PIN-Headed, Part 17

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I work in a department store that offers store credit cards. We also order things that we don’t have in stock for customers. We are required to ask customers if they’d like to open a card before we finish a transaction. If they say no, we just move on. Also, when we order things, the system won’t allow debit, only credit, so we tell people when it asks for a PIN to just hit “next” and it will allow it to go through.

One lady is not having this.

Customer: “Why does it say, ‘Not authorized’?”

Me: “Oh, I forgot! When it asks for your PIN, just hit ‘next.’ It won’t allow debit. I don’t know why.”

Customer: “So, when I swipe my card, where does it go?”

Me: *Confused* “Um, well, it pays for your stuff. Then it goes away.”

Customer: “This doesn’t seem very secure. Where does my information go?”

Me: “What do you mean? It’s just paying for your items so we can ship them to your house.”

Customer: “So, you ask me for all my information, ask me if I want to open a credit card, and then this?”

Me: “Ma’am, I only asked for those things for shipping purposes. They need your name, address, and phone number to track your shipping.”

Customer: “Just start it over! This doesn’t seem right.”

My coworker walks up. The lady asks her right in front of me:

Customer: “Why is my order not authorized?” 

Coworker: “Are you using debit? It won’t allow debit, so just bypass the PIN number.”

I start the whole transaction over, which takes several minutes. Of course, it does the same thing.

Customer: “It says, ‘Not Authorized,’ again. Why?”

Me: *Frustrated* “Because it won’t take debit and you keep putting in your PIN. Would you just like to cancel the order?”

Customer: “No. I want my stuff.”

Me: “Then you have to bypass the PIN—” 

Customer: “That’s not secure! It should work like this!”

Me: “Well, maybe it’s your card, then.”

Customer: “I have thousands in my account. I know it isn’t my card!”

You’d think, if someone was worried about identity theft, they wouldn’t tell you how much money they have.

I gave up and asked her if she’d like to speak with a manager, instead. She said no. She finally did what I told her to do in the first place and it miraculously worked without a hitch. The whole time, she kept looking up at me like I was trying to cheat her. I handed her her receipt without a smile and walked away from the counter.

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Watch Yourself!  

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It is the day after Christmas. All day, we’ve been having nothing but no-receipt returns — gifts from Christmas. It has been pretty stressful because people don’t like that, without a receipt, we have to give them back the lowest price within thirty days.

I get a customer at the fine jewelry counter and she seems very nice AND has the receipt! I am overwhelmed with happiness because I figure this will be an easy return.

However, her husband removed the tag on the item. Usually, we cannot return fine jewelry items if the tag has been removed. Since she has the receipt and seems nice, I decide to help anyway. Her husband purchased a watch and presumably the battery is dead because it isn’t working. She asks if we can fix it for her. The exchange goes like this.

Customer: “I would like to know if I can get my watch fixed.” 

Me: “Well, unfortunately, we do not have the ability to fix the item in store. We don’t even have batteries here. We would have to ship the item to our repair shop to be fixed. Would you like to check to see if we have another one and do an exchange, instead?” 

Customer: “Sure, we can do that.”

I check and we do not have the same item because it was on clearance. I explain that I could order her another one, but we would have to return the other one because we can’t return and order in the same transaction. She declines, stating that it was on her husband’s card and it was a gift that she’d rather not return.

I go to start digging around on the computer to check another location for the watch. She is getting frustrated now.

Customer: “I just don’t understand how you can sell me a faulty watch and not try to fix the situation! This is crazy.” 

I am taken aback by this, because for about ten minutes I have been trying to help her and fix the situation.

Me: “Ma’am, I am trying to fix it. I’ve given you some options and am still trying to work it out for you.”

Customer: “You haven’t given me any options!” 

I am frustrated now, too.

Me: “Ma’am, what would you like me to do? You don’t want to return the item and we can’t fix it. Would you like to see if there is another watch we could exchange it for? Technically, I’m not even supposed to take the item at all since the tag has been removed.”

Customer: “I guess.”

I let her look for a moment while I check out another customer. The other customer gives me the “I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this” eyes. I shrug a little. I go back to help the first customer.

Me: “See any you like?” 

Customer: “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! You’re a customer service rep and you were screaming at me across the counter in front of other customers!” 

Me: “I did not scream at you, ma’am.” 

Customer: “Yes, you did! I can tell you one thing; I’m never shopping here again.”

Me: *Sarcastic now* “Well, I’m very sorry to hear that, ma’am.” 

She picks a watch that isn’t on clearance, so there is around a $60 difference in price. Not wanting to deal with telling her she’ll have to pay the difference, I call a manager over after telling the customer that I need help with the transaction.

I help a few other customers while waiting and get caught up with one of them. I see the lady walking out the door. I ask my manager what happened. She basically told the customer everything that I told her and the customer left. I inform my manager that I did not yell at her and she said she wasn’t coming back.

Manager: “Oh, please! I’ll see her in here next week.”

If a customer service rep is breaking policy to help you, at least show some gratitude!

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This Lesson Really Stings

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My father-in-law is a pretty smart man, especially when it comes to anything construction. The company he has worked for for several decades really values him and has offered him numerous promotions but he won’t take them. He prefers running the big equipment and not being responsible for idiots — his words. Unfortunately, every so often they hire some new young supervisor for a job who thinks that, because they have some fancy college education and an expensive shirt and tie, they know more than anyone else.

