supervisor (in a perfectly calm voice): “Funny, my call timer shows you called six minutes ago.” John (defeated): “Well, it felt like hours…” Caught at his own game… A true happening.

There Are Prescribed Lunch Breaks

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(I work in a pharmacy as an intern, and on the weekends, we only have one pharmacist on duty. It is company policy that employees have to take their unpaid lunch by the fifth hour on the clock. This happens when our pharmacist is out to lunch.)

Tech: “Hello there. Are you picking up or dropping off?”

Patient: “Picking up.”

Tech: “I’m sorry, but our pharmacist is on lunch. We can’t sell any prescriptions without a pharmacist here.”

Patient: “Why the h*** not?!”

Tech: “I’m sorry, but it is against the law for us to do that.”

Patient: “Just give it to me! I drove all the way here!”

Tech: “I can’t; it’s against the law, and we have to have a pharmacist here.”

Patient: “There should always be a pharmacist here; it’s a pharmacy! Why the h*** aren’t they here?!”

Tech: “She’s on her lunch right now. She’ll be back at 1:30, but I can’t do anything until then.”

Patient: “I want to talk to a manager!”

Tech: *calls manager*

Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t do anything until the pharmacist comes back from lunch. She has to take her lunch, too.”

Patient: “I’m complaining to corporate. What is their number? This is ridiculous!”

Manager: “It’s [number].”

(The patient storms off as the manager just shrugs.)

Manager: “Call all you want. What are they gonna do? Fire me for following the law?”

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