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(I work at a smaller store in a chain of pharmacies, and we’re rather short staffed this morning, so I’m a little out of it by this point.  I just finish ringing an older woman.)

Me: Alright, ma’am, your total is $11.21.

(The woman hands me $21.  I figure that I will go ahead and be nice and use a penny from my pocket to give her exact change, but she doesn’t notice.)

Me: Ma’am, your change comes out to be $9.80.

Woman: WHAT! I gave you $21, that should be $10 back!

Me: Ma’am, there was about 21 cents as well, that doesn’t

Woman: But I gave you $21! you should give me back $10!

(This continues on for a few minutes, before she gives up)

Woman: Fine, but I don’t want a bunch of ones!

Me: Ma’am, it’s $9. I can’t break that into anything but a five and four ones.

Woman: Whatever, see if I ever come here again.  It wasn’t what you said, but how you say it, SIR!

Me: …I’m sorry to hear that ma’am, but I at least hope you have pleasant day and [Corporate leave-taking].

Woman: I will, SIR!

(She then storms out of the store.  The kicker? I am smiling and pleasant at my job, and have never gotten a complaint about my “attitude”.)

Not So Pretty In All The Pinks

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(I am a graphic designer working with a client on a logo. The logo has been created, but she keeps wanting to change the shade of pink.)

Client: “That’s good, but I really want that pink to be more pastel.”

(I pick something more pastel and send it back.)

Client: “No, more pastel.”

(I try again and again to get this pastel pink she wants. We’ve probably gone through fifty different pinks at this point.)

Me: “Ma’am, as I asked you the first time, do you have some sort of swatch or reference for this pink?”

Client: “Why can’t you just make it more pastel?!”

Me: “There are hundreds of different shades of pink I could pick. Some sort of reference would really be appreciated.”

Client: “Just pastel! Like a flamingo!

(I almost had to leave the building after that.)

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V For “Vow To Never Ask You Again”

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(My parents are age-appropriate but frank about sex education when I am growing up, and as such, I grow up using the proper names for parts of the reproductive system. Every Monday in kindergarten we focus on a different letter of the alphabet, practice their sounds, and name words that start with the letter in question. The teacher writes the words down to help with basic reading. Naturally, one week we get to the letter V.)

Teacher: “Who can think of a word that begins with V?”

(I raise my hand and she calls on me.)

Five-Year-Old Me: “Vagina!”

Teacher: *after just a second of hesitation, and with hardly a reaction* “Very good, yes. Anyone else?”

(I was a little disappointed when she didn’t write down my word but moved on from it quickly. Kudos to my teacher for handling it as she did. I was told years later, though, that she called my mother later that afternoon and they both had a huge laugh over it.)

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(Our store recently had a big expansion, a few days after we reopened a unshaven man how looks to be in his late 40’s approaches me nervously looking around)

Me: Hello can I help you sir?
Man: Correct me if I’m wrong but (store) is a super center, correct?
Me: (puzzled) Yes it is
Man: Then why would it need this big of am expansion?
Me: We’ll you see sir even though we ha-
Man: Your working with them aren’t you I knew it your all part of it (makes a triangle with his hands and holds it to his eye) Confirmed(runs out of store)

Accidental Pizza

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(I am part of my school’s film club, and we are on the last leg of shooting our first official short film. It’s cold, and we’ve been shooting for fourteen hours so everyone’s exhausted, but we still need these last couple of scenes, so we’re putting up with it. We can’t afford to pay our cast and crew, so we decide to buy pizza for everyone. My friend calls in the order.)

Friend: “Hi. I’d like three large [specialty pizzas] for delivery to [address], please.”

Employee: “You said [address]?”

Friend: “Yes. We’re filming a movie out at the park next to the aquarium.”

Employee: “Okay, got it. Your order will arrive in about forty minutes.”

(More than an hour later, it still hasn’t arrived, so I call the store, thinking the address threw them off.)

Me: “Hey. I just wanted to check on the status of our order.”

Employee: “Oh… Oh, I see. I’m so sorry, but your driver was in a car accident and had to go to the hospital. Would you like me to refund your order, or—“

Me: “Oh, my gosh. Is he okay?”

Employee: “Yeah, he’ll be fine. It was a minor accident. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.”

(I was shocked at how eager he seemed to quell my supposed fury, though having worked in food and bev before I could kind of understand. We just sent one of the crew to pick up a fresh order to appease the ravenous actors. I called the store the next day, and it turned out the delivery person was T-boned by a drunk driver, but thankfully escaped with barely a scratch.)

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