One day, they are clearing land for a road. My father-in-law is operating a closed cab backhoe. It’s not common to see a closed cab but it essentially surrounds the operator in glass to protect them from brush and such as they are moving through an undeveloped area.

He comes upon a tree that needs to be knocked down and realizes that it is hollow. Looking upward, he sees what looks to be liquid flowing down. My father-in-law knows that means a mighty big beehive. He also knows what will happen if anyone so much as touches that tree. He shuts down the backhoe and climbs out to take a better look to decide the best course of action.

The new supervisor comes stomping over.

Supervisor: *Shouting* “What the f*** do you think you are doing?”

Father-In-Law: “The tree is hollow. You can see up there…”

Supervisor: *Cutting him off* “I don’t give a d***. Get in there and get to it!”

Father-In-Law: “But you don’t understand. If I touch that tree…”

Supervisor: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DON’T UNDERSTAND?! I will have you know that I have far more education than you! Now get your stupid, uneducated a** back in that cab, you old f***, and KNOCK DOWN THAT TREE!”

Big mistake. Now he has ticked my father-in-law off. So, my father-in-law climbs back into the cab and starts up the machine. The supervisor stomps off to a group of big shots, inspectors, and such that are standing nearby, talking about how sometimes you just have to crack the whip on these stupid laborers, and they all chuckle.

With the biggest smile he can muster, my father-in-law begins hitting that tree. And, like an explosion, a solid mass of bees pour out of a hole at the bottom of the tree. They immediately attack the backhoe, but my father-in-law is perfectly safe. At that point, the bees turn their attention to the supervisor and the others standing nearby. It is not pretty. The bees swarm them. But my father-in-law just keeps hitting the tree. With every hit, more bees pour out, even angrier than the last ones.

The supervisor starts screaming for my father-in-law to stop, but being in the enclosed glass cab and with the engine running, there is no way he can hear him. At least, that is his story later on and he sticks to it. My father-in-law does not stop until that tree is knocked down, and hundreds of angry bees chase the supervisor and all the others for about a mile.

After the supervisor and others got out of the hospital, they had a meeting with the company owner — who thought of my father-in-law as a brother — and all the higher-ups. The supervisor, of course, tried to blame my father-in-law. The owner and others who knew my father-in-law well could barely keep a straight face when my father-in-law said, “Well, I am just a stupid, old laborer and was just doing what the highly-educated man told me to do.”

Of course, my father-in-law didn’t get in trouble and there is a happy ending. My father-in-law said that the supervisor became a much more humble man after that, never mistreated any of his employees again, and learned to listen to the more experienced people under him. Every so often, the two of them still treat each other to a beer.

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Scratch That Customer Complaint

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I work in a deli in a grocery store. A customer comes up to the sub counter and orders two unusual subs: baloney and provolone. But that’s not the weird part of the story.

Coworker: “All right, I can make those subs for you.”

Customer: “Actually, can you get the other person to do it?”

That other person is me. My coworker is taken aback by this but agrees. As I’m making the subs:

Customer: “How would you like it if I scratched my a** and make you a sandwich?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Because that’s what [Coworker] did.”

This time, I am taken aback. I was watching [Coworker] the entire time and not once did I see her do that. Rather than argue, I apologized and finished her order. When I spoke to [Coworker] about it, she was slightly embarrassed but swore she never did so. We never saw that customer again.

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An Ugly Side Of Society Has Been Unmasked, Part 7

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In my town, there is a mask mandate ordinance: customers who shop in town must wear a mask, with the exception of those who have medical conditions, or businesses may be fined. There are several signs on the door stating this.

A man walks in without a mask.

Me: “Sir, do you have a mask?”

Customer: “No, why do I gotta have one? I’m just getting one thing.”

Me: “I can’t check you out if you don’t have one on; it’s city ordinance.”

He leaves, cursing under his breath, and I assume that is the last I’ll see of him. Two hours later, my coworker tells me that the next gentleman in line has a medical condition that prohibits him wearing a mask. Even if he doesn’t have a condition, we aren’t allowed to inquire further and are just supposed to let them through, so that’s what I do. It just so happens that the man from before comes back as I am ringing this customer up and immediately becomes enraged. 

Customer: “Oh, so you just let him through because he’s white? I see how it is, racist f***!”

Me: “No, he has a medical condition and we can’t force people who say that to wear a mask.”

Customer: *Yelling* “Oh? Well, I gotta condition, too! That’s mad disrespectful to me!”

Me: “You didn’t state that you had a condition. I wouldn’t have made you put a mask on had you said something.”

I’m getting agitated because he’s screaming that I’m a racist across the store.

Coworker: “Sir, she just followed what we were told to do—”

Customer: *Cuts her off* “This doesn’t concern you.”

He turns back and continues to yell at me. I’m doing my best to get him to leave while helping other customers since we’re busy and understaffed.

Me: “Sir, I already said that if you had mentioned you had a condition, I would have let you through!”

I yell over him, completely pissed off at this point, before turning away to continue working.

Customer: “Yeah, all right, I see you.”

He slammed open the door and walked out. My coworkers did their best to calm me down since I was shaking and furious at being screamed at in front of a dozen other customers. Please don’t verbally assault us for having to enforce the rules that the city put into place! We don’t like it any more than you do.

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