Shark Cage Diver Is A Job

, , , , , , | Learning | October 26, 2017

(I’m in a Spanish lesson. It may be important to note that my teacher has an Irish accent.)

Teacher: “Remember back when we studied jobs? Who can tell me what ‘abogado’ means?”

Student: “Shark?”

Teacher: “What? Jobs!”

Student: “Oh… I thought you said ‘jaws.’”

Teacher: *jokingly* “When I get older, I want to be a shark.”

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What’s Spanish For ‘Homeless Bum?’

| Learning | July 12, 2016

(The teacher is lecturing us on working harder.)

Teacher: “If you go to a job and work as hard as you did, you would be fired. If Spanish class were your job, some of you would be rich.”

Us: *smug looks*

Teacher: “AND SOME OF YOU WOULD BE HOMELESS! Discuss with your classmates! Discuss why you would be HOMELESS!”

Us: *awkward discussion*

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Appropriate Applications Of Apathy

, | Learning | April 23, 2013

Teacher: “[Student], what does ‘me da igua’ mean?”

Student: “I don’t care.”

Teacher: “Good job!”

Student: “That was actually correct? Because I really don’t care.”

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Please Let There Be A Make-Up Assignment

, | Learning | April 18, 2013

(My Spanish teacher is talking about the schedule for the upcoming class trip to New York City.)

Teacher: “…So then we go to a play. It’s in Spanish, but you can put on headphones which will give you an English translation, or you can try to make out—”

(Just then, the classroom phone rings, interrupting the teacher. The entire class begins laughing hysterically. The teacher answers the phone and talks for a bit and then continues where he left off.)

Teacher: “I meant you can listen to the English translation or try to make out what they’re saying in Spanish. Get your heads out of the gutter!”

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