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(I work in a relatively small shop, it being only 4 aisles big and a former clothes shop. 2 of our aisles are smaller and the one before the tills is thinner at the end because of the fridges. Even so, we have no issue with customers bringing trollies, pushchairs or mobility scooters round the shop, provided they don’t cause big queues. We have a couple of customers with mobility scooters who cause issues so my co-workers and I tend to mention it to each other when they’re in. Note: it’s very rare to get 2 scooters in one behind the other. My co-worker and I are both on the tills as we spot the 2 scooters coming down the aisle. the first is a gentleman we know is extremely slow so we’re both dreading when he gets to the tills. He stops in front of my till which makes it impossible for anyone to get past him to my co-worker’s till)
Me: Sir, could you please go to the other till so we can stop the queue getting too long?
(I know he’s hard of hearing so I spoke loudly but he just ignores me. I look to my co-worker who is just as lost as I am until he suddenly gets a thought and leaves his till to go back to the slowly building line.)
Me: Sir would you like a bag?
Gentleman: *grumbles*
(I decide not to give him a bag and just scan his items as I watch my co-worker take customers shopping to his till, scan it, go back to the customer, tell them what the owe, get the money, and finish serving them before going to the next customer. I tell the gentleman his total and he spends 5 minutes giving me exact change. I give him his items, and he leaves as slowly as he can without going backwards. After we get rid of the line my co-worker looks at me.)
Co-worker: Did that really just happen?
Me: I know.

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The policy at the store from the head office states we have to see ID in order for a customer to purchase cigarettes.
Customer: I would like a pack of L&M shorts.
Me: Do you have your ID?
Customer: No I, don’t. I am older than 18.
(She walks out. A couple minutes later she comes back in.)
Customer: I would like a pack of L&M shorts.
Me: Could I see your ID?
(While I am typing her birthdate, she complains about how each store looks and says that she loves shopping at them.
Me: Your total is $5.67
(Customer hands me $10.50, I enter in the amount and as I am handing her the change she flips)
Customer: I want my back this is bulls**t to add tax. It should be the price they rang up. This Dollar Store s**ks.
(She storms off out the door.)
Manager: What was her problem?
Me: She didn’t like the price it was too high for her taste.
Another customer, who seen this happen: I think there is tax on cigarettes at every store.

Hope That Puncture Can Last 220 Miles

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(I work in a tyre shop just off the main shopping street in a small holiday town. The town has a similar name to several other similarly-sized towns in the UK. One Saturday morning I take this phone call:)

Customer: “Hi, I’ve got a puncture; are you close to the high street?”

Me: “Yes, we’re about fifty metres off it. Turn down the side of the old, blue chapel and you’ll see us on your right.”

Customer: “Okay, I’m parked in the high street and I can’t see a chapel. I’m by the white tower.”

Me: *thinking he must mean our lighthouse, which is actually a little way out of town* “Okay, you need to head south, then at the roundabout take the third exit, and then turn right when you’ve passed the supermarket.”

Customer: *angrily* “WHAT? No! I’m in the high street now, I can see the white tower. Where are you?”

Me: “We’re about a mile from the lighthouse tower.”


Me: “Sir, I don’t know any white tower other than the lighthouse.”


Me: “I’ve lived here all my life and there is no white tower on the high street.”

Customer: “There’s a clock at the top of it! I passed a pub called The Star! THE WHITE TOWER!”

Me: *catches on, and hits Google* “Sir, you’ve phoned a company in Burnham on Sea, Somerset; you appear to be in Burnham on Crouch in Essex, 220 miles away…”

Customer: *hangs up*

(Still, he’s not the only one to have made the mistake. Our local paper printed a photo of the post office in the “wrong” Burnham recently!)

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Santa: The Best Bribery Tool In The Parenting Playbook

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(I am behind the bar, out of sight of customers but not out of earshot. A child having dinner with her family is acting up, running about, making lots of noise, etc. I hear this from her family. Note: it’s early August.)

Parent: “If you don’t sit down and behave, Santa won’t visit, and there’ll be no presents!”

Grandma: *gasps* “Did you hear that? No presents!”

(The little girl immediately shut up, and sat down!)

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(I work at one supermarket, and on my way home from a shift I walk through a different supermarket in order to get home. I’m about halfway through the shop when someone approaches me.)
Other Customer: Excuse me, can you tell me where the fish is?
(I’m confused because it’s a small store, it’s very easy to find things, and the staff in this store wear red and black, while I’m wearing green.)
Me: I don’t know. *Keeps walking*
Other Customer: *yelling after me* You’re supposed to help me!
Me: Only when I’m on shift at [OTHER SUPERMARKET]!