Winter Is Coming?

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(I am an elementary music teacher preparing for our K-1 winter concert. This is the third slip sent home with information regarding the performance.)

Slip Sent Home: “Our K-1 Winter Concert will be at [School] on Thursday, December 6th, at 6:00 pm. Please have students wear their winter best, be it a nice long sleeve shirt or a nice dress.”

Parent #1: “Where is the winter concert?”

Parent #2: “When is the winter concert?”

Parent #3: “This is the concert for chorus, right?”

Parent #4: “What does [Child] have to wear?”

Parent #5: “When will the third-graders be singing that night?”

Parent #6: “We’ll be about 45 minutes late. Is that okay?”

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Return Fender Bender Back To Sender

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(A light has just changed and I’m slowing down as I approach it so I can stop. I see a truck barreling towards me, but I can’t move out of his way fast enough. He hits me with enough force to send me across the entire intersection. Thankfully, I am all right. Ironically, he does it in front of two cops. This happens two weeks after, when my insurance already has started on getting payment from the other guy.)

Insurance Rep: “This is [Rep] from [Insurance]. We need a recorded statement from you. Unfortunately, the other driver is fighting this and says you were at fault for the accident. As none of us have a copy of the police report, we need recorded statements from all involved parties.”

Me: “Oh… Okay. Would you also like a copy of the report? I’ve got it saved to my computer and can email it to you right now.”

Insurance Rep: “You are now my favorite person. Yes to that, as well!”

(A month later, I heard the other guy lied to his insurance company, and said I was weaving in and out of lanes and that’s why he hit me. He had them take me to arbitration, ending with me getting $2,000 and him probably being dropped by his car insurance.)

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(This is with my Kindergarten class.)

Student: Ms Teacher! I’m about to have a baby! A little baby girl!