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(I work at an extremely popular clothing and accessory store. It’s about 10 minutes until we close)
Customer: *storms in angrily, stops in front of me and folds her arms* “I’m here for my hat.”

Me: “Alright! Which hat? Do you have it on hold?”

Customer: “Why would I have it on hold?? I just want my hat!”

Me: “Okay, which color is it?”

Customer: “The black one.”

Me: “The floppy one, like my coworker is wearing?”

Customer: “Thats the one. Now give me my hat!!”

(I ask everyone in the walkie if they’ve seen any recently, but we sold out weeks before.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I believe we’ve sold out of that one. We do have a burgundy one that is the same except for the color.”

Customer: “You sold out?? Why didn’t you tell me? You should’ve let me know before I came all the way down here! Well, fine. Show me THAT burgundy one.”

(she points to the one on the tallest shelf, I need to get the tallest ladder we have for it. I go to get the ladder, but when I come back she has one in her hands that was on the shelf.)

Me: “That one looks great on you!”

Customer: “No it doesn’t. The black one would. I still don’t know why you didn’t tell me before I came. Call (other store) see if they have it.”

(I call, and as I thought, they don’t have it. I ask her if she wants to go a shorter distance to another store)

Customer: *biggest eye roll I’ve ever seen* “I am NOT going THERE. It is TOO FAR. I don’t know WHY YOU would even SUGGEST SUCH A THING. Still don’t know why you didn’t tell me.”

(By this time we were definitely closed. She ended up staying about 15 minutes after close, which we desperately need every minute.)

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The Shiniest Jewel Is The Staff

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(The store I work in has every item of clothing and jewelry separated by color and style. We only occasionally get men in, sometimes when dragged in, and others when they’re looking for something for their wife or girlfriend. I’m cleaning up a table full of silver jewelry when I talk to a man who looks uncomfortable.)

Me: *as he picks up a necklace, looking unsure* “I like that one. It’d bring out your eyes!”

Customer: *looks confused, then understands that I’m joking*

Me: “What are you looking for? Something for your wife?”

Customer: “Actually, yes! I come in every once and a while just to try to spoil her. But she is picky, and does have a tendency to return things, so I always hope she keeps at least half of the things I get her.”

Me: “That’s so sweet of you! Lets see if we can find something she’ll like; hopefully she’ll keep all of them!”

(We proceed to walk around the store. I ask if she likes simple or chunky, dangles or studs, bangles or stretchy, etc. We find a full set we think she’ll like. He buys them and thanks me as he leaves. A few hours later, as I’m about to leave, my manager answers the phone, then calls me over the walkie telling me that the call is for me, which is very rare for associates.)

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name]!”

Customer: “Hi! This is [Customer]! You helped me earlier. You helped me find some stuff for my wife.”

Me: “Oh, yeah! Did she like them? Was there something wrong?”

Customer: “Not at all! Actually, I was calling to thank you! This is the first time in the whole time I’ve known her that she likes every piece and is not going to return one thing! Thank you so, so much!”

Me: “Of course! Thank you for calling! No one has ever been so nice!”

Customer: “Well, they should be! I’m definitely mentioning you in a survey! I’m requesting you every time I go in! You have an excellent rest of the day!”

